Lisa's Cemetery Site


George County, Mississippi


 Take Highway 26 west out of Lucedale, Mississippi and you will cross over the  Highway 63 by-pass, continue west on Highway 26 for another 2.3 miles.
Here you will turn left onto Central-Basin Road and go south another 7.3 miles. The Gibson cemetery will be on your right at the top of a small hill. It is surrounded
by a chain link fence and was in very good condition. There were several unmarked graves in the cemetery which was established in 1877. There is a large
Magnolia tree in the center of the cemetery. I was told by Mrs. Judy Goff that the story is that there was a Mr. Dave Gibson buried there and then the Magnolia tree
planted at the head of the grave. No marker was ever placed there, but Mrs. Goff stated that they were going to place a marker there in memory of Mr. Gibson. 
The cemetery is owned and maintained by family members of those buried there. There was one Spanish American War Veteran,(John Nyman), in this cemetery.
The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell on the 10th of December, 2007 and information was taken from all legible temporary grave markers and headstone inscriptions.


Gibson, James Cecil; b. 03-10-1934, d. 09-12-2000, h/o Gloria May

Gibson, Gloria May; b. 06-18-1927, d. 08-26-2007, w/o James Cecil

Gibson, James Shellie; b. 12-28-1913, d. 11-10-1974, h/o Gertie

Gibson, Gertie (Holifield); b. 09-11-1915, d. 01-27-1986, w/o James Shellie

Parker, Percy E; b. 04-27-1921, d. 06-19-2005, "Son", "Beloved Husband"

Parker, Mrs. Pet; b. 04-30-1892, d. 12-17-1958, "Mother"

Parker, Mr. Pet; b. 08-03-1882, d. 07-28-1968

Moore, George H; b. 1924, d. 1939, B.S. of A., "Tooty"

Gibson, infant; d. 1922, G.E. & S.A. Gibson

Gibson, George E; b. 04-10-1888, d. 05-30-1950, "At Rest"

Cochran, George; b. 01-03-1886, d. 10-10-1956, "Father"

Cochran, Naomi; b. 04-13-1885, d. 04-11-1955, Mother

Parker, Joseph N; b. 04-04-1854, d. 10-31-1898, som of J. & E. Parker

Parker, Marven; b. 10-15-1890, d. 11-09-1898, J. & E. Parker

Parker, Jesse; b. 12-27-1845, d. 11-18-1926

Parker, Eran; b. 02-16-1855, d. 04-25-1934, "Mother"

Gibson, Nannie Mae; b.04-16-1907, d.02-10-1915, daughter of Missouri & Louie Gibson

Gibson, Peter Louie; b. 11-19-1876, d. 09-21-1942, h/o Missouri

Gibson, Missouri (Eubanks); b. 10-27-1881, d. 02-14-1963, w/o Peter Louie

Holifield, Claborn George; b. 08-22-1913, d. 07-09-2000, h/o Melba

Holifield, Melba (Gibson); b. 12-08-1916, d. 09-18-2006, w/o Claborn

Lyles, Billy Allen (Sr.); b. 11-29-1935, d. 03-19-2004, h/o Zula

Nyman, Andrew (Sr.); b. 1851, d. 1932

Nyman, Maria; b. 1850, d. 1932

Nyman, Gustaf; b. 11-04-1884, d. 06-21-1962

Jenkins, Walthall; b. 03-12-1909, d. 04-20-1971, "Father"

Jenkins, Lavonia; b. 08-19-1908, d. 10-27-1991, "Mother"

Jenkins, Francis M; b. 04-11-1941, d. 08-05-1997, Pfc., US Army, Vietnam

Daffin, Dallas Marie; b. 02-01-1976, d. 01-06-2003

Nyman, Donis D; b. 07-05-1916, d. 05-12-1984, TEC5, US Army, WW-2

Nyman, Ora (Day); b. 09-28-1906, d. 10-09-1992, w/o John Lloyd

Nyman, John Lloyd; b. 07-02-1906, d. 01-02-2001, h/o Ora

Nyman, Addie Ruth; b. 09-28-1913, d. 05-05-2007

Nyman, Mabel; b. 05-01-1919, d. 09-07-2004

Nyman, Andrew Leroy; b. 08-19-1908, d. 12-09-1974

Nyman, John; b. 11-11-1878, d. 03-24-1967, Pvt., Co. "D", 1st Regt. Mississippi Inf., Spanish American War

Nyman, Callie (Gibson); b. 08-01-1880, d. 04-26-1972

Gibson, James Walter; b. 03-26-1875, d. 04-17-1952

Nyman, Robert Freddie; b. 08-17-1910, d. 01-05-1914

Gibson, John Edgar; b. 05-20-1873, d. 03-??-1908

Gibson, Gradie; b. 04-29-1904, d. 07-10-1904, son of Missouri and Louie Gibson

Gibson, Mary A; b. 09-19-1839, d. 02-10-1906, "Our Mother"

Gibson, John T; b. 05-29-1832, d. 06-26-1893

Gibsob, Willie (G. or C.); b. 08-30-1870, d. 12-19-1896

Gibson, infant; d. 1898, C.R. & A.R. Gibson

Gibson, M. Grady; dates unreadable, "At Rest"

Gibson, Clinton; b. 10-20-1894, d. 03-13-1910, son of C.R. & A.R. Gibson

Gibson, Ruby; no other information available

Gibson, John Clyde; b. 10-14-1892, d. 03-28-1926

Gibson, Annie; b. 1868, d. 1938, "Our Mother at Rest"

Gibson, C.R; b. 1867, d. 1938, "Dear Daddy"

Gibson, Carl B; b. 12-10-1888, d. 01-05-1957, Pvt. Hq. Co., 64th Inf., 7th Div., WW-1

Gibson, Martha O; b. 10-17-1892, d. 07-10-1976

Gibson, James S; b. 10-20-1892, d. 04-14-1967

West, David L. (Jr.); b. 09-22-1928, d. 12-20-1989, h/o Doris O.

Olsen, Clara E; b. 06-06-1937, d. 10-09-2001, "Toddie"

Bond, Barrett W; b. 08-29-1910, d. 04-19-1973, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, Mississippi

Nail, Joyce Irene (Adams); b. 08-31-1932, d. 06-21-1987, w/o Barrett

Plante, Rachel Alane; d. 08-11-1996

Adams, Fritzhugh Lee; b. 03-14-1884, d. 02-16-1940

Adams, Cynthia Diane; b. 11-27-1951, d. 04-28-1987

Adams, Myrtle (Bond); b. 05-24-1902, d. 02-02-1946

Helvestion, Mary V; b. 05-12-1876, d. 07-08-1902

Helvestion, Sarah; b. 04-19-1820, d. 12-25-1894

Helvestion, Godfrey; b. 02-06-1816, d. 10-26-1893

Cowart, N.W; b. 06-24-1856, d. 05-13-1893, "Medical Doctor"

Cowart, Edith M; b. 12-28-1892, d. 06-07-1900, daughter of N.W. & S.E. Cowart

Cowart, Sabra E; b. 07-12-1863, d. 02-22-1908

Evans, Leonard Lemuel (Jr.); b. 12-14-1905, d. 06-20-1985

Evans, Grace (Hallstrom); b. 1908, d. 1988

Hallstrom, Fannie; no dates available, "Daughter’

Hallstrom, Minnie; no dates available

Hallstrom, Mrs. Fannie; no dates available, w/o Oscar

Hallstrom, Edward; no dates available

Hallstrom, Ida; no dates available

Hallstron, Oscar (Sr.); no dates available, h/o Mrs. Fannie

Hallstron, infant; no dates available

Sistrunk, P.H; b. 08-11-1921, d. 05-27-1990, Pvt. US Army, WW-2

Bond, James Leegree; b. 02-16-1934, d. 11-08-1991

Bond, Howard E; b. 08-20-1923, d. 07-18-2002

Bond, Lizzie (Mallette); b. 08-22-1901, d. 02-12-1993, "Mother"

Bond, Van McKinley; b. 07-17-1897, d. 06-08-1966, "Max"

Parker, infant; no dates available, "Baby"

Ranagar, Elizabeth; b. 09-24-1830, d. 09-24-1889

Evans, Lemeul Toomer; b. 09-17-1940, d. 01-22-1999, "L.T."

Gibson, John William; b. 04-28-1908, d. 11-11-1989, h/o Rhoda

Gibson, Rhoda (Dann)(Black); b. 07-31-1908, d. 09-24-1991, w/o John

Breland, Bob; b. 04-09-1898, d. 05-10-1942

Parker, Neely; b. 1915, d. 1919, son of Mr./Mrs. P.P. Parker

Helvestion, Mary C; d. 03-??-1877, daughter of J.S. & A.W. Helvestion, "Oldest marked grave in this cemetery"

Helvestion, Annie W; d. 05-12-1880, wife of J.S. Helvestion, 31 years old

Fairley, infant; no dates available, D.& L. Fairley

Fairley, infant; no dates available, D.& L. Fairley

Townsend, J.W; b. 08-16-1844, d. 07-16-1919

Townsend, Lulu D; b. 09-10-1866, d. 12-27-1944

Harvison, infant; no dates available

Harvison, infant; no dates available

Harvison, Hazel (Sumrall); b. 10-28-1915, d. 12-18-1973, w/o William L. Harvison

Harvison, William L; b. 06-19-1907, d. 02-26-1983

Harvison, Bobby D; b. 11-08-1932, d. 10-28-1986, Pfc., US Army, Korea

Parker, Ila Ruth; b. 08-13-1927, d. 08-01-1978

Griffin, Velma; b. 10-24-1895, d. 03-05-1973

Griffin, Ivon U; b. 12-25-1898, d. 10-24-1964

Adams, Harmon; d. 10-26-1941, Pvt., 114th Am. Tn., 39th Div., Mississippi

Adams, Mary E; b. 10-11-1863, d. 09-18-1910, w/o James E. Adams

Adams, J.E; b. 02-16-1849, d. 02-09-1908, h/o Mary E. Adams

Adams, John C; b. 03-13-1890, d. 11-05-1911

Mixon, infant; d. 10-01-1987, "Baby Girl"

Adams, Cecile; b. 01-30-1927, d. 03-02-1928, son of Prestie & Clifton Adams

Brown, Mamie F; b. 01-08-1907, d. 06-15-1981, w/o Robert L. Brown

Brown, Robert L; b. 11-03-1903, d. 05-01-1979, h/o Mamie F. Brown

Brown, Robert L. (Jr.); b. 1928, d. 1928

Goff, Mary M; b. 12-20-1862, d. 03-15-1935

Goff, J. Bruner; b. 08-24-1861, d. 03-09-1944

Brown, infant; b. 1935, d. 1935, inf. son of Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Brown

Brown, Dossie; b. 11-01-1904, d. 10-10-1917

Goff, Emma; b. 02-10-1889, d. 06-03-1915

Goff, Griffin; b. 01-26-1885, d. 12-14-1917

Goff, Elsa Mae; b. 05-27-1926, d. 11-26-1932

Schultz, Bettye R. (Brown); b. 10-16-1933, d. 12-28-1986

Brown, Sabra (Goff); b. 1882, d. 1960

Brown, Napolian; b. 1880, d. 1944

Foster, infant; no dates available, Mr. & Mrs. Will Foster

Brown, Marion Bruner; b. 01-17-1910, d. 03-09-1987

Goff, Noll Wyatt; b. 10-26-1892, d. 01-28-1961, h/o Ora Goff

Goff, Ora (Saucier); b. 11-03-1899, d. 08-10-1988, w/o Noll Goff

Goff, Alice (Horst); b. 05-30-1928, d. 12-28-1996, w/o John Nollie

Adams, Ronnie G; b. 08-30-1946, d. 03-11-2004, SP4, US Army, Vietnam

Adams, Eugene Clifton; b. 10-18-1892, d. 07-30-1981, Pvt. US Army, WW-1

Adams, Prestie (Gibson); b. 07-21-1905, d. 12-08-1954, w/o Eugene clifton

Adams, John L; b. 03-06-1936, d. 06-11-1981, "Father", h/o Willow Dean

Adams, Willow Dean; b. 05-29-1933, d. 12-14-1996, "Mother", w/o John L. Adams

Davis, Romeo; b. 05-06-1931, d. 08-02-2005, h/o Dorine A. Davis

Parnell, Juston M; b. 10-16-1925, d. 04-03-2006, S1, US Navy, WW-2

Gibson, Mr. Dave; no dates available, said to be buried at the foot of the Magnolia tree

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