Lisa' Cemetery Site

Shipman United Methodist Church Cemetery

George County Mississippi


This cemetery was walked on Feb. 17th , 2007 by Jimmy Trussell, All  visible headstone inscriptions were recorded.
This cemetery is located off of Shipman Road in East George County . Travel east out of Lucedale, Miss. On Hwy. 98 toward Mobile, Ala. Travel
approximately  8 miles and on the right is a large sign “Gulf Coast Bible Camp” , turn right on that road (Shipman Road), travel 2.0 miles and turn left on
Shipman Church Road. Travel .02 tenths of a mile and the cemetery is located on your left adjacent to Shipman United Methodist ChurchThere are
numerous unmarked graves in this cemetery. It has a chain link fence on two sides with the other two sides surrounded by heavy woods.


Sasser, Mrs. N. A.; b 12-24-1859, d  06-14-1913

Gunn, Peter; b ??-??-????, d ??-??-????

Newbill, G.B.: b 10-11-1862, d 01-12-1932

Brooks, infant son;b  ??-??-1911, d ??-??-1911

Blackledge, Gaines; b ??-??-????, d ??-??-????

Blackledge, Florence; b ??-??-????, d ??-??-????

Blackledge, Virginia C;b ??-??-1850, d ??-??-1908

Blackledge, William E; b ??-??-1849, d ??-??-1917

Blackledge, Annie V; b ??-??-1881, d ??-??-1958

Ward, John W; b  ??-??-1863, d ??-??-1921

Ward, Arena;b  ??-??-1865, d??-??-1925

Ward, Myrtis; b ??-??-1890, d ??-??-1906

Ward, Robert Paul; b 07-08-1899, d 04-29-1935

Ward, John Randolph; b 12-09-1891, d 09-18-1897

Howard, Rachel M; b ??-??-????, d 01-09-1937

Howard, Fredrick J;b  ??-??-????, d 10-18-1936

Bonnett, Alice; b 12-21-1888, d 09-28-1975

Bonnett, Janetta E; b 03-10-1849, d 02-18-1947

Bonnett, Phillip M; b 07-28-1851, d 05-27-1921

Persons, Francis (Bush); b 08-24-1910, d 08-07-1911

Moffett, Lavonne; b 10-30-1922, d 10-03-1923

Moffett, Buford; b 06-24-1911, d 12-09-1911

Cameron, Dan;b  ??-??-1880, d ??-??-1917

Ward, Loren (Burke); b 04-13-1890, d 12-09-1914

Ward, Henry Knox; b 10-16-1856, d 01-20-1904

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