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Howell Cemetery(Basin Community)

 George County, Mississippi

      Travelling West out of Lucedale, Mississippi on Highway 26 West, you will cross an overpass and a short time later you will see Shady Grove cemetery on your left.
You will take a left hand turn on the next blacktop road, after you pass this cemetery. This is known as Old. Highway 26, stay on it for 1.3 miles. Here you will come
to the intersection with Howell Mill road on your left. Take this left hand exit and go .6 tenths of a mile. Now on your right will be Howell Cemetery Road, take this right
turn and go another .4 tenths of a mile. This road will dead end at the cemetery. The cemetery belongs to the Howell family and upkeep is provided by Delois Howell,
with some help from Stanley Stringfellow. Delois Howell is married to Benny Howell. Benny Howell and Stanley Stringfellow are both Great-Great Grandsons of
Mr. G.M. Howell who is buried in this cemetery. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and is well maintained.
The cemetery was walked on the 26th of October, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell and all information was taken from headstone and concrete slab inscriptions .


Howell, Gary W; b. 03-26-1952, d. 02-17-2002, "Son"

Howell, G. Melvin; b. 06-06-1920, d. 02-20-1975, "Daddy"

Howell, Maggie Virginia; b. 02-07-1896, d. 02-02-1982, "Mama"

Howell, John Wesley; b. 03-23-1893, d. 05-10-1974

Smith, Barry A; b. 12-23-1969, d. 12-23-1969, infant grave

Bond, Lola (Howell); b. 09-16-1887, d. 03-26-1972

Bond, W.M.; b. 12-30-1877, d. 06-08-1937, "Marion"

Bond, Rollie M; b. 10-22-1923, d. 05-2402003, ABF2, US Navy , Korea

Stringfellow, Willie Calvin; b. 04-22-1926, d. 12-04-2004

Howell, George C; b. 10-30-1883, d. 07-06-1954

Howell, Rae Belle; b. 1893, d. 1941

Howell, G.M; b. 08-04-1852, d. 01-29-1936

Howell, infant daughter; d. 1930, "At Rest with Jesus"

Howell, infant daughter; d. 1911, "At Rest with Jesus"

Howell, Elizabeth; b. 03-21-1851, d. 07-21-1921

Conner, infant; d. 01-??-1944, inf. of Mr./Mrs. J.W. "Bud" Conner

Conner, infant; d. 06-??-1945, inf. of Mr./Mrs. J.W. "Bud" Conner

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