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Taylor Cemetery
George County, Mississippi


Leaving Lucedale on Highway 198 East, you will go about 1 mile, when you top the hill immediately on your left will be some red brick (Small) columns
with chain between them. This is the Taylor cemetery entrance, you must park on the south side of the road and walk across the road and up the bank to
reach the cemetery. This is a private cemetery that is maintained by heirs of the founders of it. It is in very good condition and the oldest marked grave is that
of James M. Spooner (date of death) 6-11-1879. Information was taken from all legible temporary grave markers and headstone inscriptions.
The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell on the 8th of December 2007.I was given permission for the walk by Mr. Lee West, whose mother was a Taylor.


West, J.R; no other information available

Swinson, Gracie C; b. 1894, d. 1916, "Daughter"

Swinson, Goodman; b. 1869, d. 1945, "Father"

Swinson, Mary E; b. 07-09-1871, d. 05-14-1971, "Mother", born in Pensacola, Florida

Bennett, Joseph W; b. 09-02-1919, d. 07-28-1979

Crenshaw, Mildred (Brannon); b. 01-23-1925, d. 03-30-1988, "Daughter’

Brannon, Mamie T; b. 02-06-1896, d. 11-01-1980, "Mother"

Bennett, Norma Jean; b. 09-27-1964, d. 10-10-1964

Scarbrough, Norris Dalton; b. 04-18-1938, d. 01-29-1991

Waltman, Kimberly Rose; b. 05-28-1961, d. 01-16-1981

West, Ottilie Elizabeth; b. 09-04-1909, d. 12-09-1980

West, Arthur L; b. 03-25-1910, d. 08-14-1966, "Father"

Taylor, Thomas Joseph (Jr.); b. 09-27-1905, d. 08-29-1965

Taylor, Ida G; b. 1882, d. 1968

Taylor, Thomas Ledyard; no dates available, 76 years, 8 months and 2 days old

Knight, Mary Jewel; b. 12-15-1913, d. 05-27-2006, 92 years old

Knight, Olen Ray; b. 09-23-1911, d. 10-08-1975, MSgt. US Army, WW-2, Korea

Lee, Earline; no other information available

Jacobs, Corine (Tanner); b. 1922, d. 1991

Tanner, Enis Woodroe; b. 04-19-1913, d. 05-05-2001

Tanner, Willie Walter; b. 11-18-1880, d. 05-31-1960

Hinton, Gloria Gean; b. 11-07-1928, d. 12-21-1948

Hinton, Mattie; b. 01-15-1910, d. 12-21-1948

Tanner, Alice Drucilla (Montee); b. 12-15-1890, d. 03-18-11939

Walley, Sarah Ann (Taylor); b. 10-08-1850, d. 07-02-1931, mother of Mrs. J.R. Goff

Spooner, James M; b. 06-04-1846, d. 06-11-1879

Walters, W.E; b. 11-03-1855, d. 05-16-1907

Taylor, Berty; b. 12-31-1892, d. 01-31-1907, daughter of W.I. & M.A. Taylor

Parish, Mr. G.W; b. 03-10-1856, d. 06-24-1934

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