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Case Files of Applications From Former Confederates
Presidential Pardons (Amnesty Papers") 
1865 - 1867

Submitted by Persons from the North and West

Information varies on each application depending on the reason a pardon is being applied for. 
In most cases the application will list the full  name, age, occupation, whether or not the application has a wife and children.
(some of the applicants are women)

Example of an application.  These are large files and are in pdf format, so it may take a few minutes to load.
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**I will be happy to make copies for anyone who would like them, but because of the number of copies that would be required and the amount of time it will take to make them
I will have to charge a small fee.**
To just check the file and let you know what information it contains is free of charge.

Benham, Calhoun
Crittenden, James L.
Rubery, Alfred
Terry, David S.
White, Oscar

Hobbs, Russell B.
Lambson, John R.

District of Columbia
Amos, John C.
Ashley, William P.
Bailey, Joseph  B.
Beall, Lloyd J.
Beck, John
Boyd, Jeremiah
Boyle, Cornelius
Brent, Thomas W.
Brown, George W.
Calvert, John
Cassin, William D.
Castleman, David J.
Cochran, Robert
Cox, Richard S.
Coyle, John M.
Crockwell, Richard
Cross, William B.B.
Cummings, E.H.
Dairdge, John B.F.
Drew, J.W.
Emory, Thomas
Ennis, Philip J.
Fillins, John W.
Garnett, Alexander Y.P.
Geddes, Robert
Gordon, William A. Jr.
Henry, Lemuel H.
Hickey, Edmund P.
Hickey, John Francis
Holmead, Charles H.
Kennard Joel.S.
King, Charles K.
Lee, Samuel
Luttrell, M. C
Luttrell, Thomas J.
McLean, John A.
Matthews, Albert E.
Maury, Thomas F.
Morrow, James
Morse, John E.
Neal, George C.
Pierce, J.W.
Pearce, Walter D.
Phillips, Samuel H.
Reily, Philip R.
Roane, A.
Schminke, William C.
Smoot, William H.
Spencer, George D.
Stevens, John H.
Tansell, T.W.
Thomas, William H.
Thomas, William P.
Tyler, John
Wallach, Charles
Wallach, Richard L.
Wallingsford, M.
Wallingsford, Malcolm
Whitwell, John C.
Wright, W.H.
Young, William P.

District of Columbia (Special File)
Anderson, A.H.
Chadwell, Henry
Coe, B.E.
Cowling, Thomas
Dame, John W.
Davis, Thomas K.
Donahoo, Charles R.
Farrar, E.T.
Fitzgerald, John E.
Fallin, J.M.
Harrison, Frank
Flemin, Charles M.
Hibbs, John W.
Hollans, Albert G.
Hume, J.R.
Hangerford, Thomas W.
Lewis, Samuel E.
Lintz, Samuel
Mead, Charles W.
Petty, J. Thomas
Slagle, G.W.
Thomas, L.R.
Tucker, John F.
Tucker, William E.
Wail, John
Wilkes, Charles B.

Beckett, Robert
Dial, William
Waller, William S

Heffren, Horace
Hughe, Joshua J.
Stone, Henry L.

Busson, Z.L.
Jones, Charles, S.D.

Grinnen, A.G

Towbridge, Nelson C.

Hyams, Godfrey J.

Howard, Nathaniel

New Jersey
Freeman, Miles J.

New Mexico Territory
Amigo, Rafael
Amigo, Manuel
Crawford, B.H.
Bond, Jos.
Franklin, Jesse Slade
Kitzmiller, Jno V.
Morrow, Jno W.
Longmeyer, Charles
Lucas, Jas. A.
Chapman, Jno. A
Sherrod, W.C.
Simmons, A.D.
Muldon, Jas. M

New York
Braine, John C.
Deas, George
Fox, John
Loutter, James Taylor
Merrill, A.P. Jr.
Parker, William H.
Riley, Edward B.D.
Stillman, Charles

McKelvy, Charlse
Printz, George Washington
Roberts, T.W.

Manigault, Charlotte

Rhode Island
Carter, Pauline

Pardon Applications Without Designation of State or Territory
Blair, Alexander A.
Blair, Robert L
Blair, Francis L
Blair, Andrew J.
Cameron, T.F.?
McDonald, William L.
Matthews, R.

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