Lisa's Cemetery Site

George County, Mississippi

Cemetery surveyed by Jimmy Trussell,

Take Main Street going west in Lucedale, Mississippi and as you near the end of town you will see Lamar Street on your right.
Take this right hand turn (north), and go .4 tenths of a mile and Rhymes Baptist Church will be on your right. The cemetery is located
behind the church, and is surrounded by a chain link fence. Colon Havard gave me permission to walk the cemetery on May 5th, 2007.
I walked the cemetery and all information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.
The cemetery belongs to the church and is maintained by church members, it was in good shape.


Havard, Maria Danielle; b. 01-30-1980, d. 01-30-1980

Lawson, James P; b. 05-22-1941, d. 08-09-1996, "Daddy"

Havard, Byran L; b. 10-24-1982, d. 12-16-1982

Smith, Margaret (Colburn); b. 08-20-1930, d. 03-14-1999, 68 years

Dunagan, Ed; b. unknown, d. unknown

Musgrove, Vinson Franklin; b. 07-30-1917, d. 09-12-1994, S SGT. US Army WW-2 PURPLE HEART

Lindsey, Pretiss R; b. 06-05-1939, d. 04-27-1988

Wright, Johnny Ray; b. 07-31-1959, d. 04-06-1974

Havard, Carrol R; b. 10-01-1942, d. 09-05-1979, "Bootsie"

Havard, Leonard T; b. 06-01-1918, d. 03-16-1986

Havard, Grace M; b. 12-31-1921, d. 01-27-2002

Goff, Colon Brady; b. 03-10-1998, d. 08-15-1998, "Lil Colon"

Reyes, Maria Sara; b. 01-13-1968, d. 11-17-1996, "In Loving Memory"

Thaggard, Roxy Charlotte; b. 04-14-1945, d. 06-15-2000

Carver, Dennis Jay; b. 03-03-1960, d. 05-24-2003, 34 years

Baham, Sena Marie (Robertson); b. 12-23-1970, d. 11-11-2004

Havard, Greg Elmbre; b. 08-14-1934, d. 04-08-1990, "KID"

Bullock, Thomas Jerome; b. 04-30-1939, d. 02-14-2001, "In God's Care"

Davis, Dorothy Mae; b. 10-17-1942, d. 08-14-2002

Dement, Euna Vae; b. 05-09-1918, d. 11-16-2003

Smith, Ronald Delmas; b. 06-16-1942, d. 08-30-1982

Smith, John R; b. 05-13-1938, d. 06-04-1993, AN US Navy

Parker, B. E; b. 01-06-1930, d. 11-23-1987, "BUSTER"

Reeves, Fred; b. 01-28-1938, d. 04-04-2005, "Beloved Brother"

Havard, Nealey; b. 03-19-1937, d. 04-20-2006, "Missed By All"

Pierce, Jaden Blaise; b. 02-15-2002, d. 08-26-2005, "Loving Daughter & Sister"

Colburn, Michael Dee; b. 09-29-1972, d. 02-21-1992

Colburn, Harold Hoppy; b. 09-08-1935, d. 01-24-1997

Tribble, Amanda Merle (Parker); b. 06-10-1978, d. 10-12-2006, "Mandy"

Davis, Mona; b. 10-01-1968, d. 05-04-2004, "Daddy Loves You"

Davis, Margie M; b. 08-03-1950, d. 11-20-1996

Davis, Lela Mae; b. 05-31-1914, d. 03-28-1995

Huffman, Ella Carolyn (Rhymes); b. unknown, d. 09-22-2007, (age 54), daughter of Amos & Pallie (Havard) Rhymes

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