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Sinai Cemetery

George County, Mississippi


Leave Lucedale, Mississippi on highway 198 west, stay on this road until you come to the intersection with the highway 98 by-pass. Take a left (west) onto
the 98 by-pass, and go 1.6 tenths of a mile. Here you will see Merrill Road on your left. Take this exit and go another .6 miles where you will see Howard Road
on your left. Turn onto Howard Road (east) and now you will go another 1.1 tenth of a mile to Mt. Sinai Road on your right. Take this right turn onto Mt. Sinai Road
and now go 1.8 miles to the dead end of the road, where you will find this cemetery. The cemetery belongs to Mt. Sinai Church and they provide upkeep for it.
 There were several unmarked graves in this cemetery. It is surrounded by a new net wire fence and was in good shape.
The cemetery was walked on the 1st of January by Jimmy Trussell. Information was taken from all legible temporary grave markers and from concrete lab and headstone inscriptions


Wright, Diana O. (Beard); b. 01-21-1924, d. 07-01-2001, "Mama Diana"

Campbell, Peter; b. 04-27-1921, d. 09-30-1994, Pfc., US Army, WW-2

Wright,Vince Lee; b. 10-12-1943, d. 08-30-1979, Pvt., US Army, Vietnam

Jackson, David Charles; b. 01-08-1956, d. 05-24-1972

Jackson, Reggie Deshaun; b. 04-02-1974, d. 08-23-1974, "Beloved Son"

Jackson, Obie; b. 05-26-1928, d. 02-19-1988, h/o Carrie

Marshall, Alberta J; b. 06-10-1909, d. 04-11-1974, "Gone but not Forgotten"

Perine, Joe Nathan; b. 06-10-1916, d. 01-29-2005, Sgt., US Army, WW-2

Marshall, Fred; b. 1907, d. 1964, "At Rest"

Marshall, Velma (Morris); b. 12-29-1899, d. 10-24-1968, w/o Emanuel

Marshall, Emanuel; b. 09-16-1891, d. 10-24-1958, h/o Velma

West, Tony B; b. unknown, d. unknown, Pvt., 840th Trans. Corps.

Prye, Bessie; b. 06-26-1908, d. 12-17-1966

Wilson, King; b. 08-25-1890, d. 10-26-1959, Pfc., Co. "C", 340th Svc. Bn. QMC.

Polk, Hugh B; b. 06-17-1879, d. 05-12-1973, "Husband"

Banks, Willie H; b. 06-06-1925, d. 03-19-2002, Cpl., US Army, WW-2

Johnson, Louis; b. unknown, d. unknown

Johnson, Mary (Polk); b. unknown, d. unknown

Perine, Bettie (Marshall); b. unknown, d. unknown

Dantzler, Latressa (Polk); b. 01-08-1922, d. 09-26-1967, "Mother"

Polk, Harriet (Bush); b. 05-06-1894, d. 11-10-1977, w/o Willie

Polk, Willie; b. 01-26-1888, d. 12-10-1957, h/o Harriet

Polk, Ollie G; b. 12-20-1937, d. 04-23-1996, Pvt., US Army

Polk,  Gerturde (Bush); b. 01-11-1899, d. 10-06-1966, w/o Ollie

Polk, Ollie (Sr.); b. 10-17-1884, d. 06-09-1957

Polk, Allie Mae; b. 09-07-1922, d. 01-27-1945

Polk, George; b. 1927, d. 1929, "Baby"

Miles, Willie; b. 09-28-1922, d. 05-05-1977, Pvt., US Army, WW-2

Miles, Minnie (Marshall); b. 1905, d. 1929, "Our Precious Mother"

Polk, Allen; b. unknown, d. 10-29-1932

Marshall, E.M; b. 1865, d. 1939

Marshall, Willie; b. 1912, d. 1919

Marshall, Bessie; b. 1901, d. 1912

Marshall, Emma; b. 1877, d. 1913

Marshall, K; b. 1903, d. unknown

Marshall, Lor; b. 1911, d. unknown

Dorsett, Mrs. L; b. unknown, d. 03-19-1970, 99 years old

Dorsett, Mary; b. unknown, d. unknown

Dorsett, Louis; b. unknown, d. unknown

Banks, Nora M. (Dorsett); b. 04-05-1912, d. 02-02-1999, "Beloved Mama"

Dorsett, Karene; b. 06-03-1919, d. 08-05-1946, "Beloved Mother"

Dorsett, Ophelia (Beard); b. 02-13-1894, d. 02-04-1943, "Beloved Mother"

Beard, Odest; b. 03-12-1936, d. 10-28-1938

Beard, Mary L; b. unknown, d. unknown

Adams, J.E; b. 03-12-1850, d. 12-28-1939, "At Rest"

Scott, Lucille; b. 1916, d. 1939

Perine, Rev. James; b. 04-09-1890, d. 12-09-1935, 45 years old

Bryant, Mary; b. unknown, d. unknown, "In Loving Memory"

Scott, Eugenia; b. unknown, d. unknown, "In Loving Memory"

Adams, Millie; b. unknown, d. 06-14-1928, 76 years old

Chapman, Ada; b. 04-05-1886, d. 01-21-1919

Mayo, Mary Jane; b. unknown, d. 06-25-1911, 80 years old

Thomas, George L; b. 02-20-1886, d. 01-16-1910, s/o R.Z.M. & Laura E. Thomas

Thomas, Gohen Cornelius; b. 06-19-1888, d. 11-03-1900, s/o R.Z.M. & L.E. Thomas

Perine, Henry James (Jr.); b. 06-13-1946, d. 07-17-1999

Perine, Henry J. (Sr.); b. 08-13-1913, d. 12-14-1997, United States Army

Perine, Shirley Ann; b. 12-02-1944, d. 05-08-1969

Crawford, William; b. 06-07-1870, d. 08-16-1968

Ferrill, Roy W. (Sr.); b. 09-30-1951, d. 08-10-1971, Pvt., 24th Ord. Co., 267th Maint. Bn., Vietnam

Hogan, Violet; b. 09-23-1946, d. 02-03-1999, "Mother"

Leonard, Ruth P; b. 1914, d. 1970, "Mother"

Leonard, Betty Kay; b. 1955, d. 1986, "Sister"

Galloway, James "Coot"; b. 08-03-1922, d. 10-13-1990, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (military plaque has birth year 1923)

Miles, James W; b. 07-01-1940, d. 07-09-1987, "Son"

Perine, Chester A; b. 09-14-1919, d. 10-08-2003

Beard, Vence; b. 01-23-1890, d. 01-19-1983, "Beloved Father"

Daniels, Walter L; b. 1923, d. 1980, Pvt., US Army, WW-2

Daniels, Cora; b. 08-09-1892, d. 05-24-1960

Mason, Lizzie; b. 06-14-1877, d. 09-18-1953

Daniels, Ranmon; b. 02-28-1893, d. 11-14-1952, Pvt., Co. "D", 812th Pioneer Inf., WW-1

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