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Steede Family Cemetery
Jackson County, Mississippi

Travel North on highway 63 until you come to the George/Jackson County Line. Take the last left hand turn off of the highway before you cross the George County line.
This is Old Americus road, you will now go 2 miles. As you approach the end of this 2 mile trip on your right you will see Cedar Creek Estates road on your right.
Continue (east) past this road .1 tenth of a mile, you will need to park on the side of the road. Cross over to the north side of the road and you will notice that you
will be halfway between the second and third power poles from the Cedar Creek Estates road exit. Now you will walk about 30 yards strait into the woods and
the cemetery will be inside a small fenced in area. There were 7 marked graves inside the fence and I was told by Mr. C.G. Steede that there were two other
unmarked graves outside the cemetery boundary. These two graves were not family members of those buried here, but some member of the Steede family
allowed them to be buried near the cemetery. Mr. Steede also stated that he is trying to contact the landowner of the property where the cemetery is located.
He would like to purchase the small parcel of property the cemetery is located on and a small easement to the cemetery.

 Courtesy of Jimmy Trussell


Steede, Col. Abner Clayton; b. 04-15-1828, d. 10-17-1901, Col. in the C.S.A. , (Civil War Veteran)

Steede, Mary Ann (Howell); b. 08-05-1833, d. 10-04-1902, w/o Col. Abner Steede

Steede, Cammie B; b. 06-10-1872, d. 08-16-1921

Steede, Abner C; b. 03-19-1859, d. 01-08-1926

Steede, Nannie A; b. 08-20-1870, d. 05-21-1872

Steede, George; b. 08-05-1855, d. 10-05-1860

Steede, Ellis E; b. 11-24-1877, d. 01-31-1879

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