Lisa's Cemetery Site

Pine Wood Cemetery
George County, Mississippi



Leaving Lucedale Mississippi on Highway 26 West, you will come to the highway overpass that crosses highway 63.
After you cross this overpass continue west another 14 & ½ miles, and Pine Wood Church and cemetery will be on your left.
The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and is in very good condition. The cemetery belongs to the church and they provide
all maintenance for the cemetery.
The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell on the 4th of December, 2007, and the information was taken from all legible temporary grave markers and headstone inscriptions.


Parker, Glenda Faye; b. 12-24-1954, d. 06-22-2007, "Mama", w/o Roger Dale

Littlefield, Manson E; b. 07-22-1916, d. 10-21-2000, "Daddy", h/o Lucy S.

King, Charles Ray (Sr.); b. 12-08-1930, d. 06-03-1982, MMC, US Navy, Korea, Vietnam

Parker, Bertha L; b. 09-03-1924, d. 10-16-1996

Morris, Walter; b. 09-14-1942, d. 01-25-2001, "W.C.", h/o Margie

Fairley, Louis Ryan; b. 01-04-1988, d. 10-15-1997

Parker, Euna V; b. 04-14-1921, d. 05-11-1997

Parker, Leathia; b. 02-19-1880, d. 12-14-1975

Fortner, Mary (Parker); b. 02-25-1924, d. 02-02-2006, w/o Delbert

Fortner, Delbert; b. 12-14-1919, d. 04-15-1976, h/o Mary

Sumrall, John A; b. 02-18-1918, d. 09-05-2000

Sumrall, Ruby E. (Weeks); b. 11-18-1910, d. 02-03-1983

Loper, Mary J. (McLendon); b. 02-09-1940, d. 02-05-2003

Graves, Elbert; b. 08-26-1920, d. 09-29-1990

Graves, Lillie B; b. 03-26-1912, d. 10-01-1998, w/o Vardaman

Graves, Vardaman; b. 08-06-1910, d. 08-05-1997, h/o Lillie

Graves, Cullin; b. 12-16-1936, d. 05-21-2002

Sumrall, Betty Merita; b. 11-23-1934, d. 09-06-1982

Sumrall, Mikel Chad; b. 02-17-1955, d. 02-07-2004

Dixon, Shelia Ann; b. 06-02-1976, d. 06-18-1996, "CE CE"

Havard, Rayford; b. 04-22-1933, d. 03-08-2003, h/o Evelyne

Sumrall, Ethel; b. 08-16-1911, d. 11-04-1981, w/o Joe

Sumrall, Joe; b. 11-23-1906, d. 06-12-1981, h/o Ethel

Dixon, Edmond; b. 09-03-1929, d. 02-19-1987

Sumrall, Myrtle (Aultman); b. 11-28-1903, d. 12-07-1999

Sumrall, James Eugene; b. 02-23-1895, d. 11-09-1973

Fairley, Robbie Ruth; b. 10-27,1929, d. 03-30-1995, "Mother"

Sumrall, Christopher Chad; b. 09-01-1980, d. 06-24-2006

Sumrall, James Junior; b. 05-29-1923, d. 03-08-2003, 79 years old

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