Lisa's Cemetery Site

County, Mississippi

Traveling east from Lucedale, Mississippi we went  approximately 2.0 miles. Here we took a right hand turn and went 1.3 tenths of a mile where we
came to the intersection with 613 south. We turned left onto highway 613 and went 4.4 tenths of a mile. The road makes a hard left turn here, and there
is a road to the right, you will take this right hand turn and go west 1.2 tenths of a mile. Here we will turn left on Marshall Smith road, going south 2.2 tenths of a mile.
There you will stop at a four way stop intersection. Proceed straight through this intersection continuing another .7 tenths of a mile. There will be a large two story
building on your right, turn in this driveway and go .1 tenth of a mile toward the wooded area behind this building. On your left in a clearing will be a large solitary
pecan tree and in the edge of the woods in front of you will be this cemetery. I walked this cemetery on April 25th, 2007 with  Jimmie Holland (landowner of property
that surrounds the cemetery), and Mr. & Mrs. Vallie Parker. Mrs. Parker is the grand daughter and great grand daughter of those buried in this cemetery. The Parkers
have a deed for the cemetery and are instrumental in the upkeep done here. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence, however, around the chain link fence a
short distance father out in the woods there is another fence and concrete posts that are from an earlier fence. There are no graves outside the chain link fence and it
was put up to make the cemetery smaller and easier to maintain.

Cemetery surveyed by Jimmy Trussell,

Tanner, infant daughter; b. unknown, d. unknown, Mrs. (?)(?) Tanner

Tanner, H. Prestion; b. 07-19-1909, d. 08-08-1909

Tanner, Luirzar; b. 06-12-1868, d. 07-28-1909, wife of Alfred Tanner

Tanner, Menory Ida; b. 03-11-1886, d. 09-06-1900, died of yellow fever

Parker, Cynthia; b. 08-01-1831, d. 04-14-1896, Wife of Josey Parker(married 1857)

Parker, Josey W; b. 07-08-1836, d. 03-07-1904

Parker, J.G; b. 09-01-1870, d. 02-26-1912

Pierce, Albert; b. 12-26-????, d. 01-02-1917, infant grave, Bertis & Annie Pierce

Pierce, Earnesteen; b. unknown, d. unknown, infant grave (slab deteriorated)

Pierce, unknown; b. unknown, d. unknown, infant grave(slab deteriorated)

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