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Ward Family Cemetery
County, Mississippi


Traveling south from Lucedale, Mississippi on Highway 613, you will go 2.3 tenths of a mile, here you will come to the intersection of Ward/Pine
View road on your left. Take this left hand turn and go another 1.9 miles and on the right under some rather large trees you will see several headstones.
This is the Ward Family Cemetery, and is owned and maintained by the Ward Family. I was given permission to walk the cemetery on May 3rd, 2007, by Mr. Loren S. Ward.
This cemetery was in a grassy area and as I walked it I noticed an old chain link fence directly behind this cemetery, it was in a very dense partial of woods.
Several large trees were also down around this small fenced in area, and I believe they are from Hurricane Katrina. There were a couple of headstones in the
small fenced in area and I will add them to the bottom of the Ward listing and note them separately. The latest burial in the Ward Cemetery was in 1932,
and in the small fenced in area it was in 1924.The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell, and all information was taken from headstone inscriptions.


Ward, Fannie S; b. 08-02-1881, d. 12-06-1909, wife of J.M. Ward

Ward, Edgar (unreadable); b. 08-30-1886, d. 10-22-1895

Ward, L. Grady; b. 02-13-1897, d. 11-20-1900

Ward, Lizzie (Mallett); b. ??-??-1858, d. ??-??-1932

Ward, Lorenzo S; b. 06-06-1854, d. 02-04-1912, 57 years old

Davis, Louella M; b. 01-26-1877, d. 11-22-1903

Davis, Luna Lucile; b. 08-27-1900, d. 04-18-1909, Dau. of L.L. & L.M. Davis

Eckhoff, Jakealene R; b. 03-16-1855, d. 06-16-1924,"Mother" (inside fenced in area)

Eckhoff, Johann H; b. 10-19-1845, d. 08-23-1915, (inside fenced in area)

Rowe, Charles L; b. 09-18-1869, d. 09-21-1910, "Husband" (inside fenced in area

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