Lisa's Cemetery Site

Sand Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
   George County, Mississippi

 Traveling north on highway 63 from Lucedale, Mississippi, you will cross the new highway 98 by-pass which runs east and west, you will continue
north on highway 63 for 3 miles. There will be a road leaving the highway to the left, this is named Eubanks Quarters Road, take this exit and go .7 tenths of a mile.
Here you will see Sand Hill Cemetery road on your right, take this right turn and follow this road .3 tenths of a mile where it will then become a dirt  road and
continue off to your left, the blacktop road leads off to your right and  stops at the driveway of a private home.  Follow this dirt road another ½ mile and the
cemetery will be at the dead end of this road on your right.  The cemetery was well kept, and there are numerous unmarked graves.
The cemetery is owned and maintained by Sand Hill Church.
The cemetery was walked on April 14th, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell, who gathered all information from headstone inscriptions and
temporary grave markers.


McInnis, Sabra; b. 03-10-1926, d. 03-30-2002

McInnies, Ruffes;  b. 05-05-1882, d. 12-21-1955

McLeod, John R; b. 07-17-1863, d. 12-06-1939

McLeod, Matilda F; b. 11-28-1865, d. 06-10-1910

Butts, Calvin; b. 08-03-1919, d. 08-24-2005, PVT US Army WW-2

Butts, Julia (Mizell); b. 06-29-1888, d. 10-23-1964

Butts, Arthur; b. 01-06-1886, d. 01-07-1968

Hite, Woodson; b. 01-20-1911, d. 04-27-1980, US Army WW-2

Hite, Lucille (Butts); b. 11-17-1925, d. 11-05-1999

Brown, Mary Polly (Welford); b. ??-??-1831, d. ??-??-1902, wife of Geo. W. Brown

Welford, Roberson; b. unknown, d. unknown

Whiting, Harvey E (Sr.); b. 08-09-1924, d. 01-20-1986, MM1 US Navy WW-2

Martin, Richard I; b. 04-10-1996, d. 07-09-1996, "Love Daddy"

Martin, Anne M; b. 09-28-1993, d. 09-28-1993, "Love Daddy"

Welford, Abbie Gail; b. unknown, d. unknown

Welford, William Howard; b. unknown, d. unknown

Hilbun, Shawna M; b. 09-05-1966, d. 02-??-2004

Brown, Mary A; b. 05-08-1833, d. 08-08-1907, wife of George Brown

Sykes, Ellen Rae; b. 12-29-1940, d. 12-13-1999,  "Maw"

McLeod, Johnny Hubert; b. 06-28-1945, d. 08-07-2004

McLeod, Mosley; b. 03-19-1908, d. 11-03-1976, "Daddy"

McLeod, Verbarae; b. 05-05-1913, d. 09-29-1977, "Mama"

Hilbun, Kelly Vanesa; b. 12-19-1977, d. 04-10-1978

Robertson, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown

Robertson, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown

Hudson, William N; b. 06-23-1952, d. 11-26-2005

Hudson, Mae F. (McLeod); b. 03-23-1928, d. 06-04-2000

Hudson, Willis C; b. 08-02-1921, d. 09-26-1998, PVT. US Army WW-2

Turner, Huey Q; b. 12-08-1964, d. 04-28-1985, "Beloved Son"

Parker, Monroe; b. 09-11-1896, d. 09-28-1930

Herrington, baby; b. unknown, d. 05-22-1927

Herrington, Audrey; b. 01-14-1925, d. 04-01-1931

Smith, Phillip August; b. 10-07-1975, d. 05-08-1978, "Little August"

Head, Jeffery Lane; b. 07-16-1962, d. 07-15-1996

Bradley, Maggie M; b. 09-27-1971, d. 11-14-1994

Green, Johnnie Loretta; b. 03-07-1936, d. 01-18-1937

Brown, Napoleon; b. 08-06-1887, d. 03-13-1920

Brown, Mary; b. 03-28-1886, d. 10-05-1976, "Mother"

Brown, Stella O; b. 12-27-1908, d. 09-05-1998

Brown, Eret; b. 03-04-1851, d. 07-08-1909, wife of Eli Brown

Brown, Eli; b. 06-26-1855, d. 04-03-1938, husband of Erett Brown

Josey, Troy Lee; b. 11-27-1934, d. 10-02-1997

Josey, Massleat (Brown); b. 06-28-1901, d. 02-01-1985, "Mother"

Josey, Cleveland Burea; b. 10-08-1899, d. 09-19-1967, "Father"

Smith, G.A; b. 11-08-1896, d. 09-11-1960, US Navy

Mathis, James H; b. 07-05-1869, d. 04-26-1953

Mathis, Birdie T; b. 03-15-1873, d. 03-09-1918

Mizell, Waymond; b. 12-01-1918, d. 10-10-1962, PFC Co. "F" 394th Inf. WW-2 Purple Heart, Oak Leaf Cluster, B.S.M.

McLeod, Walter; b. unknown, d. unknown, son of Mr. & Mrs. N.C. McLeod

McLeod, Jane (Mizell); b. 05-24-1901, d. 03-12-1929

McLeod, Nevels C; b. 05-10-1891, d. 05-03-1961

McLeod, Bud; b. unknown, d. unknown, son of Mr. & Mrs. N.C. McLeod

McLeod, Sarah Jane; b. 01-04-1943, d. 08-28-1946

McLeod, Robert Carl; b. 03-15-1945, d. 06-21-1991, "Son"

Welford, Roy L; b. 12-15-1913, d. 06-01-1987

Welford, Hattie L; b. 08-27-1912, d. 12-02-2001

Welford, infant daughter; b. unknown, d. unknown, Roy L. Welford

Welford, infant son; b. unknown, d. unknown, Roy L. Welford

Josey, infant son; b. unknown, d. 10-20-1929, Mr. & Mrs. C.B. Josey

Brown, Paul B; b. 10-06-1917, d. 10-12-1919

Brown, Curtis; b. 08-23-1909, d. 02-14-1913

Brown, Pollie Mae; b. 02-17-1921, d. 05-04-1929

Brown, Inez W; b. 02-28-1879, d. 03-24-1965

Brown, George W; b. 10-14-1875, d. 05-30-1956

Brown, Evon Louis; b. 05-02-1913, d. 05-21-2004

Brown, Troy; b. 07-30-1909, d. 05-22-1917

Brown, Rushie; b. 01-08-1890, d. 12-05-1975

Brown, Henry; b. 07-24-1885, d. 11-15-1961

McLeod, Alice Odell; b. 02-12-1923, d. 07-01-2002

Mizell, Alfred Ray; b. 03-29-1941, d. 06-24-2006

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