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Sweetwater Cemetery
George County, Mississippi

Go North on Highway 57 out of Benndale, Mississippi. Go approximately .3 tenths of a mile, here you will take a left turn onto Deep Creek Road.
You will stay on this road for 2.8 miles and the Sweetwater Church will be on you right, the cemetery is located behind the church. The cemetery is
owned and maintained by the church, and it surrounded by a chain link fence. The first thing you will notice are the many small white wooden crosses
throughout the cemetery, (82 in all).  59 of these crosses contained a small metal tag with the name of the person buried there, 23 more did not have
the name tags attached to them. The names that are on the small wooden crosses will not have any dates, only a note saying "metal name tag".
The cemetery was walked on the  5th of January, 2008 by Jimmy Trussell.
Information was taken from all legible temporary grave markers, headstone inscriptions and the above mentioned small metal name tags.


Bell, Flora; metal name tag

Boddie, Edward Q; b. 11-13-1957, d. 05-10-2005, 47 years old

Boddie, Ruby; b. 11-01-1951, d. 11-29-2003, 52 years old

Bolton, Cynthia Mae; b. 01-19-1979, d. 12-21-2000, 21 years old

Bolton, Daniel; b. 12-28-1902, d. 03-24-1968, "At Rest"

Bolton, Lawrence; b. 1874, d. 1957, "Faithful Father’

Bolton, Sallie; b. 02-27-1881, d. 11-28-1948, "A Tender Mother"

Bradley, Elbert; b. 01-08-1952, d. 08-23-1993

Bradley, J.D; metal name tag

Bradley, Larance; metal name tag

Bradley, Pearlie Lee; b. 03-09-1955, d. 02-11-1993

Bradley, Pearlie R; b. 02-02-1920, d. 06-11-1992

Bradley, Tyrone; b. 07-11-1974, d. 11-02-1991, "Love Family & Aunt"

Breland, Charlotte; metal name tag

Breland, Cottriel; b. 02-14-1915, d. 10-22-1978

Breland, Loretta; b. 01-01-1930, d. 08-23-2007

Burner, Deacon Tom; b. 07-04-1893, d. 03-13-1973, "Father"

Burns, Irene D; b. 06-08-1921, d. 12-27-1982

Coe, Cora B; b. 11-07-1914, d. 01-05-2002, "In Loving Memory – Eretta

Coleman, George C; b. 02-02-1942, d. 05-27-1968, SP5, US Army, Mississippi

Cotton, Elijah; b. 07-14-1869, d. 01-16-1946

Cotton, Fannie Mae F; b. 07-??-1917, d. 01-03-1953, "Loving Mother"

Cotton, Jack; metal name tag

Cotton, O.J; metal name tag

Cotton, Ollie; b. 02-14-1900, d. 1988

Cotton, Winnie O.F. (Dickey); b. 02-04-1894, d. 01-24-1999, 104 years old

Dantzler, Mack; b. 05-14-1876, d. 07-18-1966

Davis, Devon Markel; b. 05-08-2006, d. 05-08-2006, "twin of Jevon Domonick Davis"

Davis, Jevon Domonick; b. 05-08-2006, d. 05-08-2006, "twin of Devon Markel Davis"

Dickey, Andrew J; b. 12-25-1879, d. 04-08-1972, "Deborah Lodge 279"

Dickey, Ida; metal name tag

Dickey, John; b. 02-14-1901, d. 07-15-1988

Dickey, Lee Morris; metal name tag

Dickey, Levi; metal name tag

Dickey, Rev. E.G; b. 04-27-1914, d. 09-30-1985

Dickey, Sincerella; b. 12-11-1898, d. 11-06-1977

Dickey, Virles; b. 10-19-1916, d. 09-22-1987

Dickey, Wren; b. unknown, d. unknown, Pvt., Co. "A", 335th Svc., Bn.

Dukes, Nancy; b. 01-13-1889, d. 02-09-1972

Ervin, Lucy; metal name tag

Fairley, Agnes; b. 09-22-1918, d. 01-24-1987

Fairley, Albert; b. 03-22-1925, d. 07-27-1984

Fairley, Alfred; b. 07-10-1885, d. 08-11-1974

Fairley, Alton; b. 11-24-1903, d. 08-27-1966

Fairley, Ammie Lee; b. 04-10-1926, d. 07-28-1980

Fairley, Arlena C; b. 10-06-1902, d. unknown

Fairley, Arthur; b. 08-18-1943, d. 12-30-1994, "Jr."

Fairley, Arthur; b. 08-20-1920, d. 08-19-1971, "Man"

Fairley, Bruner; b. 01-09-1899, d. 01-19-1981

Fairley, Dan; b. 01-31-1910, d. 01-17-1988, h/o Lorena

Fairley, David Lee; b. 10-13-1922, d. 04-21-1949, Pfc., 985th QM. Service Co., WW-2

Fairley, Dice May; b. 03-30-1931, d. 12-26-1956

Fairley, Earnest; metal name tag

Fairley, Edmon; b. 12-23-1924, d. 04-27-1977, Pvt., US Army

Fairley, Ella Jane (Bolton); b. 06-05-1938, d. 11-15-1982, "Loving Wife"

Fairley, Enoch; b. 10-26-1937, d. 02-09-2004, US Army, Vietnam

Fairley, Ernest Mosia; b. 01-20-1939, d. 05-09-1978, "Beloved Husband"

Fairley, Glen; metal name tag

Fairley, Gus Tobe; b. 11-17-1917, d. 11-16-1974

Fairley, Harriett; b. 10-10-1885, d. 12-25-1944

Fairley, Harry; b. 02-12-1953, d. 08-25-2007

Fairley, Hilton; b. 01-05-1954, d. 05-05-2003

Fairley, Isaac; metal name tag

Fairley, Isom; b. 12-26-1904, d. 12-28-1962, Pfc., HQ. Co. 1604th Svc. Unit, WW-2

Fairley, J.W; metal name tag

Fairley, Jennie; metal name tag

Fairley, Jerome; b. 10-03-1937, d. 06-20-1974

Fairley, Joe Nathan; b. 05-03-1930, d. 03-07-1998

Fairley, Karen D; b. 11-06-1976, d. 03-05-2000

Fairley, Lee; metal name tag

Fairley, Lonzo; metal name tag

Fairley, Lorena; b. 10-10-1909, d. 04-16-1967, w/o Dan

Fairley, Mardessa; b. 01-06-1918, d. 08-07-2007

Fairley, Missouri; b. 11-27-1938, d. 11-20-2006, "Beloved Mother"

Fairley, Mollie; b. 01-16-1888, d. 01-27-1973

Fairley, Mose; b. 11-22-1893, d. 03-18-1963, Pvt., Co. "A" 549th Engineers, WW-2

Fairley, Nedum; metal name tag

Fairley, Needom; b. 09-06-1909, d. 11-24-1987, "Father"

Fairley, Ola Mae; metal name tag

Fairley, Ora Lee; metal name tag

Fairley, Ora; b. 02-04-1924, d. 12-29-2002

Fairley, Othar; b. 07-08-1908, d. 07-18-1978

Fairley, Phebie; metal name tag

Fairley, Pheby; b. 1852, d. 1943

Fairley, Plumber; metal name tag

Fairley, Randolph; b. unknown, d. unknown, Co. "B", 447th Labor BN., QMC

Fairley, Rebecca; b. 1861, d. 07-14-1940

Fairley, Robert; b. 03-30-1907, d. 07-19-1972, "Beloved Husband & Daddy"

Fairley, Robert; metal name tag

Fairley, Roxie B; b. 11-03-1904, d. 12-18-1987

Fairley, Ruth; metal name tag

Fairley, Sam; b. 07-07-1929, d. 07-26-1975, Pvt., US Army, Korea

Fairley, Samuel; metal name tag

Fairley, Sarah; metal name tag

Fairley, Sarah; metal name tag

Fairley, Shelby; metal name tag

Fairley, Stacy; b. 11-02-1973, d. 1974

Fairley, Tom S; b. 11-01-1883, d. 08-??-1951

Fairley, Tommie Lee (Jr.); b. 01-17-1940, d. 10-02-1994, "Dickey"

Fairley, Tommy; metal name tag

Fairley, Wallace; b. 01-06-1908, d. 07-28-1993, Pvt., US Army, WW-2

Fairley, Wesley; metal name tag

Fairley, William C; b. 08-15-1936, d. 10-05-1968

Fairley, William; metal name tag

Fryer, Johnny; metal name tag

Fryer, Trinity; metal name tag

Galloway, Ede; b. 05-07-1885, d. 12-27-1957

Galloway, Henry; metal name tag

Galloway, Jack; metal name tag

Galloway, Jr. C; metal name tag

Galloway, Letha Bell; metal name tag

Galloway, Sam; metal name tag

Galloway, Willie; b. 1896, d. 1985, US Army, WW-1

Goff, Beford; metal name tag

Goff, Charles; metal name tag

Goff, G.C; metal name tag

Goff, George; metal name tag

Goff, Jennie; metal name tag

Goff, John Rich; b. 08-07-1907, d. 01-20-1990

Goff, Pearlie J; b. 07-13-1913, d. 08-11-1988

Goff, Richard; b. 10-13-1936, d. 10-18-2006, 70 years old

Goff, Willie Mae B; b. 11-07-1937, d. 12-02-1992

Griffin, Eligah; b. 02-20-1941, d. 12-25-1971

Griffin, Joseph (Jr.); b. 05-01-1936, d. 09-05-1969

Hale, Ilean (Fairley); b. 10-06-1950, d. 03-12-1993

Hall, Mary M.B; b. 1918, d. 1960

Hilton, Annie Bell; metal name tag

Hilton, V.L; metal name tag

Holmes, Annie M. (Bradley); b. 01-11-1966, d. 11-17-2007

Johnson, Ralph Phillip; b. 09-16-1974, d. 02-12-1997, "Hunting Forever"

Jones, Edward; b. 10-17-1911, d. 10-17-1994, US Army, WW-2

Jones, Ersie; metal name tag

Jones, Ethel (Kemp); b. 04-30-1927, d. 10-17-????

Jones, John; b. 04-18-1928, d. 05-21-1998

Jones, Leroy; metal name tag

Jones, Lethed; metal name tag

Jones, P.L; metal name tag

Kemp, Joseph; b. 01-05-1919, d. 12-26-1976, Pfc., US Army, WW-2

Kemp, Tom; b. 1881, d. 1966

Kimb???, Elizabeth; b. 03-14-1916, d. 02-06-1988

Love, Mrs. George; b. 08=06-1909, d. 12-21-1959

McKay, Hattie F; b. 1890, d. 09-08-1971

McKinest, Zack; b. 03-24-1923, d. 12-15-1961

Moore, Annie Mae; metal name tag

Polk, Michael; metal name tag

Pryor, Isiah; b. unknown, d. 11-20-1938, Pvt., 65th Pioneer Inf.

Rigsby, Imer Jane (Fairley); b. 12-27-1945, d. 09-30-2001, "A Loving Mother"

Shavers, Jasmine Maryah; b. 11-07-1997, d. 12-16-1998

Simmons, Will; metal name tag

Star, Emily; metal name tag

Starr, Jew; metal name tag

Starr, Maple Lee; metal name tag

Starr, Sugar; metal name tag

Starr, Verta B; metal name tag

Tarbin, Inez; metal name tag

Tillman, Vander; b. 12-24-1901, d. 03-18-1991, h/o Hattie

Todd, Eddie; b. 10-13-1904, d. 1985

Todd, Mary; b. 03-20-1906, d. 01-31-1972, "Victory Chapter 423"

Walker, C.H; b. 01-01-1877, d. 12-05-1949

Walker, Rosa A; b. 1886, d. 1938, w/o C.H. Walker

Wallace, James A; b. 05-25-1942, d. 01-25-2001

Wash, James; metal name tag

Williams, Sammie T; b. 12-12-1920, d. unknown

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