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Woodlawn Cemetery
Las Vegas, NV
Surveyed 04 March 06
Updated: 07 January 2010

Woodlawn Cemetery Sign telling a brief history of the cemetery.

Images courtesy of Pete Carnes and submitted by John Minor of Las Vegas, Nevada
Images taken on Confederate Memorial Day, 25 April 2009

Group Picture taken at the grave site of Joseph Moore Graham and William Boone Keith

Watson, Daniel F.--Born: 26 July 1841, Died: 27 January 1918 Corp., Co. G, 15th Mississippi Infantry, Confederate States Army

Thomas, Valentine L.--Born: 04 June 1838, Died: 27 August 1934, Confederate Soldier

Images Below Courtesy of:  Juan B. Llull of Las Vegas, Nevada
Boyer, George W.-- Born: 1844, Died: 1930, PVT Co. C. 62 Penn. Inf.

Brown, Henry--Died: 12 November 1931, PVT 10 Cav., South Carolina

Caffey, Robert F.--29 July 1935, MECH 143 Field, 40 Div., Texas

Graham, Joseph Moore, buried with his wife (Martha L. Graham)--Born: 20 October 1838, Died: 02 April 1917  (PVT Caldwell's BN VA Cav, CSA) (Civil War) pic 2

Keith, William Boone--Born: 30 March 1840, Died: 11 December 1920 (PVT. Co K 12 Iowa Inf, USA) (Civil War)

Joseph Moore Graham and William Boone Keith both fought in the Civil War, Keith for the Union and Graham for the Confederates. A few years after the war both men
moved to Las Vegas, NV leaving their families behind and became good friends. When Graham died, Keith purchased a plot for both himself and Graham.
Keith had Graham's wife's remained sent to Las Vegas to be buried with her husband. When Keith died he was buried next to Graham. Click on the links below to see images.
Pic 1  Pic 2   Pic 3

For more reading on Joseph Graham and William Keith:
Unearthing the Past
William B. Keith Camp 12, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Las Vegas NV.

Nigro, Edward H. (Major General)--Born: 1918, Died: 1973
    For more information on Major General Nigro, read his biography: Air Force Link

Payton, Charles--Corp. Co. E 3 U.S. Vol. Engrs. Spainish American War
    For some interesting reading on the 3rd U.S. Volunteer Engineers: The Spanish American War Centennial Website
    Unit Roster: The Spanish American War Centennial Website

Tower, Chas. W.--Co. A 19 IA. Inf.

Williams, Tom--Co. B 1 Ala. Inf. Spanish American War
    For some interesting reading on the 1st Alabama Infantry: The Spanish American War Centennial Website

Images below taken while on vacation out west 28 May 2008
Coyle, John M.--Co. A, !st Colo. Inf. Spanish American War

Densmore, John R.--Hosp. Corps, Spanish American War

Kelly, John R.--Btry. M, 3rd Arty., Spanish American War

Kiernan, Thomas
--Co. F, 1st Kans. Inf.

Moar, Andrea--Born: 05 October 1880, Died: 24 September 1930 Pic 2

Moore, Ebenezer B.--Born: 1848, Died: 1923

Morrison, William H.--Co. E, 153rd Ind. Inf., Spanish American War

Shaw, Samuel, J.--Born: 26 December 1890, Died: 26 December 1956, Nevada, Cpl., Co. D, 362nd Inf. 91 Div., World War I

Skinner, George E.--Co. I, 1st VT. Cav.

Truden, William P.--Born: 1848, Died: 1924

Odett, Percy J.--Born: 05 February 1879, Died: 06 March 1965, Nevada, Pvt., Co. C, 1st Bn Nev Infantry, Spanish American War

Rogers, Peggy Slevin--Born: 01 April 1917, Died: 16 February 1965, New York, 1st Lieutenant, US Army

Spear, Owren R.--Born: 11 May 1878, Died: 14 February 1965, Kansas, Sgt., Co. K, 16th Regt. Infantry, Spanish American War

Thomas Stone
Thomas, Charles Caleb--Born: 07 February 1827, Died: 26 January 1914
Thomas, Nancy Edds--Born: 15 December 1828, Died: 11 March 1915



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