Lisa's Cemetery Site

Cooley Cemetery
Greene County, Mississippi

Leaving  Leakesville, Mississippi on highway 63 south, you will travel 2.3 tenths of a mile. Here you will take a right turn onto Vernal River Road, heading west.
You will now travel 8.9 tenths of a mile and there will be a woods road to the right (not named) that will separate a field from the woods.
The cemetery is located .2 tenths of a mile on the left side of this woods road. The cemetery is in good shape and is surrounded by a chain link fence.
This is an old family cemetery, with maintenance being done by a few of the members of the families of those buried here.
There are several unmarked graves in the cemetery and all information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.
 The cemetery was walked on April 13th, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell. The oldest marked grave has a death date of 1899, and there is also one known Civil War Veteran buried here.


Havard, James T "Bud"; b. 09-15-1897, d. 03-13-1977

Havard, Sallie W; b. 06-09-1903, d. 10-24-1965

Havard, James T (Jr.); b. 09-15-1928, d. 05-23-2000

Box, Edward Chester (Jr.); b. 07-03-1907, d. 08-01-1982

Box, Charley Barnabus; b. 11-08-1903, d. 05-03-1976

Box, Edward C (Sr.); b. 04-21-1873, d. 01-13-1941

Box, Cynthia I; b. 08-29-1867, d. 01-21-1944

Box, Liza May; b. 12-02-1909, d. 08-24-1910

Box, John L; b. 02-27-1867, d. 04-20-1902

Willis, Susie; b. 12-24-1865, d. 10-09-1926

Williams, Harriet; b. 10-25-1836, d. 02-16-1915

Williams, W.W; b. 11-06-1836, d. 01-03-1909

Williams, L.D; b. unknown, d. unknown, Co. "A" 24th Miss. Inf. C.S.A. (Civil War Vet.)

Williams, Lewis M; b. 07-03-1870, d. 08-21-1922

Williams, Mary Alice; b. 08-02-1841, d. 09-05-1930

Williams, Melton Ray; b. 05-21-1938, d. 05-22-1938

Williams, Nealie Idonia (Clark); b. 08-13-1881, d. 10-23-1963

Williams, Carl J; b. 07-11-1914, d. 04-24-1971

Clark, Ada W; b. 07-04-1900, d. 04-01-1985

Williams, John W; b. 11-28-1905, d. 01-02-1985

Williams, Florence E; b. 12-04-1901, d. 10-17-1975

Hyatt, Wiley Daniel; b. 09-22-1949, d. 01-15-2001

Williams, Roy; b. unknown, d. unknown

Williams, Jim; b. unknown, d. unknown

Williams, Rachael; b. unknown, d. unknown

Williams, William Rudy; b. unknown, d. unknown

Smith, Ronald D; b. 1974, d. 1974, "Thy Will Be Done"

McLeod, Mary Emma; b. 03-23-1897, d. 10-05-1981, "Daughter"

McLeod, Gabriel Wirt; b. 11-22-1891, d. 08-10-1981, "Son"

McLeod, Leslie; b. 1902, d. 1970, "Son"

McLeod, Peter; b. 1852, d. 1912

McLeod, Ella A; b. 1864, d. 1944

McLeod, Carrie; b. 1899, d. 1926, "Daughter"

Kittrell, Minnie (McLeod); b. 1890, d. 1943, "Daughter"

Kittrell, John; b. 04-06-1892, d. 01-15-1974

Morgan, Margaret C; b. 11-16-1827, d. 07-27-1899

McLeod, Mary M; b. 09-28-1845, d. 11-06-1933

Jones, Fannie C; b. 1875, d. 1917, "Mother"

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