Lisa's Cemetery Site

Movella Assembly of God Cemetery
George County, Mississippi

We'll start our trip to this cemetery in Agricola, Mississippi on Highway 613. Start at Agricola Baptist Church and go 4.6 miles south. Here you will find
Movella Assembly of God Church and Cemetery on your right. The cemetery is in good condition and is surrounded by a chain link fence. There were a couple
of unmarked graves in the cemetery. Jimmy Trussell walked the cemetery on the 31st of December 2007, taking information from all legible temporary grave
markers and from headstone inscriptions. The cemetery belongs to the church and they provide upkeep for it.


Dueitt, Bennie W; b. 10-25-1908, d. 09-04-1976

Dueitt, Bennie Earl; b. 03-27-1932, d. 11-12-2007, 75 years old

Dueitt, David Darnell; b. 11-09-1968, d. 01-17-1998

Dueitt, infants; d. 19-12-1985, twin daughters of Billy & Lisa Dueitt

Norman, Danny Paul; b. 07-02-1952, d. 10-22-1985

Todd, Claude E; b. 07-05-1911, d. 07-27-1999, "Father", H/o Lucille

Todd, Lucille M; b. 05-25-1916, d. 01-05-1999, "Mother", w/o Claude

Weaver, Gus Dewayne; b. 05-26-1969, d. 04-01-1976, "Our Beloved Son"

Smith, Diana Carol; d. 09-20-1992

Weaver, Cheryl Renee; b. 09-19-1966, d. 02-04-2004, 37 years old

Tompkins, Jessie V; b. 02-08-1917, d. 11-14-1994

Tompkins, Dorthey D; b. 03-01-1920, d. 03-19-1973, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, Mississippi

Cunningham, Ollie Ray; b. 07-04-1911, d. 05-05-1996, "Father"

Cunningham, Bernice (Shaw); b. 12-04-1914, d. 04-08-1992, "Mother"

Shaw, Elsie J; b. 07-29-1895, d. 03-29-1976, w/o Charles

Shaw, Charles L; b. 04-28-1886, d. 06-03-1976, h/o Elsie

Backlin, Steven Wayne; b. 07-21-1966, d. 03-22-2002

Cowart, Lucille R; b. 10-11-1913, d. 06-02-1992, w/o Murry

Butler, Randy Carl; b. 04-15-1956, d. 12-14-2006, h/o Rebecca

Butler, Ella O; b. 07-09-1897, d. 02-10-1961, w/o Elijah

Butler, Elijah W; b. 08-19-1887, d. 08-05-1978, h/o Ella

Tanner, Elma Leo (Butler); b. 07-16-1926, d. 03-07-1999, "Mama & MawMaw"

Butler, Lonzo; b. 07-17-1933, d. 05-10-1997, "Daddy"

Perkins, Phillip A; b. 07-25-1909, d. 05-02-1967, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, Indiana

Pierce, Shelton; b. 11-03-1932, d. 03-27-1986, 53 years old

Pierce, Murdock; b. 10-09-1894, d. 02-22-1971

Pierce, Carrie; b. 10-07-1891, d. 09-28-1962

Pierce, Lynell; b. 08-01-1930, d. 08-18-1989, 59 years old

Cole, Stephanie J; b. 12-26-1972, d. 12-26-1972

Slay, Mackie Vee (Pierce); b. 04-06-1922, d. 11-18-2004, w/o Rev. Thomas Nathan Slay

Welch, Retha Lee (Guy); b. 06-19-1925, d. 04-07-2007, 81 years old

Welch, Willie Owen; b. 05-15-1921, d. 10-02-2005, 84 years old

Pierce, Roy (Jr.); b. 01-12-1968, d. 07-??-1986

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