Lisa's Cemetery Site

Rocky Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
County, Mississippi


Leaving Lucedale Mississippi on Highway 198 East toward Mobile, Alabama, you will travel approximately 4 miles. Here you will come to the intersection with Highway 98
by-pass and highway 198. You will go straight across the by-pass on the road that runs beside the Rocky Creek Inn. This is Rocky Creek Road and you now will go 1.7 miles
and the cemetery will be on your right. Cemetery upkeep is done by a private individual and his family (3 days of mowing and trimming). The cemetery is supported by
Creek Church
as well as other area churches and through donations. The cemetery was first measured off by Jimmy Trussell ( Macedonia Missionary  Baptist Church member)
and Marshall Stevens, then divided into 72 sections measuring approximately 60 feet by 60 feet square. The walk of the cemetery was started in early June 2007 by Jimmy Trussell
and Marshall Stevens. Jimmy was called away on a job and the walk was completed by Marshall Stevens, Tommy Howell, Randolph Eubanks, Bobby Hamilton, Caleb Barker
and Conner Davis. Rocky Creek Baptist Church is at present having section markers fabricated  to mark all sections . These will be placed in the cemetery at a later date to
provide an easier way to locate loved ones in the cemetery. I thought there would be around 1,400 headstones, but by my figures we ended up with information from 1,335 headstones
and temporary grave markers. The oldest marked grave in this cemetery is that of a Lewis Adams who passed away on November 3rd, 1860, however, there are numerous unmarked
graves in this cemetery that may have dated earlier.  There are two original  "lightered" grave markers left in the older part of the cemetery, Marshall Stevens told me he remembered
in years past when there were still quite a few of these markers in this cemetery. These should be preserved for future generations to see, or they will be like a lot of the unmarked
graves, something or someone forgotten. As of the time the cemetery was walked and recorded there were 103 marked Veteran’s graves in this cemetery, anyone who has
information on any veteran not marked as such, please, contact me. They need to be remembered for their service and dedication to our country.
This survey contains all listings for graves through August 8th, 2007, any newer burials will be added as information comes available to me (Jimmy Trussell).


Adams, Bertie E; b. 05-15-1894, d. 02-09-1929, section A-7

Adams, Beryl; b. 04-16-1925, d. 01-11-1968, section C-9

Adams, Carolyn; b. 02-12-1924, d. 05-08-1924, section B-7

Adams, Charles Augustus; b. 01-14-1856, d. 02-02-1929, section B-9

Adams, Charlotte (Cowart); b. 1827-1830, d. 1903-1904, section B-7, approximate dates

Adams, Eunice; b. 05-26-1911, d. 09-01-1917, section B-7,dau of M.A. & Bertie Adams

Adams, Florence; b. 02-??-1867, d. 09-??-1945, section B-7

Adams, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section A-7, Magnus & Bertie Adams

Adams, John Quincy; b. 12-01-1901, d. 10-12-1988, section B-7

Adams, L.H; b. 11-??-1860, d. 01-??-1944, section B-7

Adams, Laura Jean; b. 09-01-1915, d. 09-01-1942, section C-9

Adams, Lewis; b. 18-29-1830, d. 11-03-1860, section B-7, "Shug"

Adams, Lizzie Lee; b. 10-13-1896, d. 05-27-1926, section B-7, dau. of L.H. & F. Adams

Adams, Lula (Welford); b. 11-01-1894, d. 05-24-1989, section C-9

Adams, Magnus A; b. 04-05-1885, d. 12-11-1963, section A-7

Adams, Martha (Havard); b. 1805, d. 1842, section B-7

Adams, Mary (Havard); b. 09-08-1860, d. 09-12-1941, section B-9

Adams, Myrtle Lee G; b. 05-03-1911, d. 09-11-1936, section C-9

Adams, Sarah; b. 1857, d. 08-??-1859, section B-7, dau. of W. & L. Dismukes Adams

Adams, Thomas L; b. unknown, d. 10-06-1935, section C-9, Pvt , Texas Inf. National NG

Adams, Thurman Magnus; b. 06-01-1922, d. 12-11-2006, section C-9

Adams, Wyatt; b. 1800, d. 10-??-1959, section B-7

Allen, Lola W; b. 03-21-1900, d. 04-09-1959, section F-5

Amodeo, Gale (Patrick); b. 06-26-1956, d. 01-09-1976, section F-8

Amodeo, James C; b. 01-08-1926, d. 07-26-1975, section F-8

Amodeo, Robert; b. 10-14-1950, d. 01-16-1997, section G-6

Anderson, Robert Donald; b. 07-08-1929, d. 11-24-2004, section C-2

Anthony, Ernest H; b. 11-01-1908, d. 08-01-1977, section E-8

Arden, Dale K; b. 03-27-1914, d. 10-15-2001, section B-4, US Army WW-2

Arden, Nancy Elizabeth; b. 05-22-1928, d. 04-19-1954, section B-4, wife of D.K. Arden

Arrington, Mary W; b. unknown, d. 04-16-2008, 76 years old, w/o Homer Lee Arrington

Atwell, Walter Bennie; b. 02-02-1875, d. 10-08-1962, section E-6

Averett, John F; b. 10-25-1918, d. 10-13-1989, section A-1, SSGT. US Army WW-2

Averett, Johnnie Lloyd; b. 02-05-1898, d. 06-04-1977, section A-1,

Averett, Willie (McRae); b. 03-17-1897, d. 06-18-1977, section A-1

Averett, Mary Abbie; b. 10-04-1921, d. 03-18-1998, section A-1, wife of J.F. Averett

Baggett, Dan; b.09-05-1891, d.08-15-1970, section G-2, Pvt. Co."A" 17th MG BN WW-1

Baggett, Elizabeth; b. 1864, d. 1942, section B-9

Baggett, John; b. 1883, d. 1960, section B-9

Baggett, Lewis; b. 1854, d. 1928, section B-9

Bankston, Hillard B; b. 07-10-1904, d. 10-01-1987, section D-9

Bankston, Lillie V; b. 05-04-1905, d. 05-20-1998, section D-9

Bankston, Liza C; b. 12-30-1871, d. 05-08-1963, section E-9

Bankston, Spencer G; b. 01-26-1872, d. 08-04-1957, section E-9

Barrow, Emma Lee; b. 01-30-1918, d. 11-05-1918, section C-8, J.G. & F. Barrow

Barrow, Florence; b. 08-02-1887, d. 11-07-1954, section F-5

Barrow, John G; b. 10-05-1877, d. 10-07-1966, section F-5

Baxter, Sarah (Davis); b. 06-22-1903, d. 11-27-1985, section F-7

Beard, Alice (Mason); b. 07-14-1897, d. 11-22-1979, section E-4

Beard, Rufus Wirt; b. 10-27-1886, d. 10-21-1947, section E-4

Bedwell, Anna; b. 09-30-1885, d. 02-20-1970, section D-5

Bearry, Bettie E; b. 01-10-1884, d. 08-08-1961, section G-3

Bearry, George L; b. 05-18-1922, d. 01-15-1973, section G-3

Bearry, Neva Avis; b. 11-18-1921, d. 10-03-1981, section G-3

Bearry, William E; b. 01-30-1881, d. 03-23-1967, section G-3

Bearry, Max Littleton; b. 09-23-1950, d. 12-27-1979, section F-3

Black, George M; b. 1890, d. 1921, section C-6

Blake, Elizabeth Louise; b. 01-22-1928, d. 06-08-1994, section B-8

Blake, T.J; b. 03-16-1906, d. 07-04-1942, section B-8, "Jack"

Bond, Donald A; b. 05-01-1933, d. 1992, section D-9

Bond, Truly D (Brockway); b. 09-02-1936, d. 11-01-2000, section B-2

Bonner, Francis; b. 1931, d. 08-06-1946, section E-8

Boone, Fred H; b. 09-15-1905, d. 03-10-1964, section E-3

Booth, Essie M (Vise); b. 03-26-1900, d. 11-20-1988, section F-6

Booth, Georgie Earleen; b. 02-12-1928, d. 05-16-1933, section B-6

Booth, infant; b. 01-24-1921, d. 01-24-1921, section B-6, inf. dau. of S.D./Essie Booth

Booth, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-6, D.B. & Bettie Booth

Booth, Reverand D.B; b. 03-19-1836, d. 10-06-1906, section B-6, Co. "C" Prattville Drag. C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Booth, Stephen Douglas; b. 02-08-1895, d. 06-14-1961, section F-6

Botta, James Henry; b. 06-08-1936, d. 12-27-1999, section F-11

Botta, Ruth Marie; b. 03-05-1927, d. 04-15-1996, section F-11

Boulware, Earl J; b. 04-26-1923, d. 01-21-1989, section D-2

Boulware, Nell Jeannine; b. 04-18-1929, d. 04-23-1979, section D-9

Box, J.K; b. 05-16-1924, d. 05-06-1984, section D-10, "Demp"

Box, Ruth (Lyle): b. 09-18-1919, d. 04-29-1947, section D-10

Boykin, Alec  Carnell; b. 1921, d. 1943, section F-9

Brannan, Dennis M; b. 06-24-1938, d. 09-08-1938, section D-7

Brannan, Doris Allene; b. 04-23-1922, d. 11-15-1983, section F-7

Brannan, Edna E; b. 07-05-1895, d. 11-25-1988, section D-7

Brannan, H. Emory; b. 1917, d. 1941, section D-6

Brannan, Horace; b. 12-19-1881, d. 12-21-1971, section D-6

Brannan, infant; b. 07-08-1916, d. 08-10-1916, section B-7, son of Horace/Celeste Brannan

Brannan, Jerald M; b. 01-25-1952, d. 12-11-1994, section A-1

Brannan, Keith "Snooks" M; b. 05-12-1923, d. 02-21-1977, section A-1, S1 US Navy WW-2

Brannan, Keith; b. 04-20-1893, d. 04-08-1961, section D-7

Brannan, Larry K; b. 10-09-1943, d. 07-24-1979, section A-1

Brannan, Lonnie Allan; b. 11-20-1947, d. 04-08-1993, section A-1, Local 798

Brannan, Nancy A (Eubanks); b. 02-07-1906, d. 06-18-1979, section E-6

Brannan, Robert M; b. 04-10-1920, d. 05-01-1929, section D-7

Brannan, Ucal Mae; b. 01-19-1927, d. 06-22-1928, section D-7

Brannan, Verdia H; b. 10-21-1905, d. 03-31-1987, section E-6

Brannan, Wayne G; b. 05-30-1933, d. 08-08-1969, section D-7, MM3 US Naval Reserve

Brannan, Webster Ervin; b. 03-12-1925, d. 12-11-1983, section F-7

Breland, Eula Mae (Smith); b. 08-23-1913, d. 06-21-2003, section F-9

Brewer, Albert; 06-20-1932, d. 04-02-2002, section G-6

Brewer, Donald Wayne; b. 01-30-1953, d. 10-31-1992, section F-5

Brewer, Dorothy Mae; b. 06-17-1933, d. 11-08-1997, section A-3, MAMA, MAWMAW

Brewer, Earl H; b. 01-05-1976, d. 08-28-1999, section F-5, "Scooter"

Brewer, Fred; b. 04-07-1900, d. 12-23-1965, section F-6

Brewer, Hadley; b. 03-02-1913, d. 01-28-1990, section F-5

Brewer, Jerry W; b. 06-17-1970, d. 11-17-2005, section F-5

Brewer, Marie; b. 01-21-1921, d. 11-19-1993, section F-5

Brewer, Mazelda (Douglas); b. 11-01-1903, d. 08-03-1969, section F-6

Brockway, Annie W; b. 01-12-1907, d. 08-27-1969, section B-2, "Mother"

Brockway, Charles A; b. 02-09-1942, d. 07-25-2007, section A-2, "Buddy"

Brockway, Charlette Kaye; b. 08-23-1949, d. 12-11-2003, section B-2, "Mama"

Brockway, Jane C; b. 10-20-1935, d. 07-12-1987, section B-2

Brockway, Jewel Faye; b. 12-11-1947, d. 05-02-1991, section B-2

Brockway, Y.D; b. 09-24-1927, d. 07-11-1980, section B-2

Brooks, James Thomas; b. 04-21-1937, d. 05-23-2003, section A-3, "Beloved Brother"

Brown, Billy Ray; b. 06-18-1936, d. 08-13-1992, section F-1

Brown, C.M; b. 09-01-1922, d. 03-09-1992, section G-7, Pfc. US Army WW-2

Brown, Lee Roy; b. 10-12-1902, d. 01-04-1974, section F-2

Brown, Lonis A; b. 08-19-1923, d. 08-20-2004, section C-8

Brown, Marie B; b. 02-22-1923, d. 07-28-1988, section G-7

Brown, Myrtle H; b. 05-23-1909, d. 12-14-1978, section F-2

Brown, Roy Dewitt; b. 09-13-1933, d. 08-20-1976, section F-2

Brown, Ruby (Barton); b. 07-15-1940, d. 01-22-1999, section F-1

Brown, Sallie P; b. 01-14-1909, d. 04-09-1995, section F-1

Brown, William C; b. 08-14-1908, d. 01-27-1980, section F-1

Buckelew, Mary Helen; b. 01-19-1929, d. 04-01-1952, section F-4

Buckelew, Nora W; b. 12-14-1896, d. unknown, section F-4

Buckelew, William H; b. 08-22-1879, d. 01-15-1968, section F-4

Bullock, Albert; b. 01-22-1902, d. 02-25-1980, section A-8

Bullock, Sadie; b. 06-29-1902, d. 12-06-1953, section A-8

Bullock, Tom; b. 1869, d. 1943, section G-9

Busby, J. Winborn; b. 07-25-1915, d. 09-25-1979, section F-5

Busby, Lucile B; b. 11-22-1916, d. 08-17-2001, section F-5

Butler, Esther M; b. 01-12-1915, d. 06-19-1960, section F-9

Butler, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section F-9, inf. son of Mr/Mrs C.R. Butler

Buxton, Charles W; b. 02-27-1860, d. 09-19-1936, section E-9

Buxton, Eliza; b. 04-29-1867, d. 09-19-1949, section E-9

Byrd, Frances; b. unknown, d. unknown, section G-4, infant

Byrd, Ira E; b. 01-25-1925, d. 12-22-1973, section F-4, SC3 US Navy WW-2

Byrd, Jesse; b. 12-31-1894, d. 12-14-1953, section F-4

Byrd, Jessie; b. 12-19-1929, d. 02-27-2001, section G-4

Byrd, Julia F; b. 03-07-1899, d. 02-03-1986, section C-2

Byrd, Merle; b. unknown, d. unknown, section G-4, infant

Byrd, Jessie T (Reverand); b. 02-18-1889, d. 11-18-1971, section C-2

Byrd, William (Sr.); b. 05-22-1920, d. 01-19-1982, section G-4, US Army WW-2

Byrd, Willie (Sykes); b. 06-01-1899, d. 02-25-1998, section F-4   

Cale, Dorothy Belle; b. 08-23-1941, d. 11-07-1943, section D-8

Cale, Fannie Rae Belle (Davis); b. 11-17-1913,d. 07-07-1991, section D-8

Cale, Julia Ella; b. 01-11-1971, d. 03-28-1971, section B-1

Cale, Morris Glennon ; b. 01-28-1945, d. 10-05-1985, section B-1, "Glen"

Cale, Morris Miguel; b. 05-17-1908, d. 11-16-1982, section D-8

Cale, W.H; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-8

Cannon, Alice M; b. 12-23-1909, d. 01-10-2000, section C-1

Cannon, Calvin V; b. 1844, d. 1916, section C-5, Pvt. 4th Ala Reg. C.S.A.  CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Cannon, Dora V; b. 1885, d. 1961, section E-6

Cannon, Earl T; b. 9-9-1901, d. 07-28-1997, section C-1

Cannon, James A; b. 1879, d. 1937, section E-6

Cannon, John D; b. 04-30-1920, d. 02-26-1992, section E-3, Pfc. US Army WW-2

Cannon, John T; b. 09-13-1886, d. 03-02-1930, section D-3

Cannon, Kenneth A; b. 12-24-1893, d. 03-13-1942, section E-6

Cannon, Laura N; b. 01-31-1891, d. 11-20-1985, section D-3

Cannon, Mattie L; b. 06-15-1919, d. 03-09-2005, section E-3

Carlisle, Irving "Nub"; b. 10-17-1914, d. 12-24-1994, section B-1, Tec5 US Army WW-2

Carlisle, James E "Jimmy"; b. 01-04-1947,d. 01-17-1998, section B-1, Sgt. US Air Force Viet Nam

Carlisle, Ruby J; b. 09-05-1922, d. 07-25-1994, section B-1

Carrol, Dorothy M; b. 08-17-1955, d. 08-20-2002, section C-10

Caton, J.B; b. 07-03-1874, d. 10-28-1902, section C-7

Clark, Clifton LeRoy; b. 10-06-1911, d. 06-05-1974, section F-7

Clark, James Carroll; b. unknown, d. 06-24-2008, 60 years old, h/o Doris Clark

Clark, Sherrie (Thomas); b. 11-23-1935, d. 10-11-2005, section F-2

Clark, Velma Mae D; b. 08-11-1915, d. unknown, section F-7  

Claxton, George Elliott (Jr.); b. 09-16-1923, d. 11-15-1927, section A-8

Claxton, George Elliott; b. 01-17-1884, d. 08-20-1969, section A-8

Claxton, Mary (Shephard); b. 08-29-1885, d. 09-20-1945, section A-8

Cobb, Annie Kate; b. 09-03-1911, d. 05-03-2002, section D-2

Cobb, Henry H; b. 07-19-1907, d. 05-30-1993, section D-2

Cochran, Reatha M.H; b. 05-19-1906, d. 07-06-1993, section C-2

Cook, Wacile H; b. 08-10-1919, d. 08-21-1982, section F-11

Cook, Wallace A (Sr.); b. 01-14-1923, d. 10-12-2003, section F-11 Sgt. US Army WW-2

Cooley, Christine B; b. 04-13-1918, d. 01-2-2000, section D-10

Cooley, David E; b. 10-07-1926, d. 09-12-2005, section G-10

Cooley, Gregory Allen; b. 03-08-1961, d. 06-24-2001, section G-9

Cooley, J.P; b. 09-11-1922, d. 09-01-1981, section B-2, "Father"

Cooley, J.V; b. 06-??-1868, d. 07-??-1966, section E-8

Cooley, John; b. 05-13-1909, d. 01-31-1997, section E-8

Cooley, Lois K; b. 03-08-1910, d. 11-28-2001, section E-8

Cooley, Mary Ann; b. 09-14-1943, d. 05-25-2005, section E-8

Cooley, Michael Lavon; b. 09-11-1954, d. 01-25-1999, section B-2

Cooley, Sara Eugene; b. 11-??-1875, d. 06-??-1948, section E-8

Cooley, Wilton E; b. 08-20-1910, d. 12-03-1984, section D-11

Cooper, Ollis F; b. 04-13-1919, d. 09-26-1947, section D-6

Courtney, David Brewer; b. 04-21-1936, d. 07-08-2006, section A-6, 70 yrs. old

Courtney, John Henry; b. 03-03-1898, d. 11-11-1980, section C-4

Courtney, Lelia Katheryn (Brannan); b. 06-14-1925, d. 08-06-1992, section A-4

Courtney, Phillip Underwood; b. 09-08-1917, d. 12-11-1999, section A-4, "Cokey"

Courtney, Sabra Ella; b. 04-14-1904, d. 05-02-1964, section C-4

Cowart, Ezekiel; b. 1766, d. 1874, section B-7, Pvt. McGowan’s Co. Mississippi Militia (War of 1812)

Crenshaw, Joby L; b. 03-14-1975, d. 09-11-1995, section F-4

Crenshaw, Bernis; b. 04-02-1918, d. 03-12-1919, section C-6, Inf. Dau P & Ruth Crenshaw

Crenshaw, Charles P (Sr.); b. 05-25-1894, d. 11-07-1979, section E-4

Crenshaw, Deliah S; b. 03-11-1856, d. 04-18-1913, section C-6, wife of T.L. Crenshaw

Crenshaw, Johnie; b. 12-31-1896, d. 01-06-1897, section C-6, son of T.L. & D.S. Crenshaw

Crenshaw, Ruth Jane W; b. 11-24-1897, d. 05-05-1988, section E-4

Crenshaw, Thomas L; b. 09-07-1920, d. 04-09-1985, section E-4

Crenshaw, Thomas Levi; b. 01-10-1861, d. 02-13-1928, section D-6

Crenshaw, Verda L; b. 06-02-1920, d. 05-12-2003, section E-4

Crocker, Patricia (Welford); b. 06-14-1943, d. 07-04-2002, section E-5

Crosby, Floyd Ephraim; b. 08-07-1908, d. 11-14-1988, section F-1

Daffin, Arlen (Rester); b. 08-29-1872, d. 09-29-1962, section E-5

Daffin, J.W; b. 1869, d. 1936, section E-5

Daughdrill, Jimmy H; b. 06-29-1934, d. 02-23-1984, section D-11

Daughdrill, Jimmy Heldred; b. 06-29-1934, d. 02-23-1984, section D-10

Davis Luther James; b. 06-11-1886, d. 12-16-1964, section B-5, "Father"

Davis, Alfred C; b. 06-23-1883, d. 01-17-1938, section C-6

Davis, Alvin M; b. 03-26-1919, d. 03-22-1974, section F-7, Pvt. US Army

Davis, Bernie H; b. 08-07-1916, d. 05-01-1936, section B-8 Pvt.1cl 3rd  Field Arty. WW-1

Davis, Cornelious E; b. 10-13-1857, d. 01-07-1930, section B-5 "Father"

Davis, Cynthia Marie; b. 08-08-1957, d. 06-15-1972, section F-1

Davis, Edna E (Strahan); b. 12-09-1935, d. 05-18-1967, section F-7

Davis, Elmyra; b. 05-21-1854, d. 06-15-1906, section C-6, wife of Sam B. Davis

Davis, Estelle; b. 03-20-1930, d. 03-22-1930, section C-5, dau of S.C. & D.V. Davis

Davis, Eunice; b. 12-29-1908, d. 07-10-1999, section B-8

Davis, Flyd J; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-6, slab is deteriorated

Davis, Fred C; b. 11-25-1891, d. 04-02-1956, section C-5

Davis, Fred Colon; b. 04-30-1926, d. 04-03-1982, section B-4, Cpl. US Army WW-2

Davis, George L; b. 02-11-1918, d. 03-04-1987, section B-4

Davis, George L; b. 12-21-1883, d. 04-19-1910, section C-5

Davis, George; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-6, slab is deteriorated

Davis, Gladys (Havard); b. 07-16-1919, d. 07-02-1989, section C-7

Davis, Gladys; b. 03-07-1909, d. 03-18-1909, section C-6, P.M. & Mary Davis

Davis, Guy E (Jr.); b. 01-07-1951, d. 08-18-1990, section F-1

Davis, Guy E; b. 01-25-1931, d. 06-16-2000, section F-1

Davis, Hamilton Hilery; b. 05-05-1906, d. 12-01-1989, section C-7

Davis, Hardy W; b. 10-11-1888, d. 03-27-1981, section C-4

Davis, Hazel (Avery); b. 06-29-1901, d. 10-23-1972, section F-7

Davis, infant; b. 08-28-1923, d. 08-29-1923,section C-5, dau. of Fred & Rachel Davis

Davis, James M; b. 07-21-1921, d. 07-19-1984, section C-1, Cpl. US Army , WW-2 Army Air Force

Davis, James Wirt; b. 10-26-1926, d. 04-21-1933, section B-5

Davis, Jannie (Pipkins); b. 1875, d. 11-26-1919, section D-5

Davis, John Douglas; b. 08-21-1923, d. 09-02-1976, section B-4, Pfc. US Army WW-2

Davis, Joyce E; b. 10-24-1941, d. 07-09-1995, section F-2

Davis, Julin Elizabeth (Mason); b. 01-19-1886, d. 07-16-1962, section F-7

Davis, Lela M; b. 03-31-1905, d. 05-06-1973, section C-4

Davis, Lois (O’Neal); b. 02-18-1927, d. 01-05-2001, section B-4, "Mother"

Davis, Lois Rena; b. 04-23-1954, d. 12-19-2006, section G-7

Davis, Lottie (Mills); b. 09-25-1889, d. 10-16-1979, section B-5, "Mother"

Davis, Luther Wilburn; b. 05-12-1924, d. 05-13-2007, section B-5

Davis, Malley C; b. 07-02-1882, d. 07-22-1945, section C-8

Davis, Mamie; b. 1882, d. 1930, section C-8

Davis, Margaret Irene; b. 03-30-1912, d. 11-01-1912, section C-6

Davis, Martha M; b. 03-23-1885, d. 02-03-1929, section B-8

Davis, Mary Adalaide; b. 07-15-1910, d. 02-14-1911, section C-6, P.M. & M. Davis

Davis, Mary; b. 02-22-1878, d. 02-17-1956, section C-6

Davis, Nancy T; b. 12-07-1857, d. 04-29-1931, section B-5

Davis, P.M; b. 04-13-1878, d. 09-09-1920, section C-6

Davis, Perry Quinton; b. 11-18-1918, d. 04-07-1988, section F-7

Davis, Quitman Allen; b. 03-16-1901, d. 02-06-1960, section F-7

Davis, Rachel Alma T; b. 06-10-1897, d. 03-23-1989, section C-5

Davis, Reverand James A; b. 03-05-1878, d. 08-25-1964, section B-8

Davis, Robert Hilary; b. 09-01-1927, d. 12-04-1992, section F-8, US Army, A1C US Air Force, Korea

Davis, Ronald Rudolph; b. 06-03-1929, d. 01-31-1971, section F-7

Davis, Rupert E; b. 07-25-1906, d. 02-05-1994, section F-2, Pvt. US Army, WW-2

Davis, Sam B; b. 1833, d. 10-13-1884, section C-6

Davis, Tom White; b. 03-06-1899, d. 01-18-1908, section C-5

Davis, W. Garnice; b. 02-28-1912, d. 09-10-2003, section F-2

Davis, Willene; b. 06-26-1932, d. 03-14-1937, section A-8

Davis, William Russell “Reverand”; b. 12-09-1932, d. 09-26-2008, section F-2, 75 years old, h/o Shirley (Christian) Davis, US Army Veteran

Day, Bernie W; b. 09-02-1902, d. 10-24-1986, section C-3

Day, Carl Columbus; b.03-02-1896, d.01-25-1964, section D-7, Pfc.167th Inf. Rainbow Div

Day, Ethyle (Clark)(Rutherford); b. 04-24-1895, d. 04-01-1976, section D-7

Day, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-7, Mr. & Mrs. B.W. Day

Day, Laurine B; b. 03-17-1910, d. 08-01-1970, section C-3

Day, Margaret (Erkhart); b. 04-02-1931 d. 07-09-1995, section D-7

Day, William H; b. 07-28-1974, d. 10-20-1974, section C-7

Dement, Anny Marie; b. 12-06-1915, d. 06-02-2007, section D-5

Dement, Ollie R; b. 11-15-1921, d. 10-24-1991, section D-5

Dickerson, Alace Hazel; b. 11-22-1915, d. 03-04-2004, section G-7

Dickerson, Annie Elizabeth; b. 08-07-1905, d. 03-10-1920, section C-5

Dickerson, Austin Ford; b. 01-23-1924, d. 06-12-2004, section E-10

Dickerson, Collie E; b. 07-21-1980, d. 07-29-1938, section D-6

Dickerson, Ettie; b. 08-12-1903, d. 02-27-1914, section C-5

Dickerson, Harold Joseph; b. 04-23-1910, d. 12-23-1974, section D-6

Dickerson, Joseph H; b. 11-05-1887, d. 01-04-1964, section C-5

Dickerson, Kate E; b. 09-27-1887, d. 10-26-1983, section E-7

Dickerson, Littleton Havard; b. 11-19-1959, d. 11-19-1959, section G-7, infant

Dickerson, L.Q.C. Lamar; b. 06-18-1907, d. 01-20-1982, section G-7

Dickerson, Melton; b. 07-09-1907, d. 03-24-1918, section C-5

Dickerson, Mildred (Howell); b. 06-01-1916, d. 02-06-2003, section D-6

Dickerson, Rosalind B; b. 11-30-1927, d. 09-23-2000, section F-7

Dickerson, Thomas Edwin (Jr.); b. 02-07-1912, d. 01-08-1982, section E-7

Dickerson, Thomas Harold (Sr.); b. 06-11-1934, d. 1-24-2007, section B-3

Dickerson, Tom E; b. 08-25-1880, d. 10-08-1955, section E-7

Dickerson, William d; b. 05-11-1916, d. 03-26-2008, section F-7

Dickerson, William M; b. 01-17-1875, d. 07-15-1941, section D-6

Dickerson,. Mary (Box); b. 05-08-1881, d. 10-19-1962, section C-5

Dickerson, William D; b. 05-11-1916, d. unknown, section F-7

Dickson, Mary E; b. 11-15-1922, d. 04-22-1974, section D-7

Dixon, Emelie Jeane S; b. 04-29-1939, d.10-24-2001, section A-2, wife of J. "Joe" Dixon

Dixon, Rebecca Suzanne; b. 04-12-1965, d. 04-13-1965, section F-3

Downs, Elizabeth  Ann; b. 04-25-1959, d. 04-18-1978, section G-7

Draughn, Frances (Eubanks); b. 1897, d. 1982, section F-5

Draughn, Mellie (Eubanks); b. 11-21-1897, d. 06-18-1928, section B-6, wife of Walter I. Draughn

Draughn, Walter I; b. 1885, d. 1964, section F-5

Driakard, Lamar G; (Jr.); b. 08-16-1955, d. 11-05-2004, section B-9

Duncan, Frances J; b. 04-17-1865, d. 02-14-1941, section E-5

Duncan, George L; b. 10-10-1858, d. 02-06-1944, section E-5

Dungan, Annie M; b. 07-17-1912, d. unknown, section F-9

Dungan, Claude G; b. 01-20-1902, d. 11-30-1987, section C-2

Dungan, Connie L; b. 10-07-1909, d. 11-21-1989, section G-7

Dungan, Edna C; b. 09-01-1912, d. 02-12-1998, section G-7

Dungan, Fred E; b. 1891, d. 1982, section D-5

Dungan, Haywood; b. 10-27-1887, d. 03-21-1934, section D-5

Dungan, Hosea E; b. 11-14-1889, d. 11-23-1979, section F-9

Dungan, infant; b.07-28-1950, d.07-28-1950,section E-8, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. WG. Dungan

Dungan, John T; b. 10-08-1934, d. 04-08-1996, section F-9

Dungan, Kate A; b. 10-10-1904, d. 12-22-1996, section A-7, "Mama"

Dungan, Laly C; b. 1914, d. 1978, section G-7

Dungan, Lana Marlene; b. 03-07-1966, d. 07-08-1984, section A-3

Dungan, Myrtle A; b. 03-15-1910, d. 09-10-1995, section C-2

Dungan, Oscar E; b. 10-25-1900, d. 01-20-1989, section A-7, "Daddy"

Dungan, Pearl H; b. 1898, d. 1974, section D-5

Dungan, Pearlie M; b. 05-01-1890, d. 02-10-1977, section E-8

Dungan, Robert C; b. 08-22-1887, d. 05-16-1974, section E-8

Dungan, Ronnie D; b. 04-25-1947, d. 05-08-2001, section C-2

Dungan, Verna Gay; b. 08-12-1925, d. 07-07-1926, section D-5

Dungan, Virginia M; b. 07-30-1923, d. 06-23-1978, section F-8

Dungan, W. D; b. 04-04-1914, d. 10-24-1987, section F-8

Dunnam, Barnabas; b. 09-16-1916, d. 01-19-1997, section C-10, US Army

Dunnam, Deborah Ann; b. 01-14-1957, d. 01-14-1957, section F-8

Dye, Carl Dan; b. 07-14-1903, d. 08-10-1988, section C-9

Dye, Emeline; b. 09-07-1887, d. 02-20-1957, section C-9

Dye, Idella; b. 03-21-1893, d. 12-28-1968, section C-9

Dye, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section E-7, baby boy

Dye, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section E-7, baby girl

Dye, John D; b. 11-22-1914, d. 08-03-1960, section C-9

Dye, Lester H; b. 02-22-1923, d. 09-21-1975, section E-7

Dye, Mary L. (Anderson); b. 11-25-1924, d. 05-22-1983, section E-11

Dye, Nina L; b. 03-22-1906, d. 08-16-1958, section C-9

Dye, Noah; b. 07-29-1879, d. 07-29-1938, section C-9

Dye, Robert Ford; b. 03-24-1924, d. 05-22-1983, section E-11

Dye, S. Mae; b. 10-06-1918, d. 04-25-1969, section C-9

Easterling, Linda Kaye; b. 06-16-1949, d. 07-28-1995, section C-3

Eckhoff, Elvin Alin; b. 04-06-1911, d. 05-28-1976, section D-9

Eckhoff, Estell D; b. 06-06-1916, d. 01-20-2000, section D-9

Edwards, Pauline (Claxton); b. 07-07-1920, d. 05-16-2006, section B-9

Ellis, Renee Eley; b. 06-08-1959, d. 02-14-2003, section E-1

Erkhart, Betty Jean (Reed); b. 03-25-1937, d. 08-08-2006, section F-7

Erkhart, Coyt Thomas; b. 10-26-1936, d. 05-13-1984, section F-7

Erkhart, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section F-7

Eubanks, Alcie (Henderson); b. 12-26-1914, d. 10-12-2004, section B-3

Eubanks, Alfred Franklin; b. 01-13-1877, d. 09-27-1946, section C-6

Eubanks, Alfred Thomas; b. 04-11-1871, d. 09-28-1931, section D-6

Eubanks, Alley E; b. 08-17-1808, d. 06-??-1863, section B-7

Eubanks, Alley E; b. 1878, d. 1886, section B-6

Eubanks, Alley; b. 01-14-1888, d. 01-01-1889, section C-6, inf. dau. of David Clay/ Winnie Abigail (Brown) Eubanks

Eubanks, Allie T; b. 1899, d. 1990, section D-7

Eubanks, Almedia B; b. 01-07-1881, d. 04-13-1881section B-6

Eubanks, Alton M; b. 11-07-1906, d. 06-19-1972, section C-6

Eubanks, Alvin L; b. 08-15-1906, d. 09-15-1975, section E-4, Cpl. US Army WW-2

Eubanks, Amos P; b. 09-05-1884, d. 02-19-1961, section F-5

Eubanks, Anna; b. 10-04-1899, d. 11-03-1899, section C-6, inf. dau. David Clay/ Winnie Abigail (Brown) Eubanks

Eubanks, Annie M; b. 11-30-1910, d. 04-21-1991, section D-5

Eubanks, Arthur F; b. 12-08-1934, d. 01-07-1985, section G-5

Eubanks, Audra R; b. 1908, d. 2003, section A-6

Eubanks, Austin Bonas; b. 03-25-1879, d. 10-25-1955, section B-6

Eubanks, Barbara Eaine; b. 03-24-1937, d. 03-27-1937,section C-6 inf. dau of Paul & Vivian Eubanks

Eubanks, Birdie (Keahey); b. 01-08-1876, d. 09-15-1952, section C-6

Eubanks, Bryan Shain; b. 11-17-1964, d. 09-30-1990, section F-3

Eubanks, Byron W; b. 09-06-1916, d. 02-01-1990, section D-5

Eubanks, C. Edward; b. 10-31-1923, d. 12-14-1935, section B-6

Eubanks, C. Posey; b. 1868, d. 1931, section D-6

Eubanks, Calvin L; b. 1872, d. 1915, section C-5

Eubanks, Cecile (Ball); b. 12-03-1914, d. 01-04-1971, section E-7

Eubanks, Celeste (Moffett); b. 10-24-1882, d. 07-15-1965, section D-6

Eubanks, Charles H; b. 04-04-1868, d. 01-20-1891, section C-6

Eubanks, Charles L; b. 01-02-1868, d. 11-23-1940, section E-7

Eubanks, Charles Lyman; b. 10-08-1886, d. 04-12-1964, section D-7, Pfc. Base Hosp. 216

Eubanks, Charles P; b. 07-29-1835, d. 02-26-1907, section C-5, Pvt. Co. "C" 2nd Batt Ala Lt. Arty. C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Eubanks, Charles; b. 08-??-1802, d. 02-14-1884, section B-6, C.S.A.  CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Eubanks, Clara Bell (Havard); b. 05-27-1914, d. 07-14-1985, section E-7

Eubanks, Claud; b. 08-01-1903, d. 08-09-1907,section C-6 son of P.A. & R Eubanks

Eubanks, Clayton Wesley; b. 04-24-1940, d. 11-26-1952, section E-7

Eubanks, Clemer Lamar; b. 01-16-1908, d. 02-24-1977, section D-6

Eubanks, Clotila Josephine; b. 05-14-1845, d. 03-13-1887, section B-6, wife of W.F. Eubanks

Eubanks, Clyde Ward; b. 05-11-1934, d. 06-04-2000, section E-10

Eubanks, Clyde; b. 03-07-1905, d. 10-10-1923, section C-6, inf son of A & Birdie Eubanks

Eubanks, Coren; b. 01-04-1907, d. 07-12-1907, section B-6, dau of C.L/M.E. Eubanks

Eubanks, Curtis E; b. 09-28-1908,d. 07-06-1987, section D-9

Eubanks, D.C; b. 10-01-1928, d. 05-28-1950, section C-7

Eubanks, Dan A; b. 1-23-1902, d. 04-26-1960, section D-7

Eubanks, Dan W; b. 1902, d. 1992, section D-7

Eubanks, Daniel Clayton; b. 04-01-1913, d. 02-02-1979, section E-7

Eubanks, David Berry; b. 05-01-1889, d. 12-03-1952, section C-4

Eubanks, David Clay; b. 1852, d. 1935, section D-7

Eubanks, David Ray; b. 08-15-1914, d. 10-27-1915, section C-6, son of H.N. & M.E. Eubanks

Eubanks, David; b. 11-01-1922, d. 10-01-1923, section C-7

Eubanks, Docia A; b. 04-07-1883, d. 09-18-1885, section B-7

Eubanks, Dola May; b. 09-12-1907, d. 11-14-1909, section C-6, W.H. & M. Eubanks

Eubanks, Donald Ray; b. 05-27-1946, d. 03-24-1947, section E-7

Eubanks, Edward; b. unknown, d. 07-22-1936,section C-6

Eubanks, Eliza (Byrd); b. 02-06-1908, d. 12-28-1997, section E-6

Eubanks, Ernestine (Cooley); b. 08-29-1907, d. 10-29-2000, section D-6

Eubanks, Evie Elizabeth; b. 12-21-1910, d. 09-01-1984, section D-6

Eubanks, Evie; b. 08-19-1916, d. 06-12-1990, section D-5

Eubanks, Forrest A; b. 06-18-1918, . 03-23-1977, section D-6

Eubanks, Gene Gray; b. 08-15-1951, d. 12-03-1968, section E-2

Eubanks, Geo. A; b. 02-25-1874, d. 12-13-1874, section B-7

Eubanks, George Oscar; b. 01-24-1908, d. 01-14-1924,section C-4

Eubanks, George P; b. 02-15-1915, d. 03-06-1963, section C-3

Eubanks, George Y; b. 10-14-1882, d. 06-03-1890, section B-6

Eubanks, Gertrude N; b. 12-21-1914, d. 01-30-2000, section C-3

Eubanks, Gertrude W; b. 05-18-1888, d. 10-06-1961, section D-7

Eubanks, Guy Edward; b. 01-01-1918, d. 08-15-2002, section E-10, Pfc US Army WW-2

Eubanks, Hardy N (Sr.); b. 04-19-1888, d. 07-24-1957, section C-4

Eubanks, Harry B; b. 12-04-1885, d. 08-10-1957, section E-7

Eubanks, Helen E; b. 10-24-1918, d. 01-01-2003, section C-3

Eubanks, Ima (Day); b. 03-21-1891, d. 02-06-1961, section F-5

Eubanks, infant; b. 04-18-1925, d. 06-03-1925, section B-6, inf. son of Mark/Mabra

Eubanks, infant; b. 08-16-1900, d. 06-29-1901, section C-6, inf dau W.H. & L. Eubanks

Eubanks, infant; b. 10-04-1942, d. 10-04-1942, section D4

Eubanks, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-6, C.P. & J.M. Eubanks

Eubanks, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-7, J.M. & Georgia Eubanks

Eubanks, infant; b.unknown, d.unknown, section F-5, inf. dau. of Mr./ Mrs. Houston Eubanks

Eubanks, Irene Hazel (Hanvey); b. 02-14-1922, d. 07-23-2007, section C-3

Eubanks, Irving W; b. 05-01-1910, d. 06-24-1910, section C-6

Eubanks, James Littleton; b. 05-10-1911, d. 12-22-1981, section B-3

Eubanks, James Madison; b. 03-22-1841, d. (1850-1860), section B-7

Eubanks, James Posey; b. 12-23-1935, d. 02-20-1936, section D-6

Eubanks, James S; b. 03-31-1888, d. 05-??-1890, section C-6

Eubanks, James Travis; b. 12-23-1917, d. 01-25-1994, section D-7, GM2 US Navy

Eubanks, Jane (Woodard); b. 09-24-1876, d. 07-14-1948, section B-6

Eubanks, Jesse W; b. 05-15-1913, d. 02-15-1995, section C-3, "Gramps"

Eubanks, Jessica; b. 01-23-1989, d. 01-23-1989, section A-5, "In Loving Memory"

Eubanks, Jessie M; b. 01-01-1922, d. 06-29-1989, section D-2

Eubanks, Jim C; b. 1891, d. 1958, section D-7

Eubanks, John Francis Marion; b. 07-12-1838, d. 05-30-1892, section B-6 C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Eubanks, John Franklin; b. 09-24-1897, d. 10-24-1983, section F-5

Eubanks, John Malcolm; b. 04-11-1926, d. 01-24-1964, section D-8

Eubanks, John Marcus; b. 09-30-1893, d. 10-29-1976, section E-1

Eubanks, John Marvin; b. 02-21-1915, d. 11-27-1943, section C-6, Tec5 US Army

Eubanks, John R; b. 02-14-1894, d. 08-27-1900, section C-6

Eubanks, John W; b. 04-16-1883, d. 10-03-1953, section D-7

Eubanks, John W; b. 11-30-1940, d. 09-29-1994, section D-9

Eubanks, Joseph Burnis (Sr.); b. 10-10-1924, d. 06-05-1986, section D-8, Tec4 US Army

Eubanks, Joyce Leevon (Odom); b. 06-06-1944, d. 04-15-1987, section A-6

Eubanks, Julia C; b. 01-02-1849, d. 09-05-1901, section B-6, wife of T.J. Eubanks

Eubanks, Julia M; b. 1875, d. 1935, section D-6

Eubanks, Julia May; b. 05-05-1936, d. 12-03-1946, section B-6

Eubanks, Katherine; b. 10-20-1919, d. 05-06-1921, section –7

Eubanks, Kristofer Lee; b. 07-23-1987, d. 11-19-2006, section E-10

Eubanks, Laura O; b. 06-30-1893, d. 08-15-1936, section E-7

Eubanks, Lemuel E; b. 06-15-1870, d. 04-15-1889, section C-6

Eubanks, Leon Hobson; b.06-12-1913, d.04-01-1987, section F-5, PHM1 US Navy, WW-2

Eubanks, Lillie Vermell; b. 01-02-1888, d. 08-13-1921, section C-4

Eubanks, Littleton (Havard); b. 02-10-1903, d. 12-27-1980, section F-3

Eubanks, Littleton Havard; b. 12-22-1839, d. 12-08-1901, section B-6, Pvt. Co. "E" 36th Ala. Inf. (Prisoner of War) C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Eubanks, Lloyd M; b. 08-19-1911, d. 02-12-1985, section G-5

Eubanks, Lois; b. 12-13-1904, d. 05-22-1928, section D-6

Eubanks, Lola (Mason); b. 02-24-1913, d. 04-05-2007, section G-5

Eubanks, Louie Littleton; b. 10-06-1890, d. 11-12-1890, section C-7, inf. son of David Clay/ Winnie Abigail (Brown) Eubanks

Eubanks, Lowell S; b. 05-21-1913, d. 05-30-1925, section D-4

Eubanks, Lula Mae; b. 09-01-1885, d. 11-24-1970, section C-4

Eubanks, Luther; b. 11-18-1893, d. 10-08-1898, section B-6, son of C.L/M.E. Eubanks

Eubanks, Mabra M; b. 11-12-1901, d. 09-30-1936, section B-6, wife of Mark Eubanks

Eubanks, Margaret (McLendon); b. 03-05-1877, d. 05-08-1962, section F-5

Eubanks, Mark; b. 06-30-1895, d. 03-14-1973, section B-5, Pvt. US Army WW-1

Eubanks, Mary E; b. 10-03-1931, d. 10-04-1931, section D-7

Eubanks, Mary Edith; b. 07-28-1890, d. 09-24-1964, section C-4

Eubanks, Mary Ellen; b. 06-23-1942, d. 06-24-1942, section D-6

Eubanks, Mary Lee (Brannan); b. 07-15-1913, section D-6

Eubanks, Mary Rose; b. 03-30-1926, d. 04-30-1927, section C-6

Eubanks, Mary; b. 05-02-1848, d. 11-03-1909, section C-5

Eubanks, Mary; b. 1917, d. 1979, section D-7

Eubanks, Mary Vivian (Bennett); b. unknown, d. 09-10-2008, 62 years old, w/o David Eugene Eubanks

Eubanks, Matilda E; b. 10-09-1874, d. 01-10-1941, section E-7

Eubanks, Michael James; b. 01-20-1953, d. 01-19-1976, section E-7

Eubanks, Minnie Estelle (Miller); b. 07-09-1900, d. 12-20-1998, section F-5

Eubanks, Mrs. Dan L; b. 05-28-1874, d. 07-31-1942, section D-6

Eubanks, Murdock M; b. 01-03-1873, d. 01-06-1938, section C-4, "Mutt"

Eubanks, Myrna Lee; b. 1905, d. 1973, section E-7

Eubanks, Nadine (Hillman); b. 11-16-1923, d. 12-31-1979, section F-5

Eubanks, Noel Randolph; b. 01-13-1910, d. 09-27-1987, section D-6

Eubanks, P. Melvin; b. 01-21-1922, d. 07-30-1970, section C-4

Eubanks, Pat H; b. 10-13-1910, d. 06-15-1972, section C-3

Eubanks, Paul Denson (Sr.); b. 03-07-1905, d. 06-12-1993, section B-5

Eubanks, Virginia (Woodard); b. 06-16-1917, d. 06-26-2007, section B-5

Eubanks, Paul Denson III; b. 04-27-1968, d. 08-23-1985, section B-5, "Bush"

Eubanks, Pernelia Ardell; b. 05-08-1875, d. 03-10-1911, section B-6

Eubanks, R.S; b. 09-17-1890, d. 02-08-1912, section C-6

Eubanks, Rebeca A; b. 1881, d. 1918, section C-5

Eubanks, Reuben Clifton; b. 01-27-1913, d. 09-07-2006, section C-3

Eubanks, Reverand Floyd Jefferson; b. 05-31-1903, d. 01-22-1966, section D-6

Eubanks, Robert Stone; b. 09-08-1930, d. 05-21-1933, section C-6

Eubanks, Ruben; b. 08-07-1932, d. 06-27-1980, section F-3

Eubanks, Sabra; b. 12-14-1879, d. 01-22-1944, section D-6

Eubanks, Sam T; b. 1905, d. 1944, section E-7

Eubanks, Sarah A; b. 02-05-1846, d. 05-05-1910, section C-6, wife of L.H. Eubanks

Eubanks, Sarah Frances (Crenshaw); b. 12-02-1851, d.08-17-1892, section B-6

Eubanks, Shelton; b. 02-02-1903, d. 04-27-1988, section F-3

Eubanks, Stella (Allen); b. 03-01-1892, d. 12-12-1962, section E-7

Eubanks, Stephen P; b. 05-09-1842, d. 10-23-1923, section C-5, Pvt. Co. "E" 2nd Bn. Ala Lt. Arty. C.S.A. (Prisoner of war) CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Eubanks, Taina Lynn; b. 01-23-1969, d. 01-25-1984, section E-10

Eubanks, Tanner Lee; b. 06-11-1986, d. 06-11-1986, section B-6,  inf. son Bruce/Dawn Eubanks

Eubanks, Thelma E. W; b. 1904, d. 1938, section D-7

Eubanks, Thomas J; b. 11-16-1836, d. 01-11-1907, section B-6, C.S.A.  CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Eubanks, Vaughn; b. 08-14-1936, d. 12-26-1938, section D-7

Eubanks, Virgie M; b. 04-20-1905, d. 04-03-1993, section F-3

Eubanks, Walter D; b. 02-04-1891, d. 05-09-1906,section C-6 H.M. & S.E. Eubanks

Eubanks, William F; b. 07-10-1832, d. 05-25-1915, section B-6, Co. "M" Adams Regt. Miss. Cav. C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Eubanks, William Henry; b. 07-22-1870, d. 08-03-1951, section E-5

Eubanks, William O; b. 03-10-1872, d. 03-01-1916, section B-6

Eubanks, William R; b. 04-09-1907, d. 02-09-1986, section D-2

Eubanks, William; b. 08-10-19??, .d. unknown, section C-6

Eubanks, Willie G; b. 1919, d. 1943, section D-7

Eubanks, Wilton A; b. 06-19-1890, d. 09-01-1901, section B-6, son of T.J. Eubanks

Eubanks, Wilton W; b. 1907, d. 2003, section A-6

Eubanks, Winnie Abigail (Brannan), b.1865 d. 1931, section D-7

Eubanks, Woodrow W (Sr.); b. 11-15-1913, d. 04-28-1989, section E-5

Eubanks, Woodrow Wilson (Jr.); b. 05-25-1941, d. 11-30-1995, section F-5, "Chubby"

Evans, Clayton (Sr.); b. 05-01-1907, d. 01-05-1960, section F-8

Evans, Ethel LaVerge; b. 03-09-1914, d. 06-04-1985, section E-9

Evans, Florence Mae; b. 05-10-1903, d. 12-25-1997, section F-11

Evans, Frankie; b. 12-27-1939, d. 12-16-1986, section E-9

Evans, Gerald D; b. 10-01-1937, d. 12-04-2000, section D-9

Evans, Geraldine; b. 06-02-1928, d. 04-24-1930, section D-4

Evans, Maude P; b. 09-25-1902, d. 02-13-1962, section D-4

Evans, Merle J; b. 12-25-1935, d. 01-16-1997, section E-9

Evans, Thomas P; b. 06-20-1897, d. 09-08-1968, section D-4

Evans, Thomasine W; b. 10-19-1920, d. 09-25-1985, section F-11

Evans, Vallye M; b. 02-29-1904, d. 05-21-1957, section F-8

Evans, Warren Dewitt; b. 12-21-1908, d. 07-24-1974, section E-9

Evans, Willie F (Jr.); b. 05-24-1950, d. 08-01-2003, section F-11, SP5 US Army

Evans, Willie F (Sr.); b. 07-05-1911, d. 04-24-1985, section F-11, Cpl. US Army

Ezell, Floyd O; b. 10-02-1910, d. 02-14-1997, section B-3

Ezell, Vesta C; b. 08-01-1912, d. 09-04-1999, section B-3

Ezell, Floyd O; b. 07-17-1938, d. 10-04-2007, section D-2

Fendley, Clara Mae; b. 01-28-1883, d. 01-07-1934, section D-9

Fendley, Coma; b. 07-09-1909, d. 08-14-1977, section D-9, Pfc US Army

Ferguson, Audrey L; b. 04-15-1921, d. 11-17-1953, section F-5

Ferguson, Howard B (Sr.); b. 06-18-1919, d. 12-05-1990, section D-10

Ferguson, John C; b. 1920, d. 1956, section E-5, US Army WW-2

Finch, Anna R. (Havard); b. 11-22-1877, d. 04-12-1966, section B-5

Finch, Hardy Ratliff; b. 07-07-1900, d. 12-14-1980, section B-5

Finch, Keaton Taylor; b. 05-28-2001, d. 07-19-2001, section A-1, "Our Little Angel"

Fore, Billy Sam; b. 08-02-1945, d. 06-29-2004, section D-10

Fortenberry, J.E; b. 11-08-1966, d. 11-09-1966, section F-3

Fuquay, Rosetta P; b. 01-06-1900, d. 12-10-1979, section G-11

Fuquay, Henry Ford; b. 03-25-1910, d. 01-05-1990, section G-11       

Gaines, Herbert Calvin; b. 07-18-1887, d. 04-05-1926, section B-10

Gaines, Lucille; b. 09-28-1922, d. 05-02-1988, section B-10, "Vicky"

Gante, Howard Earl; b. 10-05-1907, d. 02-12-1997, section F-4

Gante, Steven W; b. 08-25-1964, d. 04-04-1993, section F-4

Gante, Willene Gladys; b. 03-23-1923, d. 04-04-1999, section F-4

Geiger, Melissia (Breland); b. 02-22-1899, d. 09-22-1949, section D-8

Geiger, Walter Harmon; b. 08-31-1927, d. 12-17-1935, section D-8

Geiger, Walter L; b. 12-22-1885, d. 02-25-1951, section D-8

Gibson, Chairty E; b. 02-18-1872, d. 06-13-1935, section D-6

Gibson, Samuel S; b. 08-28-1859, d. 10-27-1941, section D-6

Gillette, Richard; b. 04-25-1929, d. 03-26-1982, section F-6

Goff, Fred H; b. 03-17-1907, d. 12-20-1968, section E-3

Goff, infant; b. 12-16-1956, d. 12-16-1956, section F-6, son of Mr./Mrs. Henry Goff

Goff, Nathan Levi; b. 06-05-1980, d. 05-23-2001, section D-9

Goff, Steven DeWayne; b. 07-05-1966, d. 03-27-1987, section E-9

Gordon, Berry Thomas; b. 11-14-1928, d. 12-04-1986, section F-5, Pfc. US Army WW-2

Gordon, John Fewell; b. 01-21-1902, d. 10-10-1986, section E-5

Gordon, Mae Velma; b. 02-06-1906, d. 08-21-1993, section E-5

Gordon, Ralph Bernard; b. 08-06-1929, d. 03-30-1948, section E-5

Gordon, Richard T; b. 12-09-1888, d. 11-13-1949, section E-5, Pfc. 162nd Depot Brigade WW-1 (Mississippi)

Gordon, Sarah J; b. 04-15-1896, d. 01-31-1966, section F-5

Gough, Chester; b. 1899, d. 1964, section D-9

Gough, infant; b. 01-30-1930, d. 01-30-1930, section D-9, dau of Chester & Estelle

Gough, Jerry; b. 03-18-1940, d. 01-20-2006, section D-9

Gough, Jessie Adell; b. 04-11-1894, d. 12-15-1981, section D-9

Gough, Nettie C; b. 12-12-1891, d. 02-05-1970, section D-9

Green, Andrew Jackson; b. 03-02-1915, d. 07-05-1939, section C-8

Green, Cammie Ardell (Mallette); b. 04-22-1891, d. 03-06-1935, section C-8

Green, Sammie Gamble; b. 01-15-1912, d. 01-25-1973, section C-2

Green, Stella H; b. 02-14-1895, d. 12-03-1983, section D-8

Green, Willie Irvin; b. 09-10-1890, d. 03-16-1971, section D-8

Greene, Addie; b. 1896, d. 1972, section C-5

Greene, Bernard; b. 1924, d. 1979, section C-5

Greene, Don T; b. 09-27-1939, d. 04-17-1973, section G-1

Greene, Dumas; b. 1886, d. 1956, section C-5

Greene, J.D; b. 1917, d. 1920, section C-5

Greene, Winston Ray; b. 1941, d. 1942, section D-7

Greiber, Glenda Patrick; b. 1942, d. 1970, section C-8

Gutherie, Bonnie Fae; b. 07-28-1949, d. 07-28-1949, section E-8

Gutherie, Bonnie Faye; b. 11-14-1963, d. 04-05-1969, section F-8

Guthrie, James Howard; b. 08-10-1940, d. 01-21-1965, section F-8

Hall, Arnold Lee; b. 08-13-1927, d. 04-03-1997, section A-8, Pfc. US Army WW-2

Hamblin, Linda Nell (Mills); b. 01-22-1934, d. 06-20-1992, section E-3

Hamblin, William Mills; b. 06-18-1963, d. 01-02-1985, section E-3

Hancock, Olvin R. "Bob"; b. 03-28-1919, d. 03-06-1999, section A-4, Tec4 US Army WW-2

Hanvey, Irene (Bentley); b. 08-11-1900, d. 01-17-1970, section B-3

Hanvey, Thomas Edward; b. 06-30-1891, d. 07-30-1962, section B-3, Pvt. Co. "C" 2nd  Inf. (WW-1) Alabama N.G.

Harmon, Eugene R; b. 09-16-1919, d. 05-28-1975, section F-5 Pfc. US Army WW-2

Harmon, Inez E; b. 1919, d. 1983, section F-5

Harris, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-4, Mr. & Mrs. Abbott Harris

Harris, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-4, Mr. & Mrs. Abbott Harris

Harris, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-4, Mr. & Mrs. Abbott Harris

Harris, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-4, Mr. & Mrs. Abbott Harris

Harris, L. Abbott; b. 04-25-1911, d. 09-25-1972, section D-4

Harris, Pauline M; b. 09-07-1908, d. 10-04-1997, section D-4

Harrison, Flossie E; b. 01-01-1917, d. 12-04-1984, section E-7

Harrison, Lee R; b. 02-16-1919, d. 10-26-1990, section E-10

Harrison, Minnie; b. 10-21-1896, d. 02-23-1945, section E-7

Harrison, Ryan Andrew; b. 07-25-1992, d. 04-22-2006, section C-4

Harrison, Sim; b. 05-27-1893, d. 10-03-1968, section E-7

Hartley, Eula Lee W; b. 08-05-1913, d. 10-14-1996, section B-4, "A teacher who loved children"

Harvey, Barry H; b. 04-01-1938, d. 02-22-1995, section E-5, SSgt. US Army / US Air Force , Viet Nam

Harvey, John Frank; b. 06-27-1927, d. 04-25-1989, section D-5

Harvey, John Thomas; b. 04-13-1893, d. 01-20-1967, section E-5, Pfc. 8th Bn 162nd Depot Brig. WW-1

Harvey, Ruby (Daffin); b. 04-10-1896, d. 01-14-1989, section E-5

Harvey, T. Dimple; b. 09-08-1941, d. 11-17-1999, section A-3, wife of Jerry R. Harvey

Hatcher, Jessie (Smith); b. 05-01-1905, d. 09-02-1984, section B-1

Hatcher, Lovett Drayton; b. 12-23-1899, d. 07-12-1972, section B-1, "Father"

Hathcock, Barbara C; b. 11-21-1936, d. 09-21-2003, section E-4

Havard,  infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section B-6, Joe & Nancy Havard

Havard, Allan R; b.05-13-1918, d.02-10-1992, section E-7 Sgt. US Army WW-2 Purple Heart

Havard, Annie; b. 04-01-1898, d. 02-15-1899, section B-6

Havard, Belle; b. 1880, d. 1946, section C-7

Havard, Byron Marshall; b. 07-01-1938, d. 01-01-1942, section D-8

Havard, Carl T; b. 06-21-1907, d. 07-26-1981, section B-5, "Daddy"

Havard, Cathrine; b. 01-06-1852, d. 04-24-1920, section C-7,wife of  John Havard Sr.

Havard, Charles H; b. 10-21-1871, d. 01-31-1956, section B-5

Havard, Charles W; b. 1871, d. unknown, section C-7

Havard, Clayton Anthony; b. 11-14-1963, d. 11-14-1963, section F-8, inf. son of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Havard

Havard, Clinton D; b. 02-09-1899, d. unknown, section C-7

Havard, Colin C; b. 09-02-1920, d. 01-28-1966, section F-7

Havard, Corine Claxton; b. 12-08-1906, d. 02-19-1964, section D-8

Havard, David Eli; b. 10-04-1911, d. 06-15-1988, section D-8

Havard, Edward G; b. 03-15-1957, d. 07-16-2000, section G-4

Havard, Elizabeth; b. 08-30-1899, d. unknown, section C-8

Havard, Elizabeth; b. 10-15-1858, d. 10-11-1938, section B-6, "Bettie"

Havard, Emily (Welford); b. 1876, d. 1944, section A-8

Havard, Etta; b. 01-01-1900, d. 08-24-1955, section C-5

Havard, Eva L; b. 04-27-1898, d. 03-28-1981, section G-2

Havard, Flora (Mason); b. 10-03-1908, d. 07-12-1993, section F-1

Havard, George O; b. 05-28-1856, d. 01-24-1922, section C-4

Havard, Georgia (Havard); b. 11-07-1900, d. 09-13-1997, section E-1

Havard, Gregory; b. 10-03-1925, d. 01-03-1994, section E-2, Gm3 US Navy WW-2

Havard, H.P. (Jr.); b. 11-28-1915, d. 11-29-1915, section C-5

Havard, Henry Patrick; b. 02-23-1888, d. 12-04-1956, section C-5

Havard, Hiriam Matthew; b. 12-07-1898, d. 10-23-1967, section D-8

Havard, infant; b. 06-18-1941, d. 06-18-1941, section B-5, Harry/Katherine Havard

Havard, infant; b. 11-25-1919, d. 02-14-1920, section C-8, son of T.L. & E. Havard

Havard, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-5, Mr. & Mrs. H.P. Havard

Havard, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-5, Mr. & Mrs. H.P. Havard

Havard, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-6, Geo. & F.E. Havard (3 days old)

Havard, Isabella; b. 1871, d. 1926, section B-5

Havard, Janie S; b. 07-22-1908, d. 07-25-1956, section D-7

Havard, Joe; b. 1867, d. 1945, section D-4

Havard, John; b. 01-12-1848, d. 10-01-1930, section C-7, Pvt. Co. "E" 17th Batt. Miss. Cav. C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Havard, Joseph D. (Sr.); b. 05-31-1910, d. 10-19-1969, section D-7, Pvt Co. "A" 415th Inf.

Havard, Joseph T; b. 06-18-1911, d. 04-08-1981, section C-4, "Bill"

Havard, Joseph William; b. 02-10-1922, d. 05-06-2003, section E-1, "Dub"

Havard, Julia Catherine (Eubanks); b. 06-22-1885, d. 05-31-1984, section B-5, "Kate"

Havard, Julia Thomas; b. 02-26-1912, d. 06-08-1998, section C-4

Havard, Karen Elizabeth; b. 10-13-1958, d. 02-16-2005, section E-1

Havard, Kate D; b. 12-10-1901, d. 08-10-1982, section E-1

Havard, Kenneth Patrick; b. 04-14-1918, d. 11-07-1966, section G-3

Havard, Lee M; b. 03-29-1903, d. 02-22-1994, section E-1

Havard, Lela M; b. 07-05-1885, d. 03-03-1961, section E-7

Havard, Lula Mae (Mallett); b. 12-10-1913, d. 12-05-1987, section G-3

Havard, Luther; b. 08-24-1905, d. 06-29-1973, section F-1

Havard, Lyman W; b. 05-05-1876, d. 07-05-1944, section E-7

Havard, Mae Bell; b. 01-31-1913, d. 06-18-1986, section B-5, "Mama"

Havard, Manerva M; b. 02-15-1879, d. 05-25-1929, section B-5

Havard, Marion M; b. 09-01-1882, d. 09-17-1928, section B-5, husband of  Kate Havard

Havard, Martha A; b. 06-19-1868, d. 03-15-1869, section B-6

Havard, Mary Pauline (Tillman); b. 1820, d. 07-21-1894, section B-6

Havard, Mary; b. 01-23-1903, d. 01-25-1997, section F-6

Havard, Mary; b. 1820, d. 1894, section B-6

Havard, Nancy; b. 1874, d. 1937, section D-4

Havard, Nelda; b. 1945, d. 1946, section D-7

Havard, Nettie Geneva; b. 09-07-1895, d. 01-15-1942, section C-5

Havard, Percillare; b. 11-07-1865, d. 06-21-1889, section C-6

Havard, Peter "Pete"; b. 1872, d. 1930, section A-8

Havard, Rachel; b. unknown, d. 01-14-1920, section C-7, 38 years old, wife of John Havard  Sr.

Havard, Randall; b. 08-05-1894, d. 05-30-1943, section C-5 Pvt 152nd Inf 38th Div  Miss.

Havard, Reverand Thomas; b. 08-27-1837, d. 05-23-1903, section C-6

Havard, Ruby M; b. 02-29-1899, d. 06-21-1962, section E-8

Havard, Sophia (Mack); b. 1882, d. 07-12-1916, w/o Ellis Havard who is buried at Ft. Benning, Georgia

Havard, Stanley Everett; b. unknown, d. 08-19-2008, s/o Henry P. & Nettie G Havard, section C-5

Havard, Stephen; b. 08-16-1818, d. 12-27-1877, section B-6

Havard, Steve; b. 1864, d. 1926, section B-5

Havard, Susan A; b. 06-22-1840, d. 09-15-1919, section C-6, wife of Thomas Havard

Havard, Susan; b. 08-16-1854, d. 11-29-1910, section C-5

Havard, Susie Mae; b. 12-05-1907, d. 12-09-1927, section D-4

Havard, Ted L; b. 08-11-1900, d. 11-18-1970, section C-8

Havard, Thomas Ivan; b. 09-09-1932, d. 11-16-1974, section F-6

Havard, Thomas; b. 03-25-1903, d. 04-02-1953, section E-6

Havard, Vera (Dungan); b. 04-26-1927, d. 01-30-1994, section D-5

Havard, Vera Mae; b. 12-12-1927, d. 03-29-1996, section E-2

Havard, W.M; b. unknown, d. 02-03-1919, section C-5, 71 yrs. old at death

Havard, Walter W; b. 02-28-1896, d. 03-31-1962, section F-6, Pvt. Co. "K" Army Comp. Regt. WW-1 (Mississippi)

Havard, William H (Sr.); b. 12-18-1895, d. 01-03-1956, section E-8

Havard, William H; b. 07-24-1938, d. 12-02-1938, section F-2

Havard, William W; b. 01-27-1875, d. 12-09-1891, section B-6

Havard, Willie; b. unknown, d. 02-02-1915, section C-5, 38 yrs. old

Havard, Willis; b. 08-09-1910, d. 10-01-1981, section B-2, 71 yrs. old

Hayse, Lawson P; b. 1886, d. 1963, section E-9

Hempstead, Aubin D; b. 08-23-1905, d. 01-10-1931, section B-6

Hempstead, Ellen L; b. 04-18-1873, d. 05-27-1951, section B-6

Hempstead, Hazel Ann; b. 05-21-1943, d. 08-06-2007, section A-6

Hempstead, Horace M; b. 05-28-1894, d. 04-23-1975, section B-6

Hempstead, infant; b. 01-19-1924, d. 01-19-1924, section B-6,inf.dau Mr./Mrs. John Hempstead

Hempstead, John W; b. 01-18-1927, d. 04-02-1980, section B-6, US Navy WW-2

Hempstead, John; b. 02-06-1904, d. 09-11-1988, section B-6, "Beloved Dad"

Hempstead, Lucille E; b. 02-28-1905, d. 03-27-2001, section B-6, "Precious Mother"

Hempstead, Mable Christine; b. 05-03-1930, d. 09-14-2003, section B-6, "Mother"

Hempstead, Mary (Hinton); b. 11-04-1909, d. 03-07-1991, section B-6

Hempstead, Mary E; b. 11-04-1939, d. 11-06-1939, section B-6

Hempstead, Rebecca; B. 01-23-1843, D. 09-30-1926, section B-6

Hempstead, Richard Donald; b. 04-02-1982, d. 05-19-1987, section A-6

Hempstead, S.D; b. 03-10-1869, d. 10-16-1922, section B-6

Henderson, Mary Ruth; b. 12-03-1938, d. 08-26-1975, section C-2

Henderson, Steven Lance; b. 02-18-1973, d. 07-12-2007, section B-2

Henderson, Susanne; b. 03-31-1970, d. 03-31-1970, section B-2

Herrington, Rhoda P; b. 02-02-1886, d. 01-01-1948, section E-4

Herrington, William L; b. 11-23-1872, d.12-21-1952, section E-4

Hewlett, Elizabeth (Taylor); b.11-12-1940, d.06-10-1998, section D-10, A2C US Air Force

Hickman, John Olna; b. 01-30-1919, d. 01-01-1996, section D-4, SM1 US Navy

Hill, Nellie G; b. 08-18-1889, d. 02-26-1973, section C-8

Hill, Ralston; b. 05-11-1902, d. 02-28-1986, section C-8, "Doy"

Hogan, Lillie Mae Jewel; b. 07-18-1917, d. 04-13-1976, section E-7

Holland, Albert Virgie; b. 07-24-1892, d. 08-09-1974, section D-8

Holland, Chester; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-5

Holland, Ema; b. unknown, d. unknown , section D-5

Holland, Everett L; b. 02-20-1932, d. 03-09-1997, section F-6, "Red"

Holland, John; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-5

Holland, Monroe; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-5

Holland, Sadie M. (Havard); b. 11-13-1906, d. 08-04-2000, section D-8

Holland, Troy; b. unknown, d. unknown, section D-5

Holliday, Dolly Fay; b. 02-01-1931,d. 02-02-1931, section D-7

Holliman, Elec; b. 03-04-1929, d. 10-25-1999, section D-10

Holliman, Helen; b. 01-26-1927, d. 08-31-1985, section D-10

Hollman, Ira H; b. 06-05-1911, d. 10-25-1993, section D-5

Holmes, Carl G; b. 06-10-1923, d. 06-01-1994, section E-10

Holtsclaw, Herschell Earl; b. 10-29-1915, d. 05-09-1993, section D-8

Holtsclaw, Myrtis (Welford); b. 06-19-1920, d. 09-07-2005, section E-8

Holyfield, Waymon Blackwell; b. 03-10-1924, d. 08-09-1996, section E-4 Pfc. US Army WW-2

Hooks, Alvin Eugene; b. 02-21-1901, d. 04-09-1982, section D-6

Horn, John W; b. 1880, d. 1956, section E-5

Horn, Zula T; b. 1889, d. 1973, section E-5

Horne, Lillie Mae (Eubanks); b. 09-21-1901, d. 12-27-1984, section E-3

Howell, Ada (McDaniel); b. 09-24-1989, d. 03-18-1979, section F-7

Howell, Bruno Carlton; b. 02-08-1906, d. 05-22-1925, section C-6

Howell, Carmen; b. 04-10-1938, d. 04-05-2004, section A-9

Howell, Deloris; b. 10-20-1926, d. 09-29-2001, section F-6

Howell, infant; b. unknown, d. 08-10-1910, section C-6, M.F. & S.L. Howell

Howell, Judith H; b. 11-17-1938, d. 11-08-1999, section A-3

Howell, Lee Cody; b. 07-25-1958, d. 10-28-2000, section A-9

Howell, Martha F; b. 09-23-1869, d. 08-18-1950, section C-6

Howell, Martha F; b. 09-23-1869, d. 08-18-1950, section D-6

Howell, Maxwell D; b. 11-26-1954, d. 11-24-1982, section E-6

Howell, Mount Angelo; b. 04-02-1899, d. 05-16-1916, section C-6

Howell, Owen; b. 02-09-1935, d. 01-22-1990, section A-9

Howell, Samuel L; b. 07-19-1869, d. 03-16-1959, section C-6

Howell, Vernon; b. 11-08-1918, d. 04-17-1990, section F-6, Tec5 US Army WW-2

Hudgins, David T; b. 1876, d. 1952, section B-8, Hudgins on headstone, Hugen on the slab

Hugen, David T; b. 1876, d. 1952, section B-8, Hudgins on headstone, Hugen on the slab

Hughes, Nell R; b. 10-10-1908, d. 01-19-1971, section B-1

Hughes, Walter B; b. 01-13-1908, d. 11-19-1987, section B-1

Hutchinson, Alice S; b. 07-13-1876, d. 01-07-1926, section D-5

Hutchinson, Alvin Lee; b. 1937, d. 1951, section E-8

Hutchinson, Ola (Gray); b. 1908, d. 1990, section E-8

Hutchinson, William F; b. 02-12-1876, d. 10-29-1957, section D-5

Hutchinson, Wm. J; b. 1900, d. 1942, section E-8, "Bud"

Issac, Charlie; b. 07-23-1880, d. 08-10-1963, section F-4

Jackson, Lillie Mae; b. 05-14-1895, d. 01-23-1972, section D-3

Johnson, Gladys E; b. 09-19-1913, d. 08-03-1951, section B-5

Johnson, Jimmie Lester; b. 02-16-1943, d. 11-25-1965, section C-3

Johnson, Lawrence Clayton; b. 11-04-1911, d. 03-28-1987, section A-5, US Army WW-2

Johnson, Mildred I; b. 07-16-1915, d. 06-03-2000, section C-3

Johnson, Nobel H; b. 10-27-1912, d. 07-08-1981, section C-3

Johnson, Sallie Miller; b. 11-10-1838, d. 07-27-1916, section B-7 (believed to be the mother of Susanna Johnston) however, last name spelled different on the two headstones

Johnson, William B; b. 05-01-1907, d. 03-15-1981, section C-3

Johnston, Susanna; b. 09-26-1869, d. 03-21-1901, section B-7 dau.of Sallie (Miller) Johnston

Jones, Joan; b. 01-17-1938, d. 02-07-1938, section E-6

Jones, Margaret; b. 11-01-1939, d. 12-08-1939, section E-6

Jones, Robert Kent; b. 12-22-1961, d. 01-12-1962, section F-6, son of Mr/Mrs C.W. Jones

Jones, William W; b. 09-06-1937, d. 08-09-1978, section G-4

Kain, Shirley Maxine (Holland); b. 09-18-1935, d. 07-15-1998, section D-8

Knight, Emma F; b. 07-20-1870, d. 04-19-1898, section B-6, "Mother"

Knight, infant; b. 04-12-1898, d. 04-12-1898, section B-6, F.G. & E.B. Knight

Kroker,  Ethel (Whatley); b. 10-12-1904, d. 06-01-1979, section G-2

Landon, Donald Lewis; b. 02-27-1938, d. 02-18-1986, section A-4

Landon, Floyd J; b. 10-11-1901, d. 12-23-1985, section A-4, Pvt. US Army

Landon, Vada Leon; b. 03-20-1913, d. 12-03-1986, section A-4

Langham, Claude C; b. 10-10-1913, d. 06-30-1980, section B-5

Langham, Estelle W; b. 12-04-1913, d. 12-12-1986, section B-5

Laurin, Emily; b. 10-08-1997, d. 02-02-1998, section A-10, inf. dau. Of  Brandon/Randa

Lawrence, William; b. 12-12-1916, d. 04-17-1994, section C-1

Lee, Barbara C; b. 01-15-1936, d. 05-07-1984, section F-7

Lee, David Monroe; b. 1863, d. 1940, section D-7

Lee, Edward Allen; b. 11-15-1959, d. 02-27-1960, section F-7

Lee, Edward E; b. 03-25-1933, d. 07-25-2003, section F-7

Lee, Sarah (Smith); b. 1874, d. 1933, section D-7

Leggett, Alice E; b. 02-02-1910, d. 05-23-1989, section C-1

Leggett, Audrey M; b. 04-04-1908, d. 10-04-1984, section C-1

Leggett, Dessie V; b. 06-08-1948, d. 06-07-2001, section F-6

Leggett, Flossie M; b. 04-15-1910, d. 04-01-2002, section C-1

Leggett, John C; b. 09-01-1914, d.07-11-1975, section F-6, Sgt. US Army Air Force WW-2

Leggett, Joyce Reanee; b. 09-06-1951, d. 12-12-1953, section F-6

Leggett, Paula Nell; b. 05-16-1958, d. 05-17-1958, section F-6

Lewis, Raymond T; b. 09-07-1911, d. 04-02-1991, section E-3

Lindley, A.F; b. 01-22-1911, d. 10-16-1977, section B-5

Lindley, Bessie D; b. 01-29-1915, d. 12-06-1972, section B-5

Long, Coleman C; b. 05-03-1921, d. 05-28-1942, section E-8

Lott, Rhoda L; b. 04-12-1914, d. 05-19-1925, section D-5

Lucas, Sarah S; b. 10-02-1914, d. 09-24-1998, section D-1

Lyles, Johnny Ray (Jr.); b. 07-14-1971, d. 08-23-1973, section F-2

Lyles, William R; b. 03-11-1920, d. 07-29-1972, section F-2

Lynch, John V; b. 10-05-1930, d. 08-08-1990, section B-2

Lynch, Nancy M; b. 07-27-1933, d. 02-01-2000, section B-2

Mallet, Clem; b. 07-23-1836, d. 01-21-1913,section B-7 Co. "K" 15th Ala. Calvary, C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Mallett, Carrie (Miller); b. 03-11-1883, d. 01-17-1957, section D-8

Mallett, Clarence H; b. 09-23-1901, d. 12-27-1907, section B-8, J.M. & E.S. Mallett

Mallett, David; b. 10-23-1855, d. 06-24-1930, section D-6

Mallett, Epsey; b. 10-31-1866, d. 04-01-1936, section D-6

Mallett, Fritz A; b.04-18-1896, d.12-28-1963, section C-7, Pvt Co."M"2nd GP Repl. Tng.Ctr

Mallett, George E; b. 07-03-1914, d. 02-16-2002, section E-1

Mallett, H.M; b. unknown, d. 06-01-1939, section B-8, 85 years old

Mallett, Hariet; b. 10-06-1850, d. 11-19-1910, section B-8, wife of C. Mallett

Mallett, Ida Coe; b. 11-19-1900, d. 10-04-1975, section C-5

Mallett, infant; b. 03-27-1929, d. 03-27-1929, section C-5, son of W.L. & K. T. Mallett

Mallett, John Oliver; b. 05-22-1873, d. 05-04-1936, section C-8

Mallett, Katie T; b. 04-10-1889, d. 04-18-1943, section C-5

Mallette, Kristen Elizabeth; b. unknown, d. 06-14-2008, 15 years old

Mallett, Martha; b. 07-23-1885, d. 04-01-1971, section B-8

Mallett, Mary; b. unknown, d. 05-13-1917, section B-8, 65 years old

Mallett, Melbourne; b. 10-12-1925, d. 08-30-1928, section C-5

Mallett, Sama Curtis; b. 09-03-1890, d. 11-09-1967, section C-7

Mallett, Tony Elwin; b. 03-31-1947, d. 10-16-1993, section F-1

Mallett, Valoree S; b. 02-22-1929, d. 05-30-2005, section C-5

Mallett, Velma C; b. 10-31-1913, d. 08-24-2003, section E-1

Mallett, William L; b. 02-13-1885, d. 06-18-1972, section C-5

Mallette, Adaline; b. 06-30-1834, d. 05-07-1898, section B-7

Mallette, Arnette; b. 01-08-1902, d. 12-20-1985, section E-8, "Jake"

Mallette, Bertha M; b. 10-19-1910, d. 04-01-1991, section C-1

Mallette, Bessie Lee; b. 03-18-1905, d. 04-01-1994, section E-8

Mallette, Bonnie (Breland); b. 10-14-1918, d. 11-16-1986, section C-1

Mallette, Byford C; b. 11-11-1909, d. 04-17-1991, section C-1

Mallette, Della E; b. 1882, d. 1897, section B-7

Mallette, Ellen S; b. 06-13-1873, d. 01-17-1957, section D-8

Mallette, Elma (Cowart); b. 09-11-1869, d. 10-13-1999, section B-8

Mallette, Elma E; b. 1893, d. 1897, section C-7

Mallette, Florence (Miller); b. 1-02-1886, d. 05-26-1967, section B-7, "Wife"

Mallette, George Raymo; b. 1857, d. 1933, section C-7

Mallette, Infant; b. 07-15-1938, d. 07-15-1938, section C-1, inf dau Byford & Bertha

Mallette, James W; b. 04-06-1865, d. 09-02-1947, section D-8

Mallette, Jerry L; b. 11-11-1932, d. 01-25-1953, section E-8

Mallette, John Delmas; b. 11-10-1867, d. 04-21-1941, section B-8

Mallette, Loney; b. unknown, d. unknown, section B-7, infant grave

Mallette, Louie Edwin; b. 01-05-1873, d. 02-05-1942, section B-7, "Husband"

Mallette, Lyddie Safronia; b.07-06-1879, d.02-23-1904, sectionB-7, wife of L.E. Mallette

Mallette, Mary D; b. 06-07-1860, d. 05-03-1903, section C-8, wife of David Mallette

Mallette, Rebecca; b. 1853, d. 1933, section C-7

Mallette, Samuel Alton; b. 02-09-1907, d. 06-25-1926, section B-8

Malone, Atlas Pool; b.08-19-1905, d.09-12-1968, section D-3, S.Sgt Base Air Depot 4AAF

Malone, Carlie L; b. 10-21-1903, d. 05-27-1923, section D-4

Malone, Dan; b. 04-04-1874, d. 01-15-1962, section D-4

Malone, Edward L; b. 05-27-1898, d. 01-16-1989, section C-4

Malone, Edward Leroy; b. 11-??-1928, d. 11-??-1928, section D-4, infant

Malone, Ethel P; b. 01-06-1901, d. 03-13-1976, section C-4

Malone, Gladys (Eubanks); b. 03-23-1913, d. 05-01-1988, section C-3

Malone, Isabelle; b. 03-30-1887, d. 01-12-1938, section D-4

Malone, Ollin; b. 08-25-1914, d. 09-19-2002, section D-4

Malone, Tammy Darlene; b. 11-13-1958, d. 11-14-1958, section A-8

Malone, Virginia (Dye); b. 12-27-1907, d. 05-18-1935, section D-4

Mann, Euna Mae (Moody); b. 10-26-1938, d. 07-31-2007, section B-2

Mann, Lillie Rhea (Dungan); b. 06-09-1918, d. 12-12-1946, section E-8

Manseill, Donie D; b. 06-20-1906, d. 11-27-1981, section E-9

Manseill, Roxie Ann; b. 07-20-1943, d. 09-02-1945, section E-9

Manseill, Willie H (Sr.); b. 09-17-1907, d. 01-04-2005, section E-9

Martin, Jewel (Odom); b. 06-15-1928, d. 11-26-1975, section F-3, Cpl. US Army, Korea

Mason, Bryant; b. 06-17-1861, d. 08-04-1933, section B-6

Mason, Emly J; b. 09-18-1857, d. 02-03-1906, section C-6

Mason, Franklin P; b. 03-02-1875, d. 11-24-1929, section C-8

Mason, George “Earl” Marvin (Jr.); b. unknown, d. 06-20-2008, 65 years old, h/o Bobbie Mason, US Army Veteran

Mason, Harriet P; b. 03-13-1857, d. 11-23-1930, section C-8

Mason, Laura E; b. 01-24-1888, d. 05-06-1890, section C-6, inf dau B & M.J. Mason

Mason, Lella Mae; b. 11-11-1914, d. 09-18-1999, section C-8

Mason, Lillian; b. 1900, d. 1940, section E-7

Mason, Lizzie E; b. 01-01-1881, d. 10-03-1937, section C-8

Mason, Mamie Ethel (Eubanks); b. 02-10-1897, d. 03-08-1968, section D-7

Mason, Scott; b.01-26-1892, d.06-18-1940,section E-7, Pvt.5th GP Mtd. Mg Tng GenWW1

Mason, Shelton; b. 07-31-1907, d. 05-30-1975, section C-8

Mason, Thomas Burl ( Jr); b. 04-28-1931, d. 04-29-1931, section D-7

Mason, Thomas Burl (Sr.); b. 03-14-1895, d. 11-16-1954, section D-7

Mason, unknown; b. unknown, d. unknown, section B-6, "slab is deteriorated"

Mason, William; b. 03-25-1854, d. 07-13-1933, section C-8

Massey, Dennis Lamar; b. 01-31-1904, d. 02-08-1977, section B-4

Massey, Ethel (Walters); b. 02-05-1906, d. 07-06-1988, section B-4

Massey, Karen D; b.03-27-1963, d.10-17-1986,section A-3,wife of Franklin D Massey Jr.

Mathis, Donald M; b. 10-14-1966, d. 07-08-2007, section A-9

Mathis, John L; b. 1922, d. 1987, section A-9, US Army

Mathis, Nettie Mae; b. 12-03-1931, d. 01-23-2004, section A-9, 72 yrs. old

May, Lula H; b. 08-08-1894, d. 09-29-1974, section C-1

May, M.T; b. 05-28-1888, d. 04-17-1952, section E-6

Mayo, William H; b. 12-06-1910, d. 12-15-1995, section C-10

McCaa, Billy Ray; b. 02-27-1939, d. 03-01-2005, section B-2

McCaa, Phillip Ray; b. 09-28-1962, d. 02-26-1974, section B-2

McCelland, Joseph A; b. 08-17-1925, d. 08-10-2000, section F-10, Pfc. US Army

McDaniel, Eula R; b. 12-01-1878, d. 03-03-1972, section F-7

McDaniel, John C; b. 10-29-1874, d. 04-08-1959, section F-7

McDaniel, Luther "Punch"; b. 07-23-1906, d. 10-05-1985, section F-7

McDaniel, Mary Ruth; b. 11-12-1911, d. 02-22-1992, section F-7

McDaniels, Rosco; b. 01-11-1911, d. 06-20-1912, section C-5

McIlwain, C.L; b. 02-20-1852, d. 03-11-1904, section C-8, wife of W.H. McIlwain

McIlwain, George; b. 07-08-1910, d. 05-14-1913, section C-5

McIlwain, Hazel; b. 05-19-1907, d. 09-12-1908, section C-5

McIlwain, James E; b. 1879, d. 1969, section B-5, "A loving father"

McIlwain, Mary; b. 04-10-1870, d. 08-12-1953, section C-6

McIlwain, Mittie A; b. 1879, d. 1951, section B-5, "A loving wife"

McIlwain, Rubie; b. 09-14-1905, d. 04-29-1918, section C-5

McIlwain, W.H; b. 05-22-1853, d. 07-26-1946, section C-8

McKissick, Annie L; b. 01-27-1916, d. 12-09-2002, section G-11

McKissick, James LL; b. 09-01-1906, d. 11-28-1979, section G-11

McKissick, Marjorie Ann; b. 07-19-1939, d. 11-26-2004, section G-11

McKnight, Civil Laverne; b. 09-20-1920, d. 01-03-1986, section E-8

McKnight, Edwin Noble; b. 08-06-1920, d. 04-03-2002, section E-8

McLellan, John Patrick (Sr.); b. 01-11-1923, d. 09-10-1997, section A-10, Pfc. US Army WW-2

McLeod, Alex; b. 10-02-1871, d. 07-22-1938, section B-8

McLeod, Allie E; b. 1875, d. 1930, section C-8

McLeod, Anna Belle (Mallett); b. 06-08-1878, d. 04-07-1911, section B-8

McLeod, Bruce E; b. 04-04-1941, d. 04-01-1942, section E-9

McLeod, Cecil; b. 06-20-1904, d. 10-22-1991, section B-9

McLeod, Clyde; b. 03-05-1897, d. 04-06-1963, section E-6

McLeod, Fronie (Davis); b. 11-06-1893, d. 08-22-1972, section E-6

McLeod, Gussie K; b. 07-16-1916, d. 01-07-1997, section F-6

McLeod, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-8

McLeod, Irenus; b. 11-28-1911, d. 09-15-1967, section F-6, "Sack"

McLeod, James B; b. 05-23-1936, d. 11-20-1956, section F-6, Sgt. Btry. "C" 63rd  Fa. Bn.

McLeod, Jane H; b. 1861, d. 1917, section C-8

McLeod, Jessie M; b. 07-28-1909, d. 06-18-1978, section E-9

McLeod, John Earl (Sr.); b. 04-12-1927, d. 05-26-1977, section F-6

McLeod, Mary Demaris; b. 02-07-1883, d. 06-08-1937, section B-8

McLeod, Nancy Birdie Lee; b. 08-26-1913, d. 06-20-2003, section B-9

McLeod, Peggy L; b. 09-07-1939, d. 10-10-2002, section F-6

McLeod, R. Eugene; b. 07-12-1904, d. 08-16-1977, section E-9

McLeod, Ruby N; b. 09-19-1906, d. 06-29-1907, section C-8, A. & A. McLeod

McLeod, Rufus; b. 10-12-1915, d. 03-06-1977, section F-6

McLeod, Sheryl Jean; b. 09-06-1947, d. 09-13-1947, section B-4

McRaney, Mary Jane (Lynch); b. unknown, d. 04-23-2008

McRae, Annie M; b. 03-21-1900, d. 08-21-1969, section F-9

McRae, William A (Jr.); b. 10-07-1939, d. 01-07-1941, section F-9

McRee, Jettie Lucille; b. 03-30-1908, d. 03-28-1929, section C-8

Mew, Roy A; b. 07-19-1904, d. 11-14-1967, section E-6

Mhyre, Nellie W; b. 1910, d. 1933, section C-6

Miller, Eliza; b. 01-15-1836, d. 02-08-1864, section B-7

Miller, Elizabeth; b. 08-16-1845, d. 10-09-1858, section B-7

Miller, John E. (Sr.); b. 10-29-1802, d. 04-14-1889, section B-7

Miller, Johnny Ford; b. 12-31-1921, d. 09-08-1996, section G-2, TEC4 US Army

Miller, Myrtle (Williams); b. 04-04-1923, d. 08-21-2003, section G-2

Miller, Maher T; b. 01-02-1842, d. 02-12-1863, section B-7, Co. "E" 36th Ala. Regt. C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Miller, Sarah; b. 02-28-1806, d. 03-27-1883, section B-7

Mills, Bertha E; b. 03-15-1896, d. 12-28-1963, section E-3

Mills, James Albert; b. 02-26-1849, d. 02-09-1922, section B-8

Mills, Little Sarah; b. unknown, d. 1918,section C-8

Mills, Mary J; b. 01-21-1859, d. 01-28-1911, section C-8, wife of J.A. Mills

Mills, Voncile (Stewart); b. 02-22-1929, d. 03-10-1998, section F-11

Mills, William W; b. 04-02-1891, d. 09-05-1974, section E-3

Minor, Laura (Davis); b. 12-06-1904, d. 10-03-1967, section F-7

Minor, Sloam; b. 05-17-1901, d. 01-09-1956, section F-7

Mizell, A. Hilton; b. 10-08-1920, d. 06-18-1964, section E-6

Mizell, Alton W; b. 01-25-1945, d. 01-26-1945, section E-6

Mizell, Dorthy Ann; b. 02-21-1952, d. 02-22-1952, section E-6

Mizell, Eugene; b. 1886, d. 1950, section E-6

Mizell, John C; b. 1915, d. 06-08-1985, section E-5

Mizell, Margaret; b. 08-08-1948, d. 08-09-1948, section E-6

Mizell, Ruth E; b. 1880, d. 1954, section E-6

Mizell, Thomas J; b. 08-22-1892, d. 09-13-1986, section G-6

Mizell, Verna (Eubnaks); b. 08-24-1909, d. 03-25-1971, section G-6

Mizell, Wayne; b. 03-03-1946, d. 03-03-1946, section E-6

Mizelle, Clifton W; b. 12-01-1910, d. 10-16-1984, section E-6, Pvt. US Army WW-2

Mizelle, Sallie M; b. 11-20-1920, d. 10-01-2002, section E-6

Moffett, Andrew J; b. 03-03-1859, d. 03-21-1927, section C-7

Moffett, Carrie (Stringfellow); b. 09-07-1908, d. 01-10-1998, section D-7

Moffett, Eli T; b. 10-06-1854, d. 08-21-1910, section B-7

Moffett, Guy D; b. 04-01-1909, d. 12-30-1990, section E-4

Moffett, Ida H; b.01-01-1880, d. 05-17-1963, section D-5

Moffett, infant; b. 09-16-1967, d. 09-16-1967, section G-2, dau. of Mr/Mrs Wilbur Moffett

Moffett Julian E; b. 12-23-1893, d. 04-04-1971, section G-2

Moffett, Lillie; b. 11-22-1901, d. 04-18-1980, section G-2

Moffett, Mabel; b. 11-09-1915, d. 01-09-1936, section E-4

Moffett, Mary P; b. 03-23-1859, d. 06-25-1898, section B-7

Moffett, Ollie Ward; b. 02-12-1885, d. 12-06-1977, section E-4

Moffett, Oscar Burton; b. 09-09-1907, d. 12-30-1970, section D-7

Moffett, Wiley Leroy; b. 02-19-1880, d. 03-03-1968, section E-4

Moffett, Winfred L; b. 08-05-1924, d. 12-10-1992, section D-4

Moody, Brunner; b. 08-18-1900, d. 04-03-1976, section B-8

Moody, Curtis A; b. 08-17-1900, d. 12-2-1979, section A-8

Moody, Frank Brannon; b. 06-08-1964, d. 05-13-1993, section D-2

Moody, Harison E; b. 1858, d. 1928, section B-8

Moody, J. T; b. 07-12-1861, d. 10-15-1919, section B-8

Moody, James Woodrow (Jr.); b. 04-25-1937, d. 12-25-1982, section B-3

Moody, James Woodrow III; b. 09-29-1959, d. 04-14-1995, section B-3

Moody, James Woodrow; b. 12-14-1915, d. 09-17-2002, section C-2

Moody, Lottie V; b. 12-16-1907, d. unknown, section A-8

Moody, Margret C; b. 1866, d. 1936, section B-8

Moody, Mary Olie; b. 03-11-1873, d. 11-02-1940, section B-8

Moody, Mary Uvon; b. 11-14-1941, d. 11-20-1941, section A-8

Moody, Thomas Ford; b. 04-29-1919, d. 05-27-1994, section G-9

Moody, Tommy Gerald; b. 12-30-1942, d. 11-21-1995, section C-2

Moody, Wiley E; b. 09-18-1906, d. 01-24-1971, section B-8, Pfc. US Army, WW-2 (Miss)

Moons, Denise; b. 08-13-1969, d. 08-14-1969, section B-2, "Jennifer"

Moons, James P; b. 10-07-1918, d. 07-01-2001, section A-2, "God’s Carpenter"

Moons, Myrtis D; b. 05-10-1916, d. 02-02-2004, section A-2

Moore, Aladora Thesalonia; b. 10-07-1859, d. 12-11-1928, section D-5

Moore, James Randolph; b. 12-28-1862, d. 01-03-1940, section D-5

Morris, Julia V. (McLeod); b. 06-15-1897, d. 06-06-1971, section C-8

Moses, Joshua B; b. 1869, d. 1961, section F-4

Moses, Julia E; b. 1877, d. 1948, section F-4

Musgrove, Willis S; b. 1855, d. 1932, section D-9

Musgrove, John Don; b. 01-24-1940, d. 10-29-2006, (section G-10)

Newbill, Tamzy; b. unknown, d. 03-04-1960, section F-4

Newbill, Charles Clifton; b. 02-25-1908, d. 05-10-1972, section F-5

Newbill, Dora H; b. 10-01-1921, d. unknown, section F-4

Newbill, F. F; b. 09-12-1919, d. 03-14-1981, section F-4, "Snooks"

Newbill, Fred B; b. 10-19-1883, d. 02-21-1958, section A-8

Newbill, Joe C; b. 04-02-1891, d. 08-26-1953, section A-8

Newbill, Kenneth E; b. 08-05-1935, d. 04-22-1987, section F-5, Pfc. US Army, Korea

Newbill, Phillip Charles; b. 02-12-1962, d. 03-25-1962, section F-5

Newbill, Ruby G; b. 06-22-1896, d. 06-27-1973, section A-8

Nichelson, Ima M (Davis); b. 04-05-1921, d. 05-21-1998, section B-7

Nichelson, Shepard j; b. 1912, d. 1962, section B-7

Nichelson, Sherry; b. 11-07-1939, d. 04-21-1997, section C-10, "Nanny"

Nicholson, Anthony W; b. 12-21-1971, d. 12-22-1971, section F-4

Nicholson, Buck Lee; b. 01-16-1981, d. 05-24-1981, section A-2

Nicholson, Carl; b. 11-07-1918, d. 01-10-1966, section F-4, Pfc  1137th Engr. "C" Gp. WW-2

Nicholson, Christopher Robin; b. 03-16-1980, d. 02-25-1999, section F-4

Nicholson, infant; b. 08-15-1950, d. 08-16-1950, section F-8, Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Nicholson

Nicholson, Mary Jane C; b. 02-08-1890, d. 01-19-1952, section F-4

Nicholson, Michael Anthony; b. 09-30-1958, d. 12-23-1996, section F-4, "Mike"

Nicholson, Patricia A; b. 12-26-1954, d. 12-09-2001, section F-4

Nicholson, Retha V; b. 01-21-1922, d. 12-02-2006, section F-4

Nicholson, Shawn Dwayne; b. 11-12-1974, d. 05-11-2007, section G-4

Nixon, Henry E; b. 04-26-1905, d. 10-28-1996, section B-3, "Baseball Nick"

Nixon, Terry Leon; b. 08-04-1950, d. 03-23-1969, section B-3, "John 3:16"

Nixon, Wendy Nichol; b.06-14-1981, d 06-21-1981, section B-3, inf. dau B.J./L.A.Nixon

Odom, Clairce; b. 11-10-1928, d. 07-14-1971, section G-6

Odom, Lawerence P; b. 08-09-1902, d. 03-23-1978, section G-5

Odom, Olie; b. 04-14-1924, d. 05-21-2008, section G-6

Odom, Sailey & Maude; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-7, "TWINS"

Odom, Sidney Everette; b. 04-??-1942, d. 08-04-1987, section G-5

Odom, Thelma Hazel; b. 08-03-1921, d. 06-09-1999, section G-5

Olliges, Herman T; b. 03-06-1921, d. 09-20-1998, section D-6

Osborne, Harry b; b. 01-25-1903, d. 02-21-1963, section D-9

Osborne, Velma (Havard); b. 04-20-1910, d. 06-19-1978, section F-6

Parish, Drew W; b. 06-01-1930, d. 09-14-1992, section F-8

Parish, Drury W; b. 12-09-1901, d. 11-09-1961, section F-8

Parish, Jasper; b. 12-09-1897, d. 08-08-1966, section F-8

Parish, Jimmy Preston; b. 08-04-1952, d. 03-22-1958, section G-8

Parish, Ora Creola; b. 09-27-1902, d. 02-12-1955, section F-8

Parker, Carrie L; b. 10-01-1895, d. 02-26-1986, section E-7

Parker, Eugene Lamar; b. 11-16-1876, d. 12-15-1961, section E-5

Parker, James J; b. 10-29-1893, d. 08-13-1948, section E-7

Parker, Kennie W; b. 08-25-1927, d. 12-15-1950, section E-7

Parker, Lillie Rebecca; b. 12-30-1912, d. 03-19-1933, section E-5

Parker, Rebecca (Miller); b. 12-21-1885, d. 07-09-1981, section E-5

Parker, Ruby E; b. 07-13-1913, d. 02-08-1997, section E-5

Parker, Warren D; b. 09-26-1921, d. 11-04-1927, section C-6

Partin, Charlie; b. 04-26-1926, d. 09-03-1927, section D-5

Patrick, Carrie Lee; b. 07-02-1905, d. 09-23-1966, section G-9

Patrick, George G; b. 11-24-1906, d. 09-27-1988, section C-7

Patrick, Mary Lois; b. 09-12-1914, d. 04-10-1982, section C-7

Patrick, Michael Ray; b. 06-15-1953, d. 11-06-1981, section C-8

Patrick, Morgan; b. 11-01-1906, d. 08-06-1968, section F-9

Patrick, Sharon Grace, section F-9 *Information courtesy of Jennifer Hall 

Patrick, Ronald Wayne; b. 12-11-1948, d. 10-01-1976, section C-8

Paul, Sarah (McLeod)(Blake); b. 08-07-1910, d. 02-23-1973, section B-8

Paul, Thomas J; b. 11-22-1874, d. 11-16-????, section G-8

Paulk, Warren W; b. 04-19-1921, d. 07-09-1967, section F-9

Persons, Ava (Havard); b. 08-30-1909, d. 10-02-1957, section E-7

Pettis, Thomas Edwin Dickerson; b. 10-31-1941, d. 05-23-1967, section E-7, Lt. Junior Grade US Navy

Phillips, Clodine T; b. 10-08-1903, d. 05-28-1983, section E-2

Phillips, George Earnest; b. 04-04-1923, d. 06-16-1974, section E-2

Phillips, Margaret Estelle (Busby); b. 09-17-1924, d. 11-26-2006, section E-2

Pierce, Billy Wayne; b. 02-17-1939, d. 10-16-1983, section F-11

Pierce, Fannie (Parker); b. 05-10-1906, d. 03-29-1972, section F-2

Pierce, Faulk; b. 11-10-1926, d. 05-13-1994, section F-2

Pierce, James M; b. 05-26-1934, d. 02-19-2003, section F-2

Pierce, Jan (Welford); b. 07-29-1938, d. 06-11-2006, section F-2

Pierce, John Wayne; b. 06-24-1941, d. 04-03-1983, section F-2

Pierce, Lonnie; b. 04-22-1898, d. 12-25-1974, section F-2, Pvt. US Army

Pipkins, Helen Louise (Havard); b. 07-22-1922, d. 01-28-1977, section F-9

Pipkins, Rachel (Davis); b. 1904, d. 09-29-1929, section D-5

Pitts, Curtis David; b. 01-12-1955, d. 04-18-1996, section E-10

Pitts, Lottie (Ivy); b. 04-14-1915, d. 07-16-2002, section F-11

Pitts, Sandy; b. 06-07-1906, d. 11-01-1983, section F-11

Pitts, William J; b. 08-14-1934, d. 01-03-2006, section E-11

Powell, Claudy; b. 06-29-1893, d. 09-26-1915, section C-5

Reed, Clara (Havard); b. 01-12-1909, d. unknown, section F-4

Reed, Gene N; b. 12-22-1969, d. 09-11-1985, section F-4

Reed, James Edward; b. 12-28-1908, d. 05-16-1971, section F-4

Reed, Joe; b. 08-20-1902, d. 02-07-1977, section C-8

Reed, Lollie; b. 04-22-1897, d. 07-17-1943, section C-8

Reed, Ruby S; b. 09-20-1937, d. unknown, section F-4

Reeves, Lula A; b. 1893, d. 1963, section B-7

Reeves, Lyman R; b. 1883, d. 1953, section B-7

Reppond, Luther M. (Jr.); b. 06-27-1941, d. 07-21-1987, section A-10, US Marine Corps.

Rester, Misouria Olive; b. 08-31-1870, d. 04-07-1963, section E-5

Rich, Willie Lee; b. 03-26-1931, d. 11-11-1989, section E-11

Rivers, Luke H; b. 1879, d. 1956, section C-3

Rivers, Rebecca M; b. 1895, d. 1969, section C-3

Roberts, Charlie Mae; b. 11-07-1897, d. 07-17-1965, section F-9

Roberts, Mary R; b. 12-29-1895, d. 08-28-1955, section F-9

Rogers, Audry; b. 07-31-1921, d. 08-19-1922, section C-6

Rogers, Ella (Havard); b. 02-04-1892, d. 01-01-1985, section D-4

Rogers, Ernest Cleveland; b. 10-09-1884, d. 03-18-1973, section D-4

Rogers, infant; b. 06-13-1950, d. 06-13-1950, section D-4

Rogers, Isaac J; b. unknown, d. 12-02-1926, section C-6, Pvt. 162nd Depot Brig.

Rogers, Joe C (Jr.); b. 11-21-1922, d. 08-06-2000, section E-4

Rogers, Joe C. (Sr.); b. 12-25-1894, d. 06-09-1992, section E-4

Rogers, Hurtis Ray; b. unknown, d. 08-26-2008, 64 years old, h/o Doris Rogers

Rogers, Lessie Lera; b. 08-06-1894, d. 10-25-1922, section C-4

Rogers, Matthew Joseph; b. 05-08-1985, d. 04-02-2007, section D-3

Rogers, Ora M; b. 1957, d. 1957, section E-4

Rogers, Thomas A; b. 04-19-1925, d. 07-27-1947, section E-4 Pfc. Co. "K" 39th Inf. 8th Regt. WW-2 (Mississippi)

Roper, Mark W. (Jr.); b. 02-06-1939, d. 03-03-1993, section B-6, CM Sgt. US Air Force, Viet Nam

Rouse, A. Gerald; b. 04-26-1966, d. 12-13-1985, section C-10

Rowell, Larry R; b. 07-27-1945, d. 12-09-2000, section E-5

Rustin, Daniel McKennis; b. 07-26-1907, d. 08-07-1984, section G-4, US Navy

Rustin, Winifred (Leggett); b. 07-11-1919, d. 01-21-1992, section G-4

Rutherford, Clyde Bernard; b. 08-22-1919, d. 10-14-2000 ,section  F-5,  MSgt. US Army Air Force WW-2

Rutherford, David; b. 06-20-1953, d.06-20-1953, section F-5, inf. son of C & M Rutherford

Rutherford, infant; b.04-12-1947, d. 04-12-1947, section F-5, dau. of  C & M Rutherford

Rutherford, Merva (Parker); b. unknown, d. 06-11-2008, 90 years old, w/o Clyde Bernard Rutherford

Rutherford, Paul; b. 06-23-1954, d.06-23-1954, section F-5, inf. son of C. & M. Rutherford

Salter, Dorothy Jane; b. 12-13-1941, d. 08-16-2007, section D-9

Scarbrough, Alexender Y; b. 06-18-1865, d. 08-24-1946, section F-9

Scarbrough, Annie; b. 10-02-1873, d. 11-14-1944, section F-9

Scarbrough, Donia A; b. 06-02-1874, d. 10-13-1965, section F-9

Scott, Bryan Anthony; b. 01-29-1975, d. 01-31-1975, section C-3

Scott, Ryan Edward; b. 01-29-1975, d. 01-30-1975, section C-3

Seal, Nancy Lee; b. 06-24-1878, d. 06-24-1938, section E-6

Seal, Urian L; b. 03-11-1872, d. 12-14-1943, section E-6

Seals, Clifton Earl; b. 05-15-1961, d. 05-15-1961, section D-6

Seals, Johnnie B; b. 07-07-1908, d. 03-03-1975, section B-1

Seals, T.J; b. 01-12-1930, d. 06-29-1930, section D-6

Seals, William R; b. 09-15-1937, d. 04-04-1982, section B-1, "Father"

Sharples, Deborah Ruth; b. 10-30-1950, d. 03-24-1951, section D-6

Sharples, Juanita D; b. 05-28-1921, d. 09-21-1984, section D-6

Shepard, Algy Leo; b. 04-19-1907, d. 02-28-1988, section C-4

Shepard, Craig; b. 10-06- 1958, d. 07-14-1973, section D-1

Shepard, Elizabeth; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-8, L.J. & E. Shepard

Shepard, Loraine S; b. 05-06-1928, d. 05-06-1928, section C-1

Shepard, Mary Alma; b. 05-15-1911, d. 06-04-2004, section C-4

Shepard, William Coyt; b. 12-16-1920, d. 02-01-1972, section C-1

Shepard, Willie Pearl; b. 01-28-1920, d. 01-08-1958, section B-8

Shephard, Bessie W; b. 01-14-1913, d. 02-08-2000, section A-9

Shephard, Bessie; b. 05-17-1887, d. 09-08-1906, section B-8

Shephard, Clarence Eugene; b. 12-27-1895, d. 01-01-1940, section A-7

Shephard, Evelyn (Myles); b. 05-29-1924, d. 06-02-1926, section B-7

Shephard, J.T; b. 03-14-1855, d. 11-12-1904, section B-8

Shephard, Louis A; b. 09-26-1912, d. 02-09-1984, section A-9

Shephard, Minnie L. (Breland); b. 03-27-1897, d. 07-27-1960, section A-7

Shephard, Minnie Nadine; b. 04-12-1935, d. 03-27-1943, section A-7

Shephard, Nancy C; b. 01-14-1895, d. 08-21-1929, section A-8

Shephard, Ola Mae; b. 11-16-1918, d. 02-26-1921,section B-7, dau of G.E.& Minnie Shephard

Shephard, Sarah Evelyn (Adams); b. 02-09-1858, d. 04-09-1929, section B-8

Shepheard, Alton R. (Jr.); b. 03-29-1905, d. 08-27-1923, section A-8

Shepheard, Celia; b. 08-07-1910, d. 12-19-1985, section A-8

Shepheard, Herbert; b. 11-06-1928, d. 12-07-1991, section A-8

Shepheard, Jody (Lott); b. 1888, d. 1956, section D-5

Shepheard, Riley Edward; b. 11-01-1939, d. 03-21-2007, section A-8

Shepherd, Agnes D; b. 08-24-1919, d. 02-11-1995, section C-8

Shepherd, Edgar E; b. 05-01-1916, d. 01-02-1991, section C-8

Shepherd, infant; b. 03-10-1912, d. 03-14-1912, section B-8, W.P. & Lula Shepherd

Shepherd, Lewis Avera; b. 1890, d. 07-16-1938, section C-8

Shepherd, Lucy H; b. 07-04-1874, d. 11-15-1932, section A-8, "headstone is facing west"

Shepherd, Robert L; b.09-15-1882, d.12-04-1968, section A-8, "headstone is facing west"

Shepherd, Robert M; b.08-15-1935, d.03-12-1937, section B-8, "headstone is facing west"

Shepherd, Sadie (Holland); b. 10-17-1891, d. 10-28-1982, section C-8

Shepherd, Velda Rae; b. 11-11-1940, d. 11-04-1941, section C-8

Shepherd, W.P; b. 12-07-1886, d. 09-10-1926, section B-8

Shephard, Rance L.; b. 05-30-1865, d. 05-19-1956, (section A-7)

Sheppard, Jacob M; b.12-28-1919, d.06-12-1963, sectionC-8, SC3 USNaval Reserve WW2

Simmons, Dora (Eubanks); b. 03-22-1916, d. 03-28-1990, section C-4

Simmons, Ernestine E; b. 09-02-1921, d. 05-06-1969, section C-2

Simmons, Troy W; b. 01-11-1918, d. 03-09-2003, section C-4, Sgt US Army Air Force WW-2

Sims, Claudia Mae; b. 08-27-1956, d. 07-30-2005, section E-10

Sims, Henry Odell; b. 08-27-1912, d. 03-03-1996, section F-3

Sims, Leona Arlege; b. 08-25-1912, d. unknown, section F-3

Sims, Sudie W; b. 12-18-1883, d. 10-21-1961, section F-8

Smith, Authur Wade; b. 05-18-1941, d. 03-02-2007, section B-2, "Pete"

Smith, Betty; b. 01-03-1867, d. 03-03-1937, section C-5

Smith, Elizabeth L; b. 06-23-1949, d. 05-03-2002, section A-8

Smith, Fannie Josephine (Buckly); b. 10-13-1873, d. 02-02-1952, section F-9

Smith, Felix R; b. 03-06-1909, d. 11-03-1925, section C-8, son of Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Smith

Smith, George W; b. 06-25-1842, d. 10-25-1916, section C-5, Pvt. Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav. C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Smith, Gregory Scott; b. 01-04-1968, d. 04-20-1968, section F-3

Smith, James M; b. 1871, d. 1940, section B-8

Smith, John Almie; b. 11-03-1906, d. 02-02-1992, section B-10

Smith, Julius Stanley; b. 04-09-1912, d. 10-20-2001, section B-2

Smith, Lannie V; b. 1890, d. 1958, section B-8

Smith, Mabel; b. 03-23-1913, d. unknown, section B-2

Smith, Otis L. (Jr.); b. 10-14-1943, d. 10-27-1984, section C-10, SA US Navy

Smith, Ruth Helen; b. 06-20-1926, d. 01-11-2000, section B-10

Smith, Robin Elizabeth; b. 08-13-1961, d. 03-27-2008, 46 years old, w/o Daniel Paul “Danny” Smith, section E-10

Smith, Wade; b. 03-09-1905, d. 04-30-1988, section B-2

Springs, Barbara Louise; b. unknown, d. 12-26-2007, 69 years old, w/o Frank Spring

Steadham, Peggy Yvonne; b. 11-28-1940, d. 04-24-2005, section A-5

Stevens, A.L; b. 05-24-1901, d. 12-24-1974, section D-9, "Leon"

Stevens, Martha Belle; b. 03-25-1907, d. 07-09-1993, section E-9

Stevens, Pearl V. (Gibson); b. 10-28-1891, d. 07-30-1908, section C-6

Stevens, Sim; b. 02-22-1895, d. 07-30-1985, section D-9, Pvt. US Army, WW-1

Stevison, Ida L; b. 08-03-1930, d. 10-17-1963, section G-9

Stevison, Robert L; b. 03-10-1926, d. 12-30-2005, section G-9

Stinson, Georgan; b. 02-16-1860, d. 11-12-1952, section F-9

Strahan, Warren J; b. 09-25-1932, d. 01-01-1982, section G-7

Strength, Louise S; b. 11-10-1917, d. unknown, section D-1

Strength, Vernie M; b. 02-17-1909, d. 04-23-1975, section C-1

Strickland, Angelyn; b. 03-30-1949, d. 12-23-1964, section E-3

Strickland, Lonnie Edward; b. 04-02-1880, d. 08-24-1937, section F-9

Strickland, Rayon Herold; b. 05-14-1927, d. 08-12-1987, section E-3

Stringfellow, Aubrey M; b. 06-03-1901, d. 07-07-1965, section E-7

Stringfellow, Edith (Havard); b. 10-12-1873, d. 01-29-1937, section E-7

Stringfellow, Harold Malory; b. 11-03-1927, d. 02-28-2007, section E-10

Stringfellow, Katie Mae; b. 11-13-1906, d. 09-19-1994, section D-7

Stringfellow, Kirby W; b. 09-10-1912, d. 05-25-1959, section E-5, T Sgt. 247th  Base Unit  Army Air Force WW-2 (Mississippi)

Stringfellow, Lewis N; b. 07-01-1887, d. 02-17-1977, section B-1

Stringfellow, Lydia Juanita; b. 03-28-1939,d. 07-14-1939, section D-7

Stringfellow, Makayla Grace; b. 03-20-2002, d. 03-20-2002, section A-9, "Forever in our hearts"

Stringfellow, Martin Van; b. 12-29-1872, d. 02-08-1944, section E-7

Stringfellow, Ola W; b. 05-02-1906, d. 08-04-1987, section B-1

Stringfellow, Rhoda H; b. 10-13-1900, d. 08-23-1958, section E-7

Stuart, Estelle; b. 01-06-1905, d. 12-21-1994, section F-11

Sylvester, Casel; b. 11-22-1903, d. 01-25-1911, section C-8, F.P. & L.E. Mason

Tanner,  Beverly (Havard); b. 08-15-1950, d. 04-08-1985, section E-2, "Beb"

Tanner, Ethel Mae M; b. 03-29-1931, d. 08-07-1971, section D-4

Tanner, Walter Marion; b. 05-15-1921, d. 01-15-1999, section C-4

Tapscott, Mary Frances; b. 06-08-1928, d. 04-17-1998, section E-10, "Aunt Mime"

Tapscott, Thomas; b. 03-04-1926, d. 04-27-1998, section E-10, "Uncle Chip"

Taylor, infant; b. 10-27-1969, d. 10-27-1969, section G-2, son of Mr/Mrs J.L. Taylor

Taylor, Littleton; b. unknown, d. 05-25-1938, section D-5

Taylor, Marry Jane; b. unknown, d. 01-26-1929, section D-5

Taylor, Rebecca J. "Becky"; b. 09-08-1951, d. 08-15-2007

Taylor, William P; b. 1835, d. 1913, section C-8, 1st Sgt. Co. "H" 17th Regt. Miss. Inf. C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

Terry, Marilyn C; b. 12-23-1940, d. 03-15-1971, section F-7

Thomley,  Joseph W; b. 07-03-1923, d. 08-29-1970, section D-3, Cox. US Navy WW-2

Thomley, Willie Mae; b. 04-21-1902, d. 02-20-1994, section D-3

Thrash, George J; b. 06-24-1919, d. 10-14-1977, section F-4

Thrash, Louise B; b. 04-20-1922, d. 12-23-1985, section F-4

Thrash, Terry Wayne; b. 01-30-1958, d. 01-30-1958, section F-4, infant

Tickle, Jonathon Andrew; b. 05-04-1974, d. 06-16-1993, section E-11, "Son"

Tillman, Luther; b. 05-19-1907, d. 08-07-2002, section C-9

Tillman, Mattie (Finch); b. 08-14-1910, d. 10-18-2003, section C-9

Tucker, John N; b. 10-14-1891, d. 08-01-1979, section E-9

Tucker, M. Magaline; b. 05-18-1892, d. 10-20-1984, section F-9

Tucker, William Merdic; b. 06-30-1923, d. 06-24-1924, section B-8

Tyler, Laura Mae; b. unknown, d. 12-03-1986, section G-2

Tyler, Robert H; b. unknown, d. 05-22-1968, section G-2

Wade, infant twins; b. 11-01-1949, d. 11-01-1949, section E-9, sons of L. & B.H. Wade

Waldrop, William W; b. 1879, d. 1941, section E-9

Walker, Curtis Loyed; b. 05-10-1921, d. 10-12-1991, section A-6, US Army WW-2

Walley, Annie Rae (Eubanks); b. 07-28-1917, d. 08-20-1982, section B-5, "Mother"

Walley, Geneva (Welford); b. 08-07-1922, d. 02-03-1982, section A-2

Walley, infant; b. 08-10-1947, d. 08-10-1947, section E-6, inf. son of Ed & Annie Walley

Walley, Joe Aubrey; b. 10-14-1917, d. 05-13-1986, section A-2, US Army WW-2

Walley, Murdock P; b. 02-27-1925, d. 10-09-2004, section A-6, SF3 US Navy WW-2

Walley, Ronald Edward; b. 04-14-1919, d. 08-11-1989, section B-5, "Daddy"

Walston, Tonya M; b. 06-07-1969, d. 06-08-1969, section E-9

Walters, Amy "Inez" (Brannan); b. 01-03-1919, d. 04-27-2006, section  A-1

Walters, Frances; b. 08-28-1900, d. 08-02-1983, section F-4

Walters, infant; b. 04-13-1949, d. 04-13-1949, section F-4

Walters, James Francis; b. 04-14-1907, d. 06-19-1971, section G-3

Walters, Thompson Fletcher; b. 10-18-1909, d. 10-08-1992, section  A-1

Walters, Lura (Beard); b. 10-12-1917, d. 07-05-1981, section G-3

Waltman, Kimberly C; b. 03-08-1962, d. 07-30-1994, section D-1

Weaver, Avella; b. 1879, d. unknown, section C-6

Weaver, Isaac H; b. 1862, d. 1944, section C-6

Welford, Addie Rebecca; b. 10-06-1894, d. 05-14-1897, section D-5

Welford, Amy Ruth; b. 04-25-1966, d. 04-23-1981, section E-1

Welford, Annie (Taylor); b. unknown, d. 11-11-1927, section D-5

Welford, Annie W; b. 01-12-1899, d. 11-20-1989, section E-8

Welford, Carrie H; b. unknown, d. 01-08-2008, w/o James Welford

Welford, Clarence Wilborn; b. 11-17-1897, d. 09-16-1952, section B-5

Welford, Dorthy; b. 08-20-1911, d. 04-28-1975, section F-8

Welford, Elder Andrew David; b. 04-17-1892, d. 10-17-1965, section D-5

Welford, Ellen (Eubanks); b. 05-22-1904, d. 03-02-1993, section G-3

Welford, Ernie H; b. 03-02-1892, d. 03-23-1972, section B-4 

Welford, George W; b. 08-09-1876, d. 01-24-1957, section D-4

Welford, Glynn Embery; b. 01-12-1921, d. 07-07-1987, section D-5

Welford, Hillie; b. 05-14-1886, d. 03-29-1941, section E-8

Welford, Horace L; b. 01-07-1912, d. 03-18-1985, section E-5

Welford, infant; b. 08-19-1917, d. 08-19-1917, section B-8, W.A. & Sarah Welford

Welford, infant; b. 11-05-1922, d. 11-05-1922, section B-5 inf. dau. Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Welford

Welford, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section B-5, Mr. & Mrs. W,H, Welford

Welford, infant; b. unknown, d. unknown, section C-5, son of W.C. Welford

Welford, J.K; b. 01-21-1913, d. 01-25-1988, section B-9

Welford, James D; b. 09-01-1904, d. 05-15-1984, section B-8

Welford, James H; b. 08-05-1874, d. 08-09-1956, section E-5

Welford, James I; b. 08-16-1938, d. 07-30-2002, section C-3, "Jimmy"

Welford, James W; b. 03-13-1896, d. 12-21-1969, section D-8, Sgt Co. "L" 59th Inf  4th Div

Welford, Johnie; b. 1918, d. 1989, Pfc US Army, section D-9

Welford, Lewie B; b. 05-14-1870, d. 07-05-1956, section B-4

Welford, Lloyd Irving; b. 08-17-1914, d. 09-30-1994, section C-4

Welford, Lois L; b. 05-23-1919, d. 11-26-1995, section A-5

Welford, Lucille (Brannan); b. 1908, d. 1933, section D-6

Welford, Marcus; b. 07-11-1907, d. 03-15-1970, section E-2

Welford, Mary E; b. 07-19-1836, d. 01-02-1908, section B-5, wife of W.M. Welford

Welford, Morris; b. 08-17-1914, d. 01-09-1958, section E-5, SSgt. 2117th Base Unit Army Air Force WW-2 , AM & 2 Oak Leaf Clusters

Welford, Myrtis; b. 06-19-1920, d. 09-07-2005, section E-8

Welford, Ola Mae (Eubanks); b. 09-20-1911, d. 07-08-1975, section E-2

Welford, Polly H; b. 08-16-1881, d. 01-02-1948, section E-5

Welford, R. Ford; b. 02-08-1905, d. 05-30-1959, section E-4

Welford, Roy; b. 06-24-1904, d. 05-29-1977, section G-3

Welford, Roy Wayne; b. 07-11-1948, d. 04-19-1966, section G-3

Welford, Ruby E; b. 05-08-1902, d. 06-19-1970, section B-5

Welford, Rufus; b. 03-29-1905, d. 01-14-1959, section F-8

Welford, Sarah M. (Havard); b. 02-??-1884, d. 08-16-1923, section B-8

Welford, Sarah M; b. 09-29-1881, d. 04-27-1959, section D-4

Welford, Sarah Pauline; b. 06-02-1919, d. 08-28-2007, section C-4

Welford, Stephney Delain; b. 11-18-1964, d. 11-19-1964, section E-9

Welford, Steven Eldridge; b. 08-03-1940, d. 08-27-2003, section E-1

Welford, Sudie H; b. 07-12-1909, d. 10-11-2002, section B-9

Welford, Viola B; b. 08-04-1877, d. 01-08-1926, section B-5

Welford, William Albert; b. 05-??-1879, d. 03-25-1923, section B-8

Welford, William C; b. 02-08-1899, d. 02-22-1967, section B-5

Welford, William Donald; b. 07-01-1930, d. 10-07-1987, section D-1

Welford, William Edwin; b. 11-22-1911, d. 05-02-1994, section B-4

Welford, William Howard; b. 05-25-1868, d. 12-27-1995, section B-5

Welford, William M; b. 03-16-1839, d. 05-27-1906, section B-5, Pvt. Co. "E" 36th Ala. Inf. (Prisoner of War) C.S.A. CIVIL WAR VETERAN

West, Betty N; b. 06-17-1934, d. 05-26-2002, section B-9

West, Kenneth Wayne; b. 01-06-1971, d. 10-02-1985, section G-3

West, Margaret B; b. 01-26-1922, d. 08-06-1946, section E-8

West, Robert L; b. 05-25-1943, d. 04-26-1954, section E-8

West, Rose Gayle; b. 10-31-1943, d. 01-12-2005, section G-3

West, Thomas L; b. 08-08-1945, d. 04-28-1949, section E-8

West, William E; b. 03-16-1941, d. 08-06-1946, section E-8

Whatley, E.A; b. 08-17-1869, d. 11-15-1941, section B-9

Whatley, Floyd E; b. 02-19-1908, d. 11-27-1992, section F-2

Whatley, Iga Dora (Baggett); b. 08-12-1885, d. 06-24-1966, section B-9

Whatley, Paul; b. 01-13-1887, d. 03-11-1973, section D-5

Whatley, Sally M; b. 02-07-1896, d. 05-16-1973, section D-5

Wiggins, W. Morris; b. 03-28-1913, d. 02-01-1977, section D-4, Pvt. US Army

Williams, Fridge M; b. 04-04-1911, d. 12-06-1969, section F-8

Williams, George Owen; b. 03-05-1922, d. 01-28-1991, section G-2, Pfc. US Army

Williams, John W; b. 03-13-1896, d. 01-15-1945, section D-6

Williams, Mattie T; b. 05-14-1899, d. 01-27-1978, section D-6

Williams, Prentiss; b. 06-09-1907, d. 01-10-1976, section F-8

Williams, William V (Sr.); b. 01-16-1945, d. 12-08-2002, section G-9

Williamson, Sanford Lawrence; b. 07-14-1922, d. 11-08-1995, section F-10, GM2 US Navy

Wilson, Robert  Martin; b. 10-19-1938, d. 06-08-1991, section D-10

Wilson, John Albert (Jr.); b. unknown, d. 11-04-2007, 69 yrs. old  (section D-1)

Wolfe, Benjamin H; b. 09-02-1934, d. 02-20-1964, section E-5, SSgt. Co. "B" 63rd Armor

Wolfe, Callie (Hawkins); b. 05-22-1875, d. 08-24-1956, section E-5

Wolfe, Robert Halsey; b. 04-23-1913, d. 05-06-2003, section F-5

Wolfe, Robert Wayne; b. 10-13-1953, d. 10-15-1953, section F-5

Wolfe, Thomas Henry; b. 02-22-1870, d. 02-11-1948, section E-5

Wolfe, Worth B; b. 09-28-1903, d. 05-31-1966, section E-5

Womack, Elizabeth H; b. 6-28-1919, d. 8-4-1997, section C-1

Woodard, Roy E; b. 11-28-1907, d. 12-06-1973, section E-6

Woodard, Grady Allen; b. 12-04-1938, d. 12-04-1938, section E-6

Wozencraft, Marlene E; b. 09-21-1932, d. 09-22-1932, section D-6

Wozencraft, Warren Lynn; b. 09-10-1943, d. 05-20-1970, section D-6, Capt. US Army

Yrabedra, Frank (Jr.); b. 06-17-1920, d. 01-31-2003, section B-9, Sgt. US Army Air Force, 9th Air Force, WW-2

Yrabedra, Le Moyne (Adams); b. 09-24-1923, d. 04-16-2007, section B-9

Crosby, Ethel Mae (Eubanks); b. 03-31-1917, d. 10-25-2007, w/o Floyd Crosby section F-1

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