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Confederate Pension Applications
Evans, M. F. through Falkner, John
Source: Alabama Archives, Microfilm # S1987.1342

Veteran Pensioner County Military Record Death Date
Evans, M. F. Evans, M. F. Pickens Pvt., Co. D, 59th Alabama
Evans, Mat. J. Evans, Mat. J. Cleburne Pvt., Co. A, Barbiers Btn.
Evans, N. A. Evans, M. A. Mrs. Montgomery Pvt., Co. B, 51st Cav. 23 March 1897
Evans, Newton Evans, Newton Barbour Pvt., Co. C, 9th Regt.
Evans, Newton Evans, Newton & Evans, Mary E. Jackson & Barbour Laborer, Nitre Department 23 March 1925
Evans, Robert Hamilton Evans, Jane Ann Montgomery Pvt., Co. K, 4th Ark. 10 September 1879
Evans, S. J. Evans, S. J. & Evans, Sallie W. Shelby Pvt., Co. F, 19th Tenn. Inf. 24 February 1917
Evans, Samuel Shaw Evans, S. S. Perry Corp., Selden's Btn

Evans, Samuel Evans, Samuel & Evans, Margaret S. Morgan & Lawrence Pvt., Co. B, 16th Alabama 04 May 1905
Evans, Solomon Evans, Solomon Shelby Pvt., Co. G, 20th Alabama
Evans, Thomas D. Evans, T. D. & Evans, Civil Indiana Mrs. Houston Pvt., Co. A, 6th Alabama 06 March 1925
Evans, T. H. Evans, T. H. Cleburne Pvt., Co. G, 16th Georgia
Evans, Thomas Addis Emmett Evans, Susie Towles Jefferson Eng. Department 05 June 1889
Evans, Thomas J. Evans, Jimmie B. Mrs. Limestone Pvt., Co. E, Johnson's Regt. 12 February 1920
Evans, Thomas Jefferson Evans, Thomas Jefferson Limestone Pvt., Co. E, Johnson's Regt. 12 February 1920
Evans, W. C. Evans, W. C. Chambers Pvt., Co. G, 47th Alabama
Evans, W. C. Evans, W. C. Pickens Pvt. Co. D, 8th Confederate Cav.
Evans, W. R. Evans, W. R. & Evans, M. A. Mrs. Calhoun & Macon Pvt., Co. A, 3rd Btn. State Res. 04 September 1899
Evans, William Evans, William Elmore Pvt., Co. H, 21st Alabama
Evans, William J. Evans, Mattie Jefferson Pvt., Co. K, 1st Ark. Regt.
Evatt (Everett), Albert H. Evatt (Everett), Martha E. DeKalb Pvt., Co. D, 3rd Georgia Regt. 05 May 1898
Everett, Wm. Thomas Everett, Rachel Covington Pvt., Co. I, 6th Florida Regt. 30 June 1908
Everett, T. J. Everett, Elizabeth Barbour Pvt., 10th Georgia Regt 29 March 1885
Evers, Calvin Evers, Calvin Macon Pvt., Co. K, 12th Regt
Evers, Maxum Evers, Maxum Tallapoosa Pvt., Co. C, 6th Ala. Cav.
Evers, R. J. Evers, Sarah A. Monroe Pvt., 3rd Ark. Regt
Evins, Andrew Jackson Evins, Andrew J. & Evins, Pettway Jones Perry Pvt., Co. F, 7th Ala Cav. 01 February 1928
Evins, Mitchell Evins, Mitchell & Evins, Winnie Dale Pvt., Co. K, 15th Regt.
Evins, R. H. Evins, R. H. Hale Pvt., Co. F, 7th Regt.
Evins, Wm. H. Evins, Wm. H. & Evins, Elizabeth Autauga Co. H, 21st Regt. 16 May 1906
Evins, W. S. Evins, W. S. Jefferson Pvt., Co. B, 1st Ark. Regt.
Ewing, John Ewing, John Clarke Pvt., Co. B, 38th Regt.
Everett, Henry Everett, Mary Dale Pvt., co. I, 6th Florida Regt. 15 July 1862
Everett, John H. Everett, John H. Cherokee Pvt., Co. D, 22nd Ala. Regt.
Everett, S. H. Everett, S. H. Winston Pvt., Co. B, 8th Georgia Regt.
Everett, Samuel C. Everett, Samuel C. Cherokee Pvt., Co. D, 22nd Ala. Regt.
Everett, Soloman H. Everett, Soloman H. Blount Pvt., Co. I, 8th Georgia Regt.
Everett, Thomas J. Everett, Thomas J. Mobile Pvt., Co. I, 8th Alabama Cav.
Everett, W. J. Everett, W. J. Coffee Pvt., Co. I, 6th Florida Regt.
Everett, William Everett, William & Everett, Serenie E. Jackson Pvt., Co. A, 42nd Alabama 25 May 1900
Ewing, S. T. Ewing, S. T. & Ewing, Ellen Crenshaw Pvt., Co. B, 17th Alabama Regt. 28 March 1915
Ewing, W. W. Ewing, M. C. E. Mrs. Crenshaw Pvt., Co. I, 60th Alabama Regt. 21 September 1863
Ewing, Wm. E. Ewing, Wm. E. Cherokee Pvt. Co. B, 31st Alabama Regt.
Ezekiel, Thomas Ezekiel, Thomas Coosa Pvt., Co. B, 34th Alabama Regt.
Ezekiel, Wesley E. Ezekiel, Wesley E. Jefferson Co. C, 10th Alabama Regt
Ezell, C. T. Ezell, C. T. Choctaw Sgt., Co. C, 54th Ala. Regt
Ezell, E. P. Ezell, E. P. & Ezell, Margaret Ann Pickens Pvt., Co. F, 9th Ala. Regt. 28 February 1915
Ezell, Elifus Ezell, Elifus Sumter Pvt., Co. A, 40th Ala. Regt
Ezell, George W. Ezell, George W. Sumter Pvt., Co. A, 40th Ala. Regt.
Ezell, John R. Ezell, Georgie Dallas Pvt., Co. D, 37th Miss. Regt.
Ezell, Jacob F. Ezell, Jacob F. Dale Pvt., Co. D, 54th Ala. Regt.
Ezell, Jeremiah Ezell, Rebecca L. Franklin Pvt., Home Guards
Ezell, John Ezell, Georgia Dallas 37th Alabama Regt. 1913
Ezell, John Ezell, Elizabeth Coffee
Ezell, Mill S. Ezell, Lavenia Clarke Pvt., Clarke Co. Guards 1901
Ezell, Robert Ezell, Robert Lauderdale Pvt., Co. H, 32nd Tenn. Regt
Ezell, Robert F. Ezell, Susan Franklin Pvt., Co. I, 1st Georgia Regt.
Ezell, S. L. Ezell, S. L. Jackson Pvt., Co. A, 31st Alabama Regt.
Ezell, Wilkerson Ezell, Fannie Coffee Co. E, 58th Alabama Regt. during the war
Ezell, William D. Ezell, William D. Sumter Pvt., Co. A, 12th Alabama Regt.
Ezzell, J. T. Ezzell, Cynthia DeKalb Pvt., Co. I, 25th Alabama Regt. July 1891
Ezzell, Joseph T. Ezzell, Joseph T. Cleburne Pvt., Co. I, 25th Alabama Regt.
Ezzell, J. G. Ezzell, J. G. & Ezzell, Nancy DeKalb Pvt., Co. D, 20th Georgia Regt. 04 January 1904
Fagan, Benjamin Fagan, L. Mrs. Geneva Pvt., 32nd Alabama Regt
Fagan, B. J. Fagan, B. J. Choctaw Co. F, 1st Ala. & Tenn. Regt.
Fagan, Edward A Fagan, Edward A. Calhoun Cpl., Co. A, 62nd Ala. Regt.
Fagan, George W. Fagan, George W. & Fagan, Martha Choctaw Pvt., Co. F, 32nd Ala. Regt. 18 July 1903
Fagan, James Fagan, James Choctaw Pvt., Co. F, 32nd Ala. Regt.
Fagan, William Long Fagan, Annie Avery Shelby Capt., Co. K, 8th Ala. Regt. 27 May 1914
Fail, Dixon Newton Fail, Barbara S. Crenshaw Co. E, 33rd Ala. Regt. 11 November 1862
Fail, Johnathan Fail, Johnathan Blount Pvt., Co. H, 42nd Ala. Regt.
Faile, Morgan Sr. Faile, Morgan Sr. Clarke Co. C, 23rd Ala. Regt.
Fails (Failes), Thomas Fails, Thomas & Fails, E. C. Mrs. Henry Pvt., Co. I, 18th Georgia Regt. 15 April 1902
Fain, J. M. Fain, J. M. Talladega Pvt., Co. C, 30th Ala. Regt.
Fain (Fair) John J. Fair (Fain), John J. Calhoun Pvt., Co. G, 60th Ala. Regt.
Fain, Moses N. Fain, Ariger Ursula Dale Pvt., Co. F, 32nd Georgia Regt
Fain, Thomas J. Fain, Thomas J. Dale Pvt., Co. I, 17th Georgia Regt.
Fain, William B. Fain, William B. & Fain, Elizabeth J. Limestone Pvt., Co. F or H, 9th Ala. Regt. 04 June 1913
Fair, A. J. Fair, Sarah F. Bibb Pvt., Co. d, 20th Ala. Regt. 08 October 1881
Fair, Carol Fair, N. F. Mrs. Tuscaloosa Pvt., Co. F, 44th Ala. Regt. 12 July 1892
Fair, Josiah McCloud Fair, Betty Mustin Tuscaloosa & Pickens Pvt., Co. D, 41st Ala. Regt. 12 July 1928
Faircloth, Wm. Wesley Faircloth, Wm. Wesley & Faircloth, W. W. Mrs. Monroe Pvt., Co. C, 11th Florida Regt. 15 May 1915
Faircloth, Gabriel Faircloth, Bethana Russell Pvt., Co. B, 4th Florida Regt.
Faires, Henry H. Faires, Henry H. & Faires, Lavinia Lauderdale Pvt., 4th Alabama Cavalry 13 March 1913
Faires, Wm. James Faires, Wm James & Faires, Mary Louise Mobile Pvt., Co. A, 12th Ala. Regt. & C.S. Navy 04 January 1925
Fairley, Archibald Fairley, Ann Mobile Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Ala. Lt. Art. November 1876
Falconer, Alexander H. Falconer, Alexander H. & Falconer, Mary c. Pickens Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Ala. Regt 23 June 1900
Falk, R. M. Falk, Jemina Tallapoosa Pvt., Co. B, 47th Ala. Regt. 15 December 1889
Falk, W. R. Falk, W. R. Autauga, Elmore & Coosa Co. I, 17th Ala. Regt
Falkner, Asa Falkner, Asa Tuscaloosa Pvt., Co. I, 40th Mississippi
Falkner, Isaac Falkner, Isaac & Falkner, Nancy Blount & Winston Pvt., Co. E, 39th Ala. Regt. 12 January 1902
Falkner, Jefferson Manly Falkner, Elizabeth Cameron Montgomery Capt., Co. A, 8th Confederate Cavalry 18 May 1907
Falkner, Jobe Falkner, Jobe & Falkner, Sarah C. Shelby Pvt., Co. I, 18th Ala. Regt.
Falkner, John Falkner, Mary A. Butler Co. K, 17th Ala. Regt.
Falkner, M. U. Falkner, Ethie Jefferson Pvt., Co. I, 18th Ala. Regt. 23 March 1907
Falkner, Robert F. Falkner, Robert F. Jefferson Pvt., Co. I, 18th Ala. Regt.
Falkner, William J. Falkner, William J. Shelby Pvt., Co. I, 18th Ala. Regt.
Falks, W. J. Falks, W. J. Covington Pvt., Co. C, 37th Ala. Regt.
Fallin, E.R. Fallin, E. R. Barbour Pvt., Co. F, 49th Ala. Regt.
Fallon, William Fallon, Mary Mobile Pvt., Co. D, 24th Ala. Regt. 30 June 1887
Falls, E. B. Falls, E. B. Winston Pvt., Fowler's Battery
Falls, J. W. Sr. Falls, J. W. Sr. Tuscaloosa Pvt., Fowler's Battery
Falls, Wm. Frank Falls, Harriett C. Jefferson Pvt., Forest's Cavalry 11 March 1908
Fancher, F. M. Fancher, F. M. Bibb Co. H, 44th Ala. Regt.
Fancher, J. E. Fancher, J. E. Bibb Pvt., Co. B, 20th Ala. Regt.
Fancher, J. W. Fancher, J. Y. Dallas Pvt., Co. A, 62nd Ala. Regt.
Fancher, Pleasant H. Fancher, Pleasant H. Shelby Pvt., Co. a, 62nd Ala. Regt.
Fancher, Thomas M. Fancher, Mirian Leath Bibb Pvt., Co. D, 6th Ala. Regt. October 1895
Fancher, Wm. M. Fancher, Wm. M. & Fancher, Lavinia Witcher, Mrs Bibb Pvt., Co. B, 20th Ala. Regt. 26 August 1909
Fanchier, Calvin M. Fanchier, Calvin M. & Fanchier, Mrs. E. C. Coosa Pvt., Co. G, 48th Ala. Regt. 25 January 1911
Fannin, Daniel H. Fannin, Daniel H. Pike Pvt., Co. G, 37th Ala. Regt.
Fannin, H. A. Fannin, Isabella Elmore Pvt., Co. K, 38th Ala. Regt. 01 February 1889
Fannin, J. D. Fannin, J. D. Montgomery Pvt., Co. C, 8th Ala. Cavalry
Fannin, J. W. Fannin, J. W. & Fannin, Sarah Jackson Pvt., Co. C, 4th Ala. Regt. 22 July 1917
Fannin, James B. Fannin, James B. Culman Pvt., Co. E, 6th Ala. Regt.
Fannin, John B. Fannin, John B. Pike Pvt., Co. C, 37th Ala. Regt.
Fannin, John J. Fannin, L. M. Mrs. St. Clair Pvt., Co. K, 38th Tennessee
Fannin, M. C. Fannin, M.C. Macon Pvt., Co. I, 38th Tennessee
Fanning, M. L. Fanning, Rachel E. Madison Pvt., Co. C, 4th Ala. Cavalry 18 May 1907
Fannin, McCager Fannin, Julia Ann Tallapoosa Pvt., Co. K, 38th Tennessee 21 September 1903
Fannin, Robert E. Fannin, Robert E. & Fannin, Jennie Montgomery Pvt., Co. E, 33rd Ala. Regt 03 April 1915
Fanning, William L. Fanning, Mary Elizabeth Madison Pvt., Co. B or E, 4th Ala. Cavalry
Fant, James M. Fant, James M. & Fant, Margaret M. Chambers Pvt., Co. d, 14th Ala. Infantry 21 June 1904
Fant, James R. Fant, Mary e. St. Clair Pvt., Co. F, 51st Ala. Regt 25 May 1870
Fant, P. B. Fant, Mrs. M. J. Blount Pvt., Co. I, 4th Ala. Vol. 14 February 1887
Fant, William Fant, Mrs. M. L. Franklin Co. E, 5th Ala. Cavalry
Fant, William F. Fant, Mary E. DeKalb Pvt., 80th Georgia Regt. 16 September 1895
Farbus, Henry Farbus, Sarah Randolph Pvt., Co. F, 56th Ala. Vol.
Fargason, James T. Fargason, Ann Clay Pvt., Co. C, 13th Ala.
Fargason, T. B. Fargason, T. B. Tallapoosa Pvt., Co. D, 14th Ala.
Fargerson, John t. Fargerson, John T. Tallapoosa Pvt., Co. H, 4th Ala.
Farington, N. H. Farington, N. H. & Farington, Mrs. M. A. Winston Pvt., Co. D, 1st Ala. Regt 20 September 1905
Farish, E. S. Farish, Laura A. Wilcox Pvt., Co. D, 3rd Ala. Cavalry 19 August 1904
Farish, H. A. Farish, Livonia Tuscaloosa Pvt., Co. K, 36th Ala. Regt 09 May 1913
Farish, Robert L. Farish, Susan c. Conecuh Pvt., Archer Cadets February 1919
Farish, W. C. Farish, W. C. Wilcox Pvt., Co. H, 38th Ala. Infantry
Farley, A. J. Farley, Sarah Bibb Pvt., Co. H, 24th Ala. Vol.
Farley, Alfonzo Farley, Elizabeth Bibb Pvt., Co. H, 24th Ala. Vol. February 1899
Farley, E. S. Farley, E. S. & Farley, Mary Tuscaloosa Pvt., Co. H, 24th Ala. Regt. 01 August 1899
Farley, J. A. Farley, Sidney Fayette Pvt., Co. C, 30th Ala. Regt
Farley, J. T. Farley, J. T. Chilton Pvt., Co. E, 53rd Ala. Regt
Farley, John Farley, John Jefferson Pvt., Co. A, 31st Ala. Regt.
Farley, John Farley, John Lawrence Pvt., Co. A, 11th Ala. Regt.
Farley, John C. Farley, M. A. Mrs. Jefferson Pvt., Co. C, 19th Ala. Infantry 29 September 1899
Farley, John Cuthbert Farley, John Cuthbert Lee Pvt., Co. A, 10th Ala. Regt.
Farley, P. S. Farley, P. S. Pickens Pvt., Co. A, 19th Ala. Regt.
Farley, Pleas Farley, Pleas Jefferson Pvt., Co. A, 7th Ala. Regt.
Farley, Robert Farley, Robert & Farley Levina Perry Pvt., Co. C, 7th Ala. Cavalry 09 February 1910
Farley, Seth Farley, Seth & Farley, Kizziah Hale Co. H, 36th Ala. Vol 07 April 1891
Farley, Shelby Paris Farley, Mary Virginia Pickens Pvt., Co. A, 19th Ala. Regt 25 March 1926
Farley, Thomas F. Farley, Thomas F. Tuscaloosa Pvt., Co. D, 43rd Ala. Regt.
Falkner, John Falkner, Mary A. Butler Co. K, 17th Ala. Regt.

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