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Going Northwest out of Leakesville, Mississippi on Main Street (hwy. 63north), you will come to an intersection on your left with Lackey Street.
Take this left hand turn and go two and a half blocks , on your right will be the Leakesville Missionary Baptist Church. Turn into this church parking lot.
he cemetery is located beside the Church building. There are two separate cemeteries inside this chain link fenced in area.
One being this Westerfield Memorial Gardens cemetery and the other is the Holy Trinity Catholic Church cemetery.
They are maintained by the respective churches. The cemetery was walked on the 19th of October 2007 by Jimmy Trussell.


Jordan, Tressie D; b. 02-28-1925, d. 11-24-1997

Hatcher, Arthur N; b. 12-31-1918, d. 12-25-2001

Hatcher, Dorothy N; b. 06-24-1921, d. 12-15-2001

O'Neal, Melro; b. 06-09-1924, d. 04-30-1995

Pierce, Hardy; b. 05-15-1921, d. 10-15-1993, "Daddy"

West, Bobby Clyde; b. 01-03-1936, d. 12-10-2006

Brewer, Lois L; b. 12-30-1918, d. 04-07-2001

Brewer, Nathan W; b. 11-25-1915, d. 05-16-1983

Brewer, Thomas Joseph; b. 11-16-1938, d. 04-17-1975, "Father"

Brewer, Mary Frances; b. 04-30-1943, d. 05-16-2004, "Mother"

Brewer, Thomas J. (Jr.); b. 10-10-1959, d. 12-20-1996, Sgt. US Army

Brewer, Michael Wayne; b. 01-11-1963, d. 04-25-2002

Ball, Ethel (McLain); b. 02-28-1929, d. 08-26-1990, "Mother"

Spears, Onrie O; b. 05-19-1917, d. 01-02-1992

Spears, Adell O; b. 08-19-1918, d. 07-12-2000

Steadman, Ernest T; b. 02-14-1915, d. 07-08-1987, Pfc. US Army WW-2

Longmire, Buford C; b. 01-11-1924, d. 12-17-2003

Reynolds, Nicholas; b. 12-19-1984, d. 04-05-1990

Reynolds, Lisa; b. 08-31-1966, d. 04-05-1990

Polkey, Arthur John; b. 05-10-1935, d. 02-08-2005, Pvt. US Army

Migliore, Janet R. (Hicks); b. 08-08-1951, d. 02-08-1983, Daughter of Bud/Willie Rae Hicks

Hicks, Willie Rae; b. 07-24-1930, d. 04-24-1993

Hicks, J.E. Bud; b. 08-24-1929, d. 12-22-2005, "Brother & Preacher Bud"

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