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Family Cemetery
County, Mississippi


Driving south on Highway 63 in the city of Lucedale, Ms., there will be an Auto Zone Parts store. Take a right on the street next to this building, it is
Martin Luther King Street
. This street goes .03tenths of a mile to a stop sign . You will continue in the same direction (west), however, the street changes
names now to Fig Farm Road. Stay on Fig Farm Road 2.0 miles, the road will take a sharp curve to the left and in this curve there is a road leaving to the right.
This is Merritt Road, you will take this road and go on west another .07 tenths of a mile. You will come to cemetery road on your right, take this road and
go .01 tenth of a mile and the cemetery will be on your left. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and is pretty well maintained. There are numerous
unmarked graves in this cemetery. The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell, on March 31, 2007, all information was taken from
headstones and temporary grave markers.


Bennett, Joe B; b. 10-27-1932, d. 08-24-1964, FN US Navy

Fallon, M. Wayne; b. 02-25-1940, d. 01-19-2004

Fallon, Michael Wayne; b. 04-12-1972, d. 04-19-1972

Fallon, Ray; b.10-16-1905, d. 11-14-1965

Fallon, Lessie Lee; b. 04-30-1916, d.11-01-2005

Fallon, Emma Lee; b. 07-25-1938, d. 10-14-2004

Fallon, Jerry Ray; b. 08-28-1954, d. 08-31-1954

Jones, Hudie; b. 06-19-1933, d. 05-11-2003

Havard, Dave Britton; b. 08-24-1889, d. 03-19-1958

Havard, Viola (Merritt); b. 07-28-1888, d. 08-28-1975

Jones, Samuel; b. 12-10-1935, d. 05-23-1990

Howell, Cleveland; b. ??-??-1912, d. ??-??-1964

Langley, Everette Donist; b. 07-24-1936, d. 11-11-1961

Howell, Myrtle Lee; b. ??-??-1918, d. ??-??-1956

Jones, Ollie; b. 12-23-1893, d. 04-03-1979

Jones, Elsie Lee (Bennett); b. 07-10-1898, d. 12-06-1952

Parker, Robert Ora; b. 05-08-1898, d. 08-16-1977

Parker, Minnie Lee (Fallon); b. 06-18-1899, d. 08-19-1984

Parker, Melonee; b. 04-25-1925, d. 07-21-1940

Parker, baby; b.??-??-????, d. 02-16-1924

Britt, Roy Lee; b. 11-23-1941, d. 11-25-1941

Merritt, Comer; b. 11-15-1926, d. 11-19-1926

Merritt, Marie; b. 05-27-1938, d. 06-19-1938

Jones, James E; b. 10-04-1955, d. 02-10-1960

Jones, Mark T; b. 06-13-1954, d. 06-25-1958

Jones, Marvin Ollie; b. 04-14-1931, d. 10-11-2002

Jones, Joann  (Butterworth); b.05-25-1937, d. 05-16-2000

Jones, William; b. 12-26-1920, d. 01-08-1998, PVT US Army WW-2

Merritt, Quinton D; b. 10-20-1923, d. 11-09-1987, PFC US Army WW-2

Pipkin, (unknown); b. 08-18-1868, d. 11-01-1892

Pipkin, Charley; b. 03-17-1847, d. 02-17-1930

Pipkin, Lettie; b. 09-??-1907, d. 05-??-1935

Britt, Emma (Pipkin); b. 01-09-1872, d. 12-30-1937

Bennett, Herbert Hoover; b. 09-26-1928, d. 04-29-1982, PFC US Army

Bennett, Ruby Laura; b. 01-05-1912, d. 03-30-1968

Bennett, Marvin Lee; b. 10-20-1904, d. 01-04-1966

Merritt, J.T; b. 02-21-1922, d. 12-23-1983, PFC US Army WW-2

Anders, Patricia Ann; b. 07-04-1950, d. 09-29-2005,  "Mother"

Anders, Jamie Scott; b. 12-14-1974, d. 01-02-2002, "Hurricane"

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