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P. Fairley Family Cemetery

George County, Mississippi



We'll start our trip to this cemetery at the intersection of Highway 26 West and Highway 57 North in Benndale, Mississippi. Take Highway 57 North and
travel approximately 8 miles. On your left will be Salem Road, there is also a rather large sign on the left hand side at this intersection , that reads "Salem Baptist Church".
You will turn left on Salem road and go about 1/2  Mile and the Joe P. Fairley Cemetery will be on your left. This is a small family cemetery and the family takes care of it.
It is surrounded by a chain link fence and is well kept.
Jimmy Trussell was given permission to walk this cemetery on the 30th of October, 2007 by Mr. Gene Fairley.
Information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.


Fairley, Oran Otto (Sr.); b. 04-07-1919, d. 07-22-1974, TSgt. WW-2 US Air Force Reserve

Fairley, Glenn A; b. 11-29-1951, d. 08-04-1999, "Always and Forever"

Cochran, Dan (Jr.); b. 09-10-1955, d. 10-01-1978

Cochran, Dan T; b. 04-29-1922, d. 07-13-1988

Cochran, Mildred Lorene; b. 09-12-1931, d. 01-05-1974

Fairley, Mary A; b. 11-26-1856, d. 12-06-1937

Fairley, Peter L; b. 04-10-1847, d. 12-25-1922

Havard, Richard H; b. 06-18-1941, d. 01-17-1992, "Harold", h/o of Faye Havard

Fairley, Roselee L; b. 10-11-1905, d. 10-31-1908, daughter of J. & B. Fairley

Fairley, Irvin; b. 04-01-1903, d. 11-22-1920, son of Joe & Bertha Fairley

Fairley, Joe P; b. 01-27-1876, d. 10-23-1957

Fairley, Bertha; b. 03-30-1883, d. 03-09-1959

Edwards, Hattie M; b. 09-01-1923, d. 12-30-2003

Fairley, Mildred (Knight); b. 10-28-1908, d. 03-20-1988, "Mama"

Fairley, Henry Clarence; b. 06-08-1901, d. 03-23-1993, "Daddy"

Cochran, Mary J; b. 1840, d. 1928

Cochran, George Yeager; b. 10-24-1910, d. 09-10-1912, son of W.L. & Julia Cochran

Cochran, Julia; b. 08-31-1880, d. 02-27-1939

Cochran, W.L.; b. 03-16-1873, d. 06-17-1941

Cochran, Arthur K; b. 02-17-1909, d. 05-16-1946

Cochran, Alex; b. 11-23-1905, d. 12-28-1981, "Gone Home"

Havard, Edward Lee; b. 02-01-1933, d. 05-04-2004

Havard, Thelma Lavada; b. 02-04-1938, d. 09-30-2001


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