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Case Files of Applications From Former Confederates
Presidential Pardons (Amnesty Papers") 
1865 - 1867
Sa - Sw

Information varies on each application depending on the reason a pardon is being applied for. 
In most cases the application will list the full  name, age, occupation, whether or not the application has a wife and children.
(some of the applicants are women)

Example of an application.  These are large files and are in pdf format, so it may take a few minutes to load.
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**I will be happy to make copies for anyone who would like them, but because of the number of copies that would be required and the amount of time it will take to make them
I will have to charge a fee.**
To just check the file and let you know what information it contains is free of charge.

M1003-10, Sa - Sw
St. John  Thomas                        Mobile
Safford Milton J.   
Sale Dudley Madison
Sample Daniel B. Greene
Sanders William L. Tuscaloosa
Sandlin John W. Lawrence
Sanford Charles H. Bibb
Sandford Mrs. S.M. Barbour
Sandford Thadeus Mobile
Sanders Francis A. Greene
Sanders George B. Sumter
Sanders James E. Lawrence
Sanders Robert S. Perry
Saxon Lydall P. Autauga
Syre Caroline V.  widow of P.D. Sayre Montgomery
Sayre Calvin L. Montgomery
Sayre George Montgomery
Sayre Paul T. Montgomery
Schoolar William A. Bibb
Schroeder Henry A. Mobile
Schuessler Stephen Montgomery
Scott David B. Perry
Scott George C. Talladega
Scott James Perry
Scott James C. Perry
Scott John B. Montgomery
Scott John B. Wilcox
Scott Sutton S. Russell
Scott Thomas L. Chambers 
Scovel, George Montgomery
Scruggs John W. Madison
Scruggs John W. Montgomery
Seals Daniel M. Barbour
Seals D.L. Shelby
Seals Thomas J. Barbour
Sears Jason G. Greene
Sears John Greene
Seawell Joseph J. Perry
Seawell Mrs. Mary E. Perry
Seay Benjamin F. Barbour
Seay Reuben Greene
Seed Charles C. Tuscaloosa
Selden Joseph Perry
Selden William M. Marengo
Sellers Daniel C. Wilcox
Selman William W. Coosa
Semmes Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3 Raphael Mobile
Sempler Henry C. Montgomery
Severs Stephen B. Madison
Shackelford R.D. Selma
Shaw William T. Macon
Shelley Lawerance B. Madison
Shelley Charles M. Talladega
Shepard Alexander K. Perry
Sherrod Frederick V. Franklin
Sherrod William C. Lawrence
Shields William B. Dallas
Shine John G. Franklin
Shipp S. B. Jefferson
Shorter Eli S. Barbour
Shorter John Gill Barbour
Showalter E.R. Perry
Shuford D.F. Jacksonville
Shuford Elkanah L. Lowndes
Siddons Frank W. Dallas
Silver- Joheph Baldwin
Simmons A.D. Lawrance
Simmons Anquish M. Lowndes
Simpson William T. Barbour
Sims Thomas W. Mobile
Sinclair Martin H. Lauderdale
Skelton James L. Jackson
Sledge Levin A. Marengo
Sledge Oliver D. Madison
Slough Robert H. Mobile
Smaw Isaiah B. Greene
Smith Catherine Morgan
Smith Frederick H. Dallas
Smith Henry D. Lauderdale
Smith H. L. Montgomery
Smith Hampton S. Mobile
Smith Hartwell V. Lowndes
Smith James H. Lowndes
Smith John J. Lawrence
Smith J. Little Mobile
Smith Lewis E. Mobile
Smith Nicholus Dallas
Smith Rebecca J. Dallas
Smith Robert H. Mobile
Smith Thomas R. Franklin
Smith Washington M. Dallas
Smith William A. Mobile
Smith William D. Autauga
Smith William H. Montgomery
Smith William R. Tuscaloosa
Smith William S. Dallas
Snoddy Samuel Pickens
Snow Charles Tuscaloosa
Sorsby Thomas J. Greene
Speak Isaac D. Mobile
Speed Joseph H. Perry
Spencer Jedediah M. Greene
Spiers W.H. Lowndes
Spigenes Frederick S. Coosa
Spigenes Lewellyn Autauga
Spigenes William H. Coosa
Spragins Robert S. Madison
Springer Josiah Madison
Sprott Thomas B. Perry
Stallworth Thomas B. Mobile
Stamps Perry A. Talladega
Stark John M. Barbour
Steele Andrew L. Greene
Steele Daniel S. Autauga
Steele David A. Lowndes
Steele Elizabeth R.  For Osborne D. Steele Autauga
Steele Lucy L.  widow of John C. Steele Autauga
Steele Robert L. Marengo
Steele Samuel P. Autauga
Steele Sylvester Jefferson
Stein Albert Mobile
Steinhart Hermann Greene
Stewart Daniel Tuscaloosa
Steward George L. Macon
Stickney Charles L. Greene
Stokes Matthew C. Montgomery
Stollenwerck Frank E. Mobile
Stollenwerck Henry A. Perry
Stone Barton W. Montgomery
Stone George W. Lowndes
Stone Isaac Talladega
Stone Lewis M. Pickens
Stone Littleton L. Talladega
Stone Warren H. Montgomery
Stone W. L. Lowndes
Stoudenmier Edward Autauga
Stoudenmire Samuel Autauga
Stow J. Anthony Eufaula
Strassburger Albert Montgomery
Street M.(Merritt) Talladega
Streety- John P. Lowndes
Strenna Matthew Montgomery
Strong Charles W. Madison
Strother Joseph P. Dallas
Strudwick Frederick N. Marengo
Strudwick Samuel Marengo
Sturdevant E.T. Marengo
Sturdevant Robert D. Perry
Sutherlin John M.
Sutter or Suther A.  widow of Jacob Suther Montgomery
Swanson William G. Macon
Swoope Charles C. Lawrence
Swoope Edgar M. Lawrence

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