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Finch Cemetery
George County, Mississippi

Leave Lucedale, Mississippi on Highway 613 south, you will stay on this road until you approach Agricola, Mississippi.  Here you will come to the intersection
with Highway 612 on your left. On your right across from this intersection, you will see the Finch Family Cemetery. It sits about 100 yards off the side of the road,
and is in good shape. This is a family cemetery and they provide the maintenance for it.
Jimmy Trussell walked this cemetery on the 19th of Feb. 2008, and information was taken from all legible temporary grave markers and headstone inscriptions. 


Bates, Lucinda (Pitts); b. 06-23-1962, d. 12-15-2002, "Cindy", 40 years old

Davis, Kenneth William; b. 04-04-1983, d. 07-08-1995

Downing, Lee; b. 08-20-1878, d. 11-10-1960, Pvt. Co. "E", 2nd Regt. Ala. Inf., Spanish American War Veteran

Downing, Mary Magdeline; b. 09-14-1903, d. 10-08-1985, "Big Grandma"

Finch, Charles Walter; b. 02-07-1898, d. 01-07-1935, "Asleep in Jesus"

Finch, John; b. 12-06-1877, d. 04-20-1942

Dixon, Lillie Sharlene; d. 02-16-2000, d/o Belinda

Finch, William H; b. unknown, d. unknown, Co. "I", 36th Ala. Inf., C.S.A., Civil War Veteran

Finch, Martha Ann (Havard); b. 01-11-1854, d. 01-17-1912, "Asleep in Jesus"

Finch, Samuel Scott; b. 02-07-1898, d. 03-??-1901

Jasper, Newton; b. 1904, d. 1905, infant grave

Finch, Mary E; b. 10-22-1882, d. 09-22-1914

Finch, Thomas A; b. 03-03-1886, d. 01-13-1913

Finch, Henry D; b. 11-25-1895, d. 01-13-1975, "At Rest with Jesus"

Finch, Martha M; b. 09-18-1890, d. 07-21-1977, "At Rest with Jesus"

Hembree, Semyra E; b. 11-09-1927, d. 10-22-1981, wife of Ralph

Hembree, Ralph; b. 06-19-1921, d. 02-06-1995, husband of Semyra

Hembree, Kenneth William; b. 12-13-1948, d. 10-15-1993, "Willie", "Uncloudy Day"

Finch, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, (information provided by Sharlene Dixon)

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