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Cowart Cemetery
George County, Mississippi



Traveling west on Highway 26 out of Benndale, Mississippi. You will go a couple of miles and will come to the intersection with
Fairley/O'Neal road on your right. Take this right hand turn and go about 1 mile and you will come to Fairley Loop Road on your left.
Take this exit and go until you see a mailbox on your left with the numbers 203 on it. The dirt road just before the mailbox has a gate on it.
You will need to get permission from the homeowner to go through his gate and property to visit this cemetery. When you go through the
gate you will travel this woods road about ΒΌ mile and it dead ends at the Cowart cemetery. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link
fence and is in good condition. This is an old family cemetery and is still in use today, it is maintained by family members of those interred here.
The cemetery was walked on December 7th, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell, the information was taken from all legible headstone inscriptions
and temporary grave markers. There were numerous unmarked graves in the cemetery.


Fortner, Nola; (no other information available)

Fortner, Anthony; (no other information available)

Fortner, Orvie; (no other information available)

Fortner, Emory; b. 06-17-1914, d. 07-31-1990, husband of Mrs. Ima Fortner

Fortner, Arvie; b. 03-22-1945, d. 11-25-1964

Fortner, Ines Melinda; b. 08-01-1888, d. 01-24-1964, wife of Joseph

Fortner, Joseph; b. 02-01-1883, d. 11-19-1967

Cuevas, Vera Estelle (Fortner); b. 08-03-1921, d. 06-11-1982, "God is Love"

Fortner, Eran; b. 1888, d. unknown

Fortner, Axum; b. 08-23-1845, d. unknown

Cowart, Nancy; b. 1895, d. 1927

Cowart, Aaron; b. 05-10-1876, d. 05-05-1961

Wiggins, Robert Lee; b. 08-11-1957, d. 10-06-1990

Carter, Pearlee; b. 10-24-1921, d. 10-12-1993

Cowart, Almeda; b. 08-03-1936, d. 08-07-1995

Rogers, Lem; b. 07-31-1903, d. 04-24-1999, husband of Beatrice S.

Rodgers, John W; b. 10-05-1856, d. 09-05-1928

Rodgers, Caroline; b. 04-08-1871, d. 05-04-1950

Arnold, C. Mae (Rogers); b. 07-31-1907, d. 03-04-2005, wife of Charles David

Arnold, Charles David; b. 11-15-1884, d. 11-27-1974, "DD", Dentist


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