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Confederate Pension Applications
Phillips, J. A. through Pierce, John
Source: Alabama Archives, Microfilm # S1987.2151

Veteran's Name
Military Record
*Taken from pension file*

Phillips, J. A.
Phillips, J. A. Tallapoosa
Pvt., Co. F, 47th Regiment

Phillips, J. A.
Phillips, J. A. Coffee
Pvt., Co. H, 53rd Regiment

Phillips, J. B.
Phillips, J. B. Lauderdale
Pvt., Co. B, 9th Tennessee Regiment

Phillips, John C.
Phillips, John C. Lauderdale
Pvt., Co. I, 9th Regiment

Philips, J. C.
Philips, Mrs. E. E.
Pvt., Co. D, 38th Regiment
10 April 1887
Phillips, J. C.
Phillips, Mrs. E. C.
Pvt., Co. C, 4th Georgia Regiment
14 December 1890
Phillips, J. D.
Phillips, J. D. Butler
Co. D, 61st Regiment

Phillips, J. J.
Phillips, J. J. Clay
Co. K, 14th Regiment

Phillips, J. P.
Phillips, J. P. Tuscaloosa
Pvt., Co. F, Ball's Confederate Cavalry

Phillips, J. R.
Phillips, J. R. &  Phillips, Nancy E.
Pvt., Co. K, 4th Regiment
14 April 1911
Phillips, J. S.
Phillips, Elizabeth
Pvt., Co. A, 1st Georgia Regiment
02 February 1898
Phillips, J. W.
Phillips, J. W. Chambers
Pvt., Co. D, 14th Regiment

Phillips, J. W.
Phillips, Laura Jane
St. Clair
No information given

Phillips, J. W. B.
Phillips, Mrs. I. F.
Pvt., Co. F, 30th Regiment
18 February 1865
Phillips, James M.
Phillips, James M. & Phillips, Martha Elva
Pvt., Co. B, 12th Regiment
18 July 1919
Phillips, James
Phillips, James Baldwin
Pvt., Home Guard

Phillips, James
Phillips, Mrs. M. E.
Co. E, 23rd Regiment
03 September 1888
Phillips, James
Phillips, Martha M.
Pvt., Co. K, 60th Regiment
15 February 1865
Phillips, James J.
Phillips, James J. & Phillips, Martha A.
Pvt., 4th Kentucky & 4th Miss. Artillery
03 June 1896
Phillips, James J.
Phillips, James J. Geneva
Pvt., Co. A, 33rd Regiment

Phillips, James R.
Phillips, James R. & Phillips, Elizabeth
Cpl., Co. E, 8th S. C. Regiment

Phillips, James R.
Phillips, James R. & Phillips, Mary M.
Pvt., Co. D, 37th Georgia Regiment

Phillips, James T.
Phillips, James T. Pickens
Pvt., Co. A, 6th Miss. Cavalry

Phillips, Jeff
Phillips, Jeff Walker
Pvt., Co. F, 56th Regiment

Phillips, Jeremiah
Phillips, Elizabeth
Pvt., 1st or 41st Georgia Cavalry
02 February 1901
Phillips, J. Paul
Phillips, J. Paul & Phillips, Rebecca
Pvt., Co. D, 8th Regiment
05 May 1906
Phillips, Jesse H.
Phillips, Sallie A.
Pvt., Co. C, 39th Regiment
01 January 1896
Phillips, John
Phillips, Mrs. Sallie Ann.
Pvt., 57th Regiment
05 January 1880 or 90
*both years given*
Phillips, John
Phillips, John Marshall
Pvt., Co. C, 30th Regiment

Phillips, John Bluford
Phillips, Senie Catherine
Pvt., Co. B, 53rd Georgia Regiment
04 November 1907
Phillips, John D.
Phillips, John D. Randolph
Pvt., Co. F, 59th Regiment

Phillips, John E.
Phillips, Nora Parish
Pvt., Seldon's Battery
22 September 1898
Phillips, John H.
Phillips, John H. Elmore
Cpl., Co. B, 12th Regiment

Phillips, John M.
Phillips, John M. & Phillips, Nancy
Sgt., Co. B, 10th Georgia Regiment
04 November 1931
Phillips, John M.
Phillips, John M. Lee & Dale
Pvt., Co. G, 14th Regiment

Phillips, John P.
Phillips, Sarah Ann
Pvt., Hardee's Bn.
05 July 1903
Phillips, John W.
Phillips, Elizabeth
Co. F, 56th Alabama Infantry
July 1911
Phillips, John Wesley
Phillips, John Wesley Lauderdale
Pvt. Co. C, 27th Regiment

Phillips, Jonathan
Phillips, Jonathan Pickens
Pvt., Co. B, 42nd Regiment

Phillips, Joshua
Phillips, Lucy
Pvt., Co. I, 3rd Georgia Regiment

Phillips, L A.
Phillips, Mary C
Pvt., Co. F, 41st Regiment
07 March 1884
Phillips, Lewis C. J.
Phillips, L. C. J. & Phillips, Sarah Hannah
Pvt., Co. A, 3rd Tennessee Regiment
03 June 1918
Phillips, L. H.
Phillips, Martha E.
Pvt., Co. D, 50th Alabama
04 June 1911
Phillips, L. W.
Phillips, L. W. & Phillips, Elizabeth
Pvt., Co. G, 41st Georgia Regiment
04 August 1905
Phillips, Lee
Phillips, Flora A.
Madison & Jefferson
Pvt., Co. H, 4th Tennessee Regiment
06 July 1871
Phillips, Lemuel
Phillips, Lemuel Marshall
Pvt., Co. C, 30th Regiment

Phillips, Littleberry Boswick
Phillips, Lucia Eugenia Hand
2nd Lt., Co. B, 5th Georgia Regiment
12 June 1886
Phillips, Lorenzo J.
Phillips, Mary E.
Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Mississippi Regiment
19 June 1864
Phillips, Lumpkin
Phillips, Mary E.
Co. A, 8th Cavalry
17 April 1881
Phillips, M. V.
Phillips, M. V. Shelby
Pvt., Co. A, 21 Georgia Regiment

Phillips, Marion M.
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth
No information given

Phillips, Martin M.
Phillips, Mary E
Pvt., Co. F, 56th Regiment
February 1905
Phillips, Mathy
Phillips, Nancy Ann
Co. G, 10th Georgia Regiment
Phillips, Mitchell
Phillips, Mitchell Crenshaw
Pvt., Co. A, 2nd Ark. Regiment

Phillips, Nathan
Phillips, Nathan Talladega
Pvt., Co. A, 1st Regiment

Phillips, Nathan
Phillips, Mrs. C. P.
Guard of Prisoners, Co. E, Georgia Reserves
31 August 1888
Phillips, Nathan Richard
Phillips, Mary
Lt., Co. E, 59th Regiment
07 August 1895
Phillips, P.
Phillips, Sallie
Pvt., Co. B, 7th Regiment

Phillips, P. J.
Phillips, P. J. Calhoun
Co. A., Home Guard

Phillips, Pleasant D.
Phillips, Pleasant D. & Phillips, Hannah
Pvt., Co. I, 3rd Confederate Cavalry

Phillips, R. R.
Phillips, R. R. Dale & Coffee
Pvt., Co. B, 33rd Regiment

Phillips, Randolph Macon
Phillips, Randolph Macon & Phillips, Martha E.
Pvt., Co. A, 53rd Regiment
10 November 1913
Phillips, Rufus
Phillips, Mrs. S. A.
Sgt., Co. K, 46th Regiment
04 May 1909
Phillips, Samuel
Phillips, Samuel & Phillips, Sarah J.
Pvt., Co. G, 4th Regiment
16 April 1919
Phillips, Simeon
Phillips, Simeon & Phillips, Martha J.
Pvt., Co. G, 4th Regiment
02 October 1903
Phillips, T. H.
Phillips, T. H. & Phillips, Mary Elizabeth
Pvt., Co. G, 34th Georgia Regiment
07 November 1920
Phillips, T. P. C.
Phillips, T. P. C. Barbour
Pvt., Co. F, 6th Regiment

Phillips, T. W.
Phillips, T. W. Blount
Pvt., Co. A, 42nd Georgia Regiment

Phillips, Thaddeus M.
Phillips, Emma
Pvt., Co. F, 11th Regiment
13 April 1911
Phillips, Thos. Marion
Phillips, Thos. Marion Chambers
Pvt., Co. I, & Co. F, 2nd Alabama Infantry

Phillips, Virgil
Phillips, Virgil Jefferson
Pvt., Co. E, 154th Tenn. "Hickory Rifles" Regt.

Phillips, W. A.
Phillips, W. A. Lauderdale
Pvt., Co. L, 9th Regiment

Phillips, W. A.
Phillips, W. A. Marshall
Pvt., Co. D, 37th Georgia Regiment

Phillips, W. B.
Phillips, W. B. Marengo
Pvt., Co. D, 31st Regiment

Phillips, W. F.
Phillips, W. F. Randolph
Pvt., Co. C, 34th Georgia Regiment

Phillips, W. G.
Phillips, W. G. Chambers
Pvt., Co. I, 13th Regiment

Phillips, W. J.
Phillips, W. J. DeKalb
Co. H, 19th Regiment

Phillips, W. M.
Phillips, W. M. & Phillips, Mrs. N. J.
Pvt., Co. B, 19th Regiment
22 October 1906
Phillips, W. P.
Phillips, W. P. Lee
Pvt., Co. H, 54th Regiment

Phillips, W. S.
Phillips, W. S. Coffee
Pvt., Co. A, 2nd Georgia Regiment

Phillips, Wesley
Phillips, Wesley Calhoun
Pvt., Co. K, 48th Regiment

Phillips, Whitmill M.
Phillips, Whitmill M. & Phillips, Mrs. E. A.
Clay, Coosa, Cullman, Crenshaw
Pvt., Co. E, 10th Regiment
30 October 1900
Phillips, Wiley
Phillips, Catherine
Co. K, 46th Georgia Regiment

Phillips, Wiley
Phillips, Mrs. H. E.
Pvt., Co. A, 1st Bn.
04 April 1884
Phillips, William
Phillips, Margaret
Pvt., 24th Ala. Inf. Later C.S. Navy on Gunboat Gaines
25 January 1865
Phillips, William
Phillips, Sarah
Pvt., Co. F, 36th Regiment
30 May 1914
Phillips, William
Phillips, Lucy P.
Pvt., Co. G, 15th Regiment
13 January 1901
Phillips, William B.
Phillips, William B. Geneva
Pvt., Co. H, 53rd Alabama Cavalry

Phillips, William Henry
Phillips, Lucinda Callie
Cpl., Co. E, 40th Regiment

Phillips, William R.
Phillips, William R. & Phillips, Susan E.
Pvt., Co. A, 33rd Regiment
12 August 1904
Phillips, William S.

Coosa & Chilton
Pvt., Co. B, 12th Regiment

Phillips, William W.
Phillips, William W. & Phillips, Margaret
Pvt., Co. I, 48th Tennessee Regiment
22 July 1905
Phillips, Zachariah Taylor
Phillips, Zachariah Taylor & Phillips, Mary Melinda
Pvt., Co. I, 9th Mississippi Cavalry
07 April 1921
Philmon, L.
Philmon, L. Clarke
Pvt., Co. D, 32nd Alabama

Philpot, E. M.
Philpot, E. M. & Philpot, Adaline
Pvt., Co. C, 1st Georgia Volunteers

Philpot, E. T.
Philpot, E. T. & Philpot, Mrs. M. J.
Pvt., Co. E, 41st Georgia Volunteers
29 October 1907
Philpot, J. N.
Philpot, J. N. & Philpot, Pellie
Pvt., Co. K, 40th Georgia Regiment
13 September 1914
Philpot, John N.

Pvt., Co. B, 1st Mississippi Regiment

Philpot, William H.
Philpot, William H. & Philpot, Mrs. Willie R.
Capt. Co. B, 61st Alabama Infantry
21 August 1925
Philyaw, G. W.
Philyaw, G. W. & Philyaw, Mrs. S. J.
Jefferson & Geneva
Pvt., Co. K, 17th Alabama
14 December 1909
Philyaw, G. W.
Philyaw, G. W. Sumter
Pvt., Co. I, 19th La. Inf.

Philyaw, John P
Philyaw, Mrs. L. M.
Pvt., Co. H, 1st Georgia Regiment
October 1879
Philyaw, S. C.
Philyaw, S. C. & Philyaw, Frances M.
Pvt., Co. H, 23rd Alabama
07 October 1895
Philyaw, S. D.
Philyaw, S. D. & Philyaw, Elizabeth
Pvt., Co F, 5th Alabama Regiment
21 November 1910
Philyaw, Thomas J.
Philyaw, Thomas J. & Philyaw, Mrs. T. J.
Pvt., Co. C, 17th Alabama
14 August 1917
Pizzetta, Maurice
Pizzetta, Victoria
Pvt., Co. E, 1st Battalion
**Card out  of place**
Phipps, William
Phipps, William Tuscaloosa & Hale
Pvt., Fowlers Battery

Phymail, Leroy
Phymail, Leroy Tallapoosa
Pvt., Co. C, 10th Georgia Regiment

Picard, John R.
Picard, John R. Marion
Pvt., Co. E, 5th Alabama Cavalry

Pickard, L.
Pickard, Nancy C.
Pvt., Home Guard
08 January 1894
Pickens, Andrew C.
Pickens, Ella Pollard
Pvt., Co. C, Ala. Corps of Cadets
19 November 1910
Pickens, Duncan
Pickens, Mary
Pvt., Co. G, 57th Alabama
28 April 1863
Pickens, J. C.
Pickens, Emily
Pvt., Co. D, 4th Alabama Regiment
12 November 1892
Pickens, James M.
Pickens, James M. Covington
Pvt., Co. B, 20th Alabama

Pickens, John A.
Pickens, Mrs. E. D.
Pvt. Co. K, 17th Alabama Regiment
07 December 1887
Pickett, Alexander H.
Pickett, Virginia E. P.
Adj. Co. D, 3rd Alabama Infanry
11 January 1900
Pickett, Brag
Pickett, Brag Shelby
Pvt., Co. D, 30th Alabama

Pickett, David
Pickett, Mary
Pvt., Co. G, 20th Alabama

Pickett, John B.
Pickett, Mrs. P. E.
Pvt., Co. G, 14th Alabama
19 February 1862
Pickett, Richard A.
Pickett, Richard A. Houston
Pvt., Co, D, 63rd Alabama

Pickett, T. H.
Pickett, T. H. Barbour
Sgt., Co. E, 61st Alabama

Pickle, J. T.
Pickle, J. T. Fayette
Pvt., Co. A, 26th Alabama

Pickren, James M.
Pickren, James M. & Pickren, Margaret F.
Pvt., Co. B, Arsenal Bn.
25 October 1921
Pidal, J. B.
Pidal, J. B. & Pidal, Mary O.
Pvt. Capt, Studrick's Co.
01 November 1915
Piechowski, Louis
Piechowski, Emily
Pvt., Co. F, 1st Btn. Alabama Regiment
09 December 1877
Pierce, A. H.
Pierce, A. H. Dallas & Jefferson
A Nurse at Camp Watt's,  Fort Payne, Georgia

Pierce, Allison
Pierce, Susan
Pvt., Co. G, 40th Alabama

Pierce, B. F.
Pierce, B. F. Covington
Pvt., Co. C, 33rd Alabama

Pierce, B. S.
Pierce, B. S. & Pierce, M. L. Mrs.
Pvt., Co. C, 53Alabama
10 July 1907
Pierce, E. H.
Pierce, Harriet
Lt. Co. F, 15th Confederate Volunteers
06 January 1899
Pierce, G. W.
Pierce, G. W. & Pierce, Martha Ann
Pvt., Co. D, 15th Mississippi Cavalry
18 February 1918
Pierce, Henry
Pierce, Henry Sumter
Pvt., Co. I, 24th Alabama

Pierce, Hubbell
Pierce, Hubbell & Pierce, Mrs. Hubbell
Sgt. Maj., Co. E, 10th Alabama
19 June 1913
Pierce, J. M.
Pierce, Nancy A.
Pvt., Co. 65th Alabama Volunteers

Pierce, James Phillip
Pierce, J. P. & Pierce, Lula
Pvt. Dure's Battery, Georgia Cavalry
17 November 1925
Pierce, James A.
Pierce, James A. & Pierce, Mrs. V. E.
Pvt., Co. A, 1st Alabama Regiment
09 May 1905
Pierce, James I.
Pierce, James I. Mobile
Crp. Co. A, 9th Miss. Cavalry

Pierce, Jerry
Pierce, Jerry & Pierce, Annie
Pvt., Co. A, 9th Miss. & Co. F, 15th Ala. Cav.
10 January 1926
Pierce, John
Pierce, Joh, & Pierce, mary L.
Pvt., Tobin's Batty, Horse Artillery
30 April 1922
Pierce, John P.
Pierce, Cornelia J.
Maj. 11th Alabama Infantry

Pierce, John T.
Pierce, Caroline P.
Pvt., In Jeff Davis Artillery

Pierce, John W.
Pierce, John W. & Pierce, Mrs. E. F.
Pvt., Co. C, 60th Alabama Volunteers

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