Lisa's Cemetery Site

Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
George County, Mississippi

Traveling South from Lucedale, Mississippi on highway 613, you will go 8.4 miles. On your left will be Ward/Pineview Road, take this left turn and as
soon as you cross the railroad tracks "Pineview Church" will be directly in front of you. The cemetery is located behind the church building, and is surrounded
on all sides with a chain link fence. The cemetery was in very good condition and all information was gathered from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.
The cemetery was walked on April 27th, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell, There was one unmarked grave in this cemetery.
The cemetery is owned and maintained by Pineview Church.


Durden, Hudson B; b. 03-06-1906, d. 04-05-1976

Harwood, Joe Bennie (Sr.); b. 09-16-1897, d. 09-19-1980

Harwood, Lula M. (Durden); b. 07-11-1909, d. 02-18-1997

Lambert, Doris (Harwood); b. 08-16-1928, d. 10-17-2005

Harwood, Joe B; b. 02-12-1931, d. 08-07-1993, SSGT. US Air Force, Korea

Allgood, C. Janet; b. 03-18-1974, d. 05-29-1977

Powell, William Ernest; b. 04-24-1908, d. 04-30-1989

Powell, Annie H; b. 10-05-1911, d. 02-06-2000

Powell, Windell Holmes; b. 12-28-1931, d. 12-11-2005

Hembree, Lora Annette; b. 08-13-1938, d. 07-19-2004

Shows, Richard; b. 03-02-1938, d. 05-26-2001

Shows, Lena Onita; b. 05-19-1919, d. 01-12-2004

Yates, Jefferson T; b. 09-04-1905, d. 01-28-1986

Yates, Edith A; b. 01-17-1949, d. 01-04-2003

Moss, Jack Dewayne; b. 05-06-1968, d. 09-12-2004, "Kaleigh’s Dad"

Smith, Luther Levander; b. 10-09-1905, d. 06-30-1992

Smith, Ludie (Douglas); b. 01-24-1908, d. 04-16-1995

Smith, Sebron L; b. 09-28-1927, d. 12-10-1979

Smith, V. Berneice; b. 06-03-1932, d. 08-10-2005

Stonecypher, Bertha (Allen); b. 07-29-1908, d. 09-08-1978, "Mother"

Stonecypher, Wm. Aubrey; b. 08-09-1910, d. 12-28-1997, "Father"

Corley, Carroll Harrison; b. 02-19-1934, d. 07-15-1989

Corley, Wm. Carter; b. 07-29-1897, d. 04-14-1976

Corley, Irma (Cobb); b. 08-04-1902, d. 09-20-1994

Jones, Thomas Trymbol; b. 05-17-1906, d. 03-11-1988

Jones, Eugina (Vise); b. 12-31-1909, d. 09-24-1982

Jones, Edd; b. 03-02-1934, d. 10-15-1998, MSGT. US Air Force Korea & Viet Nam

Jones, Charles Luther; b. 06-25-1932, d. 11-17-1988, SSGT. US Air Force  Korea

McRae, Brian Luther; b. 09-26-1973, d. 02-12-2000

McRae, Laina Vanessa; b. 06-06-1978, d. 06-07-1978, "God's Smallest Angel"

Eubanks, William D; b. 05-05-1927, d. 06-28-1993, CPL. US Army Korea

Eubanks, Vanessa Ann; b. 04-20-1983, d. 04-20-1983,""Our Angel", inf. dau. Ann/Van Eubanks

Eubanks, Joanna Michelle; b. 12-27-1984, d. 08-11-2004, "Precious Daughter of Van/Ann", "Loving Sister of Michael/Kimberly"...JO  JO  #25

Eaton, E.J; b. 07-14-1969, d. 07-14,1969, "Baby"

Pierce, Odee; b. 12-26-1928, d. 09-07-1996, "Beloved Sister"

Vandiver, Alice; b. ??-??-1889, d. ??-??-1959

Pierce, Brett James; b. 08-29-1989, d. 04-03-1990

Reeves, Clois M. (Johnston); b. 09-14-1927, d. 07-15-1998

Pierce, Shelby Hulet; b. 07-19-1922, d. 04-29-1995, S1 US Navy WW-2


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