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Charles Hall II Family Graveyard

Survey courtesy of: Sandra Hall Smith
Photos courtesy of: Bert Blackmon and Sandra Hall Smith

Charles Hall I and his wife Aurelia Elluene Dupre left Georgia in 1783 bringing their son Charles Hall II with them to what was at that time Spanish Florida. 
Other children were born to Charles and Aurelia and the Halls grew in numbers and prestige.
Charles I and Aurelia are not buried in the Hall Family Graveyard, but their oldest son Charles Hall II is as well as many other descendants of the Hall Family.
            The Hall Family Graveyard is located N 30 degrees 51’ 722, W 87 degrees 52’ 103.  It is located off of Highway 225  in Baldwin County Alabama. 
From Crossroads, turn west onto the Cliff’s Landing Road (also know as Carpenter’s Landing).  The graveyard is about ¼ mile down the road on the left. 
The drive is small so drive slowly.  Situated under an umbrella of trees, is an acre of land referred to as the Hall Family Graveyard.

(Bold Italics indicates language on tombstone)
Buried at the Hall Family Graveyard are the following people:
Age died Comment's
Charles Hall II 10/26/1776
03/22/1843 67 G/G/G/G-grandfather
A native of Georgia, born on October 26, 1776 and since 1783
A resident of West Florida and Alabama.  He died at his Residence in Baldwin County March 21, 1843
He was an exemplary man in all the relations of life;
A kind parent, and a good citizen.
And in gratitude and affection this stone
Is reared by his children.
Mary Byrne Hall 01/02/1786 10/17/1818 32 First wife of Charles Hall II
Charles Hall III
02/25/1809 09/??/1815 6
Son of Charles  II & Mary Byrne
Aurelia Mary Hall Carpenter 01/02/1807 02/28/1899 92 Daughter Charles II & Mary Byrne
William Hall
??/??/1819 4 Son of Charles II & Mary Byrne
John Hall 04/22/1815 04/15/1869 54 Son of Charles II & Mary Byrne
For 30 years an esteemed member of the Mobile Bar.
Young Charles Hall I 10/09/1818 08/25/1893 75 Son of Charles II & Mary Byrne
Dearest Father thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that has bereft us
He can all our sorrows feel
Cornelia Earle Hall 10/21/1833 10/04/1890 63 Wife of Young Charles Hall I
Oscar J. Hall 01/04/1823
10/11/1837 14 Son of Charles II & Ann Byrne
Octavia Mary Hall Booth

01/12/1831 02/07/1860 29 Daughter Charles II & Ann Byrne
Farewell Octavia dear, farewell
Thou hast left me lonely in this world of pain
Oh may we meet in heavenly bliss to dwell
At God’s right hand no more to part again
Peaceful be thy silent slumber
Peaceful in the grave so low
Thou no more shall join our numbers
Thou no more our sorrows shall know
It is true, she has left us, her spirit has fled
Her body now slumbers alone with the dead
Her savior has called her, to him she has gone
Be ye also ready to follow her soon

Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil, for thou art with me
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Aurelia K.S. Carpenter ??/??/1855
??/??/1915 60 Spouse of Charles Hall Carpenter
Charles Hall Carpenter 09/01/1833 10/07/1915
77 Spouse of Aurelia K.S. Carpenter. Son of Aurelia Mary Hall Carpenter
 **Co. F, 15th Alabama Cavalry, C.S.A.
Mary F. Earle Hall 03/14/1839 05/27/1902 65 Spouse of Charles Henry Hall , son of Gerald Byrne Hall I
Octavia Mary Godbold Haynie 09/20/1853 12/22/1888 35 Daughter of Mary Ann Hall Godbold
James Lyman Hall 07/05/1852 06/19/1854 2
Son of Young Charles Hall I
Sallie Mills Hall 01/14/1856 12/14/1928 72 Daughter of Young Charles Hall I
Emanuel Hall (could be Manuel) 01/16/1858 01/26/1858 10 days old Son of Young Charles Hall I
Benjamin E. Hall 01/05/1862 08/28/1868 6
Son of Young Charles Hall I
John Hall 03/11/1871 08/11/1874 3
Son of Young Charles Hall I
William Chilton Hall 10/29/1874 08/24/1900 26 Son of Young Charles Hall I
In the strength of noble young manhood
And in the activities of a useful and generous life
We loved him here, and our love extends
To the immortal land where he waits our coming.
Marcy H. Carpenter 03/15/1873 07/05/1949 76 Son of Iretta Hall & Erasmus E. Carpenter
Julia S. Carpenter Kirvin 04/20/1883 06/10/1934 51 Daughter of Aurelia K S Carpenter and Charles Hall Carpenter
Florence Carpenter 07/??/1889 06/??/1917 30 Daughter of Aurelia K S Carpenter and Charles Hall Carpenter
Octavia Haynie Byrne Stapleton
(No Marker)
09/18/1877 01/09/1900 23 Daughter of Florence V. Godbold Byrne
(there is no tombstone, but Wilson Hall has her listed on Genealogy Tree as being buried here)
Earle Hall
10/11/1881 10/11/1881 Newborn Son of Young Charles Hall II
Cade M. Godbold 03/20/1809 10/16/1878 69 Spouse of Mary Ann Hall, daughter of Charles II & Mary Byrne
Born in Marion District 

Ira Swift Carpenter
08/05/1897 09/03/1940 43 Son of Marcy H. Carpenter
Mary Hersilia Carpenter

Daughter of Aurelia Mary Hall Carpenter
Samuel Alexander Carpenter

Spouse of Aurelia Mary Hall. He was born in North Carolina
John Hall Jr
(No Marker)
Son of John Hall

The following names cannot be identified as being part of the Hall Family but are buried in the Hall Family Graveyard at Carpenter’s Station:
Sarah Shannon A native of County Down, Ireland and wife of Captain Samuel Shannon
L. K. Mervin Husband of Ann Byrne Mervin Hall, second wife of Charles Hall II
Lebbius K. Mervin died at the age of 41.*
Thomas Mervin Son of Ann Byrne Mervin (Hall)  Thomas & Martin were twins and died as children.  Thomas died in 1815 at the age of 5.
Martin Mervin Son of Ann Byrne Mervin (Hall) Martin died in 1820 at he age of 10.
Martha June Carpenter
Born: 16 June 1922, Died: 17 November 2001
Pinar Carpenter "Pappy"
Born: 10 November 1923, Died: 10 August 2001
Annie Pearl Carpenter
Born: 07 January 1925, Died: 08 January 1925 -- Twin sister Anne Merle C. Kinsey

At the back left corner of the Hall Family Graveyard are buried the following people behind a chain link fence with the gate which opens into the field:
Albert Lee Cox Born: 30 January 1901, Died 11 December 1964, Veteran WWII Navy
Clara Middleton Cox Born: 13 January 1903, Died 10 May 1921
Baby Cox Died 27 March 1921


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