Lisa's Cemetery Site

Little Sweetwater Cemetery
George County, Mississippi



Traveling West out of Lucedale, Mississippi on Highway 26 West. You will come to an overpass over Highway 63, Continue west on
highway 26 another 12.6 miles  after you cross the overpass. The church and cemetery will be on your right. The cemetery belongs to the church
and maintenance is done by church members and family members of those buried here. The cemetery is in good shape and is surrounded by a
chain link fence. The information was taken from all legible temporary grave markers and headstone inscriptions.
The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell on the 7th of December 2007, there were several unmarked graves in the cemetery.


Sumrall, (unknown); adult size slab, no other information available

Firth, Deann Nichole; b. 07-08-1974, d. 06-03-1975, "Nicky", 10 months old

Byrd, Eno; b.02-11-1940, d. 12-08-1995, SSgt. US Air Force, husband of Dola M.

Dearman, Mollie Kay; b. 07-25-1970, d. 04-24-1977

Hunt, Quitman; b. 03-20-1920, d. 06-06-1990, h/o Fronia

Hunt, Erma Ruth; b. 08-24-1927, d. 11-14-1994, w/o Willie

Reed, Jeremiah Cole; d. 08-30-2005, "Psalms 100"

Parker, Jobie M; b. 03-29-1928, d. 10-12-1977, h/o Katie Mae

Sumrall, Thomas J; b. 03-25-1909, d. 08-18-1976, h/o Rosebud

Sumrall, Rosebud; b. 10-08-1914, d. 11-08-1979, w/o Thomas J.

Hunt, W.F; b. 01-14-1940, d. 09-23-1995, h/o Bonnie

Hunt, Bonnie; b. 02-27-1939, d. 03-17-2006, w/o W.F. Hunt

Cooper, Major Eli; b. 04-04-1893, d. 09-12-1964, h/o Lorena Ida Cooper

Cooper, Lorena Ida; b. 06-19-1888, d. 06-16-1975

Havard, Angela Gwenette; b. 03-25-1978, d. 08-08-2000, "At Rest in God’s Hands"

Williams, Reverand Hollis Sherron (Sr.); b. 09-02-1941, d. 03-22-1987, "Stub"

Hunt, William Rollie; b. 01-30-1952, d. 01-31-2005, 53 years old

Hunt, David Eric; b. 10-24-1975, d. 05-17-2006, 30 years old


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