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Mixon-Mizelle Cemetery
George County, Mississippi


We’ll start at the intersection of Highway 57 and Highway 26 in Benndale, Mississippi. Take Highway 26 west at the only red light in Benndale,
and go west until you see the Fairley/O’Neal road on your right. Near the road sign there will be another sign saying "Dirt Pit", take this right hand turn
(heading north), and go until you see a large Red & White sign again saying "Dirt Pit’. Take this right hand turn onto this road (not named) other than
Dirt Pit Road. You will go approximately 350 yards and the cemetery will be located on your left. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link
fence and is in good shape. The cemetery is a private cemetery and upkeep and maintenance is done by family members of ones buried here.
The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell on the 8th of December 2007, and information was taken from legible temporary grave markers and headstone inscriptions.


Howard, Joesph Lee; b. 09-12-1967, d. 04-04-1990

Fairley, Johnnie M; b. 01-19-1908, d. 05-01-1978

Cooley, L.B; b. 11-10-1933, d. 11-30-1973, "Rest in Peace"

Fairley, Jessie; b. 02-27-1939, d. 05-12-1939

Fairley, Jimmie; b. 02-27-1939, d. 05-10-1939

Fairley, J.S; d. 05-09-1937

Fairley, Torie (Mixon); b. 10-13-1872, d. 06-29-1949

Mixon, Sises (Reeves); b. 03-04-1855, d. 12-01-1914

Mixon, Mallard; b. 08-18-1853, d. 06-27-1938

Mixon, William B; b. 09-12-1881, d. 11-07-1930

Fortner, Joe W; b. 02-25-1910, d. 07-19-1941

Mixon, Joyce; b. 11-20-1886, d. 07-19-1952

Mixon, Rhoda (Parker); b. 11-07-1899, d. 06-17-1981

Mizelle, Lary Ree (Mixon); b. 07-27-1925, d. 03-30-1982

Mizelle, Joe O; b. 09-15-1922, d. 04-16-1969

Fortner, Earnie Bud; b. 08-24-1972, d. 03-25-2003, 30 years old


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