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Confederate Pension Applications
Rowland, Bailey R. through Russell, Richard M.
Source: Alabama Archives, Microfilm # S1987.2159
Name Pensioner County Military Record Death Date Where
Rowland, Bailey R. Rowland, Sephronia Houston Pvt., Co. C, 7th Georgia Regiment 20 February 1902
Rowland, Hugh B. Rowland, Kate Graham Talladega Pvt., Montgomery Greys, 6th Alabama Regiment 30 November 1899 or 1900 Bradford, Alabama
Rowland, James F. Rowland, Mrs. P. Z. St. Clair Pvt., Co. F, 10th Regiment 21 May 1885 Cropwell, Alabama
Rowland, Thomas R. Rowland, Mary E. Calhoun Sgt., Co. G, 10th Alabama Regiment 1862
Rowland, W. C. Rowland, W. C. & Rowland, Emma Cherokee Pvt., 1st South Carolina Regiment Not Stated
Rowland, W. M. Rowland, W. M. & Rowland, P. C. Lamar Pvt., Co. H, 50th Alabama Regiment 22 May 1920 Near Belk, Alabama
Rowlen (Rowland), H. B.
Coosa Pvt., Co. H, 6th Alabama Regiment Not Stated
Rowlen, J. V.
Elmore Pvt., Co. D, 7th Alabama Cavalry

Rowlen, Thomas Joseph Rowlen, Mattie Ellen Elmore Sgt., Campbell's Co., 8th Alabama Cavalry 18 March 1898 Robinson Springs, Ala.
Roy, I. M. Roy, Louisa Jane Shelby Pvt., co. K, 30th Alabama Infantry 1912
Roy, J. R.
Randolph Pvt., Co. A, 2nd Alabama

Roy, J. W.
Lawrence Pvt., Co. C, 35th Alabama Infantry

Roy, James D. Roy, Sarah E. Randolph Pvt., Co. F, 59th Alabama

Roy, James W. Roy, Caroline Jefferson Pvt., Co. B, 22nd Alabama 09 November 1906 Adamsville, Alabama
Roy, John Henry Roy, Nancy J. Autauga Pvt., Co. K, 7th Alabama Cavalry 04 September 1923 Billingsley, Alabama
Roy, John W. Roy, Lola Autauga No Record 15 April 1900
Roy, Joseph Roy, Louisa Autauga Pvt., Co. E, 59th Alabama Infantry 11 March 1882 Elmore Co., Alabama
Roy, L. N. Roy, L.N. & Roy, Caroline M. Shelby Sgt., Co. K, 30th Alabama Infantry 23 December 1923 Shelby Co., Alabama
Roy, M. E.
Cleburne No Record

Roy, William Roy, William Autauga Pvt., Co. B, 53rd Alabama 1864 In Battle
Roy, Wm. W. Roy, W. W. & Roy, Emma Shelby Pvt., Co. K, 30th Alabama 15 April 1915
Royal, C. J. Royal, C. J. & Royal, Mrs. Louisa D. Conecuh Pvt., Co. B, 18th Alabama 19 April 1904 Belleville, Conecuh Co., Alabama
Royal, H. A.
Crenshaw Pvt., Co. F, 17th Alabama

Royal, H. D. Royal, Dove Chambers & Lee Pvt., Co. B, 43rd Alabama Infantry

Royal. W. H. Royal, Sarah, F. Chambers Pvt., Co. B, 45th Alabama Infantry 28 November 1903
Royals, General Royals, Eliza. Autauga Pvt., Co. K, 1st Alabama Artillery 8 December 1882
Roycroft, A. C. Roycroft, A.C. & Roycroft, Sarah F. Tuscaloosa Pvt., Co. A, 41st Alabama 15 December 1899
Roycroft, H. D.
Fayette Pvt., Co. C, Adam s Battalion

*Roycroft, James Monroe
*See notes below
Roycroft, J. M. & Roycroft, Mary H. Tuscaloosa Pvt. Fowler s Battery of Light Artillery 02 January 1930
Thompson Cemetery
Bear Creek Road
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Roye, J. R. Roye, Elizabeth Elmore Pvt., Co. H, 45th Alabama

Royer, G. W. Royer, G. W. & Royer, Docia A. Morgan Pvt., Co. C, 5th Alabama Cavalry 16 December 1913 Albany, Alabama
Royer, H. H.
Morgan Pvt., Co. C, 5th Alabama

Royer, J. T.
Lawrence Capt., Co. Q, 5th Alabama Cavalry

Royers, J. R.
Morgan Pvt., Co. F, Mississippi Regiment

Royster, Horace T. Royster, Mrs. C. V. Jefferson Pvt., Co. E, 1st North Carolina Cavalry

Royster, J. W.
Etowah Pvt., Co. E, 42nd Alabama

Royston, Joseph Royston, Joseph & Royston, Beatrice Kate Talladega Pvt., Co. F, 61st Alabama 01 October 1905 * 1904, 1905 & 1906 was given as the death years. Could have been either one Louisiana
Rozelle, S. T.
Clay Pvt., Co. A, Hardee's Battalion

Rozzell, J. M. Rozzell, Mrs. A. E. Pickens Pvt., Co. I, 3rd Regiment 01 September 1889
Rozzelle, W. H. Rozzelle, Mrs. M. J. Pickens Pvt., Co. A, 19th Alabama 25 March 1896
Rubel, Emanuel
Jefferson Pvt., Co. D, 19th Mississippi

Rucker, Andrew W. (Wooley)
Elmore Pvt., Co. A, 56th Alabama Cavalry

Rucker, George Rucker, Nancy Lawrence Pvt., 16th Alabama 22 September 1892
Rucker, Jeramiah Rucker, Sarah Geneva Pvt., Co. K, 25th Alabama 11 October 1865
Rucker, Willis Rucker, Mrs. Frances Ann Wilcox Pvt., Co. D, 62nd Alabama 05 June 1885
Rucks, Elisha P. Rucks, Elisha P. & rucks, Mary F. DeKalb Pvt., Co. B, 49th Alabama

Rucks, George Rucks, Nicie Cherokee Pvt., Co. E, 19th Alabama Infantry

Rucks, J. F. Rucks, Mrs. M. E. DeKalb Pvt. Co. I, 3rd Alabama *Labeled as Deserter 15 July 1910
Rucks, W. W.
DeKalb Pvt. Co. C, 3rd Alabama

Rucks, William
DeKalb Pvt. Co. D, Phillips Legion

Rudd, Henry Rudd, Henry & Rudd, Mrs. M. M. Shelby Pvt., Co. F, 30th Alabama 05 October 1908
Rudd, James Dallas Rudd, James Dallas & Rudd, Sarah H. Coffee & Elmore Pvt., Co. G, 57th Regiment 1925 Old Soldier s Home
Rudd, W. E.
Dale Corp., co. F, 15th Alabama

Rudd, Wesley Rudd, Elizabeth Pike Pvt., Co. E, 49th Alabama Infantry

Rudd, William H. Rudd, Florence Marion Capt., Co. H, Col., Jim Vaughn s Regiment abt. 1892 Dalton, Ga.
Rudder, W. H.
Montgomery Pvt., 1st Alabama Cavalry

Rudisill, Abel L.
Marengo Pvt., Co. A, 43rd Alabama

Rudulph, James Murray Rudulph, Caroline White Jefferson Pvt., Sharp s Shooter, Co. K & M 5th Ala. Reg. 19 May 1897
Rudulph, John B.
Dallas Col., 10th Confederate Cavalry

Ruff, George R.
Talladega Pvt., Co. H, 51st Alabama Cavalry

Ruff, James L.
Lowndes Co. G, 3rd Regiment

Ruff, James Reuben Ruff, Eliza J. Crenshaw Ord. Sergeant, Co. K, 13th South Carolina Reg. 01 October 1895
Ruff, W. M. Ruff, Mrs. R. A. C. Tallapoosa Co. G, 53rd Regiment 21 October 1897
Ruff, William A. Ruff, Mrs. W. A. Mobile Pvt., Co. I, 49th Regiment 17 May 1905 Mobile, Ala
Ruffin, E.
Pickens Pvt., Co. E, 35th Regiment

Ruffin, William Ruffin, Nancy Lee Pvt., Co. D, 46th Regiment

Rugg, Hiram
Pike Pvt., Co. M, 6th Regiment

Rumbley, John w. Rumbley, Fannie Monroe Sgt., Co. A, 42nd Regiment 13 January 1909 Monroeville, Ala
Rumbley, N. M. Rumbley, Emma S. Conecuh Lieut., Co. C, 58th Regiment December 1893
Rumbley, T. A. Sr. Rumbley, T. A. Rumbley, Alabama Monroe Co. H, 17th Regiment July 1928 Burnt Corn, Ala.
Rumley, Fred
Sumter Cpl., Co. I, 24th Regiment

Rummage, Thomas A. Rummage, Mary F. Jefferson Pvt., Co. G, 1st North Carolina Regiment March 1917 Birmingham, Ala
Rummage, Wm. T. Rummage, Martha J. Lamar Co. B, 8th Regiment 16 June 1874
Rumph, Cornelius Mandeville
Jefferson Pvt., Co. D, 3rd Alabama Cavalry

Rumsey, Henry Wilson Rumsey, Elizabeth P. Madison Pvt., Cherokee Artillery August 1908
Rumsey, S. B. Rumsey, S. B. & Rumsey, Viney Cherokee Pvt., Cherokee Artillery of Rome Ga. 23 February 1904
Runnels, N. D. Runnells, Mary C. Clay Pvt., Co. K, 9th Mississippi Cavalry 12 May 1879
Runyan, Daniel Theodore Runyan, Annie Eliza Morgan Pvt., 40th Georgia Infantry 29 April 1910 Decatur, Alabama
Runyan, Hiram Runyan, Hiram & Runyan, Permelia J. Clay Pvt., Co. K, 24th Regiment 10 June 1918
Rupert, John
Escambia Pvt., co. B, 62nd Regiment

Ruple, John L. Ruple, John L. St. Clair Pvt., Co. I, 10th Confederate Cavalry

Ruple, Wm. Callaway Ruple, Wm. Callaway & Ruple, Lorena Lowndes Pvt., Co. D, 10th Regiment 05 January 1913 Farmersville, Alabama
Rush, A. W.
Etowah Pvt., Co. C, 21st Georgia Regiment

Rush, Alex S. Rush, Alex S. & Rush, Sallie e. Barbour Pvt., Co. c, 13th Mississippi 31 October 1918
Rush, Benjamin Rush, Mary Mobile Pvt., Co. K, 45th Alabama Infantry 26 December 1901 Mobile, Alabama
Rush, Charles Rush, Ella B. Etowah Pvt., Co. C, 3rd Georgia Cavalry 10 April 1900 Talbot Co., Georgia & buried at Sardis Church
Rush, G. W. Rush, G. W. Coosa Pvt., Co. D, 17th Alabama

Rush, John Wesley Rush, Octavia A. Montgomery Capt., Co. C, 1st Ala., Tn. & Miss Infantry

Rush, S. W. Rush, S. W. Mobile Pvt., Co. B, 45th Alabama Infantry

Rush, W. A. Rush, W. A. Lee Pvt., Co. A-D, 47th Alabama

Rushing, E. D. Rushing, E. D. & Rushing, Virginia F. Fayette Pvt., Co. G, 41st Regiment 13 March 1902
Rushing, J. E. H. Rushing, J. E. H. & Rushing, Eliza J. Pike Pvt., Co. B, 53rd Alabama 28 December 1918
Rushing, J. K. P. Rushing, J. K. P. & Rushing, Martha J. Sumter Pvt., Co. G, 8th Alabama Cavalry 28 March 1917
Rushing, Joel J. Rushing, Martha Cullman Cpl., Co. K, 41st Regiment 04 December 1901
Rushing, M. M. Rushing, M. M. & Rushing, Sarah J. coffee Pvt., co. A, 33rd Regiment 22 December 1914
Rushton, B. M. Rushton, Mrs. S. E. Crenshaw Pvt., Co. F, 17th Alabama 24 July 1864
Rushton, J. C. Rushton, J. C. & Rushton, Mrs. M. E. Pike Pvt., Co. E, 3rd Battalion of Hilliard s Legion 05 February 1871
Rushton, James H. Rushton, Nancy Catherine Montgomery Pvt., Co. E, 33rd Regiment

Rusk, A. J. Rusk, Amanda Cleburne Pvt., Home Guard 01 June 1885
Rusk, David Rusk, David & Rusk, Mrs. P. C. Winston Pvt., Co. E, Cobb s Legion, Georgia Cavalry 23 May 1894/95 Winston Co., Alabama
Rusk, James T. Rusk, James T. Cleburne Clerk, Co. C, Walthall s Regiment

Russ, Caswell c. Russ, Caswell, C. Chilton Pvt., Co. C, 13th Regiment

Russ, John Russ, John & Russ, Emily J. Geneva Pvt., Co. H, 15th Regiment 21 December 1910
Russel, J. L. Russell, J. L. Talladega Pvt., Co. E, 10th Confederate Cavalry

Russell, A. C. Russell, A.C. & Russell, Mrs. M. E. Pickens Pvt., Co. B, 40th Alabama 01 September 1898
Russell, A. E.
Madison Lieut., Conscript

Russell, Absolam Russell, Julia Coffee
01 March 1896
Russell, Alexander Erskine Russell, Alexander E. & Russell, Dona Louise Jabor Jackson & Jefferson 1st Lieut., Dillard's Co., Newman s Regiment 24 August 1896
Russell, Alfred
Blount Pvt., Co. H, 4th Alabama Cavalry

Russell, Andrew(Andy) G. Russell, Martha Jane DeKalb Pvt., Co. K, 3rd Confederate Cavalry 21 April 1906
Russell, B. A. Russell, Jane E. Dallas Pvt., Goldsby s Co., Independent Cavalry 17 November 1889
Russell, Benj. H. Russell, Martha J. Colbert Lieut., Co. H, 16th Alabama

Russell, C. G. Russell, C. G. Conecuh Pvt., Co. K, 5th Regiment

Russell, Charles A. Russell, Charles A. DeKalb Pvt., Co. K, 3rd Confederate Cavalry

Russell, E. B. Russell, E. B. Blount Pvt., Co. F, 19th Regiment

Russell, Edward Russell, Edward & Russell, Fannie Escambia & Conecuh Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Regiment 19 December 1919
Russell, George Bryant Russell, George Bryant Etowah Pvt., Gatewood s Co., Clanton's Brig., Wheeler's Scouts

Russell, George W. Russell, Swepson H. Mobile Pvt., 15th Alabama Cavalry 19 November 1870
Russell, J. L. Russell, J. L. Marion Pvt., Co. A, 20th Regiment

Russell, J. L. D. Russell, Delia J. Jackson Pvt., Co. E, 4th Regiment 28 October 1896
Russell, J. T. Russell, J. T. Talladega Pvt., Co. C, 10th Confederate Cavalry

Russell, J. W. Russell, J. W. & Russell, Fannie Talladega Pvt., Co. A, 30th Regiment 29 August 1914
Russell, James Russell, James Geneva & Butler Pvt. Co. A

Russell, James Joseph Russell, Mary Elizabeth Mobile Mess Boy, (13yrs old) Steamer Gaines, C. S. Navy 09 December 1891
Russell, James L. Russell, James L. & Russell, Mary A. Lamar Pvt., Co. G, 40th Regiment 05 October 1896
Russell, James R. Russell, James R. & Russell, Ponina Fayette Pvt., Co. B & E, 28th Regiment August 1899
Russell, John russell, John & Russell, Susan Barbour Pvt., Co. C, 15th Regiment September 1886
Russell, John C. Russell, Mrs. N. J Houston Pvt., Co. E, 5th Georgia Regiment 15 July 1893
Russell, John D. Russell, John D. & Russell, Nancy Jane Cullman Pvt., Co. F, 29th Regiment 18 October 1917
Russell, John McAllister Russell, John McAllister Jefferson Capt., Q.M. Dept., 9th Alabama Cavalry

Russell, John V. Russell, John V. & Russell, Sarah C. Cherokee Pvt., Cherokee Artillery of Georgia 14 April 1918
Russell, John, Tyler russell, John tyler Bibb Pvt., Co. A, 4th Regiment

Russell, Joseph P. Russell, Joseph P. & Russell, Mary V. Marion Pvt., Co. D, 44th Regiment 11 July 1914
Russell, Levy Manly Russell, Mary Jane Tuscaloosa, Bibb & Jefferson Pvt., Co. C, 20th Regiment abt 1887 At or near Greenpond, Alabama
Russell, M. C. Russell, M. C. & Russell, Bettie K. Dallas Pvt., Co. H, 3rd Alabama Cavalry 15 January 1916
Russell, M. M. Russell, M. M. & Russell, Winaford Blount 2nd Lieut., Co. F, 29th Regiment 29 may 1901
Russell, Monroe Russell, Monroe & Russell, Mollie c. Monroe Pvt., Co. C, 9th Cavalry 25 February 1935
Russell, Nace Russell, Susan Coffee Pvt., Co. K, 3rd Regiment 20 November 1900
Russell, Perry G. Russell, Mrs. A. B. Perry Pvt., Co. A, 31st Mississippi Regiment 17 November 1895
Russell, Richard M. Russell, Rebecca L. Greene & Tuscaloosa Pvt., Co. G, 42nd Regiment 19 February 1870

*Roycroft, James Monroe--Born 21 July 1845, mother; Elizabeth Marcum, father; Jerome Roycroft

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