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Daughdrill Cemetery

Greene County, Mississippi


We'll start our trip on  Highway 98 west in George County, Mississippi. Leaving the city of Lucedale you will travel west until you come to the Greene County,
Mississippi road sign. Here you will continue west approximately 9 miles, where you will see Midway Missionary Baptist Church on your right. There is a dirt
road just past the church building, turn right on this road and it will dead end 1 1/2  miles ahead. The cemetery is located in the woods to your right at the end of this road.
It is surrounded by a chain link fence and is well kept. This is a family cemetery, that is maintained by Marc Merritt and Andy Hillman. Marc Merritt is the Great Grandson
of J.D. Daughdrill and Mrs. Elizabeth (Breland) Daughdrill who are among those buried  here. The cemetery is on private property and permission to visit the
cemetery should be obtained from Marc Merritt. Mrs. Etta Moss was visiting  with relatives on this side of the river, she died and due to high water in the river they
were unable to take her home to be buried, so she was buried in this cemetery.
This cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell on 19 November 2007.


Daughdrill, Elizabeth (Breland); b. 11-01-1860, d. 08-17-1932, w/o J.D. Daughdrill

Daughdrill, J.D; b. 04-20-1861, d. 08-08-1948, "Father"

Daughdrill, John; b. 04-02-1817, d. 05-02-1904, "Gone but not Forgotten"

Daughdrill, Sarah L; b. 01-30-1819, d. 09-02-1900, w/o John Daughdrill

Daughdrill, Veleda; b. 02-04-1900, d. 10-02-1900, daughter of W.T. & I.E. Daughdrill

Hulbert, D.M; b. 01-14-1884, d. 04-07-1911

Griffin, William Thomas; b. 11-20-1914, d. 04-14-1917, s/o J.J. & M.T. Griffin

Moss, Etta;b. unknown, d. unknown, (see comments in heading)

Daughdrill, I.E; b. 07-13-1861, d. 12-12-1921

Daughdrill, W.T; b. 04-04-1856, d. 09-01-1932

Daughdrill, J.L; b. 11-29-1880, d. 08-09-1922

Daughdrill, Peter Garfield; b. 09-12-1886, d. 03-06-1933

Hillman, Katelyn Renea; b. 05-06-1986, d. 07-07-2000, "Katy"

Hillman, Vicky Lyn; b. 07-01-1959, d. 07-07-2000, "Vicky"

Hillman, Charles Horton; b. 07-31-1959, d. 07-07-2000, "Chuck"

Hillman, Thurman Horton; b. 05-10-1920, d. 07-19-1990, Lt. Col., US Army, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Military plaque has date of death 05-19-1990)

Powell, Lucy P; b. 06-30-1900, d. 03-23-1996

Powell, Mills E; b. 01-30-1900, d. 02-04-1984

Powell, Elizabeth (Merritt); b. 08-29-1932, d. 03-20-2004, "Beloved"

Hillman, Emery Jordan; b. 03-26-1982, d. 12-26-2000, "MoJo"

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