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Case Files of Applications From Former Confederates
Presidential Pardons (Amnesty Papers") 
1865 - 1867
C - H

Information varies on each application depending on the reason a pardon is being applied for. 
In most cases the application will list the full  name, age, occupation, whether or not the application has a wife and children.
(some of the applicants are women)

Example of an application.  These are large files and are in pdf format, so it may take a few minutes to load.
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**I will be happy to make copies for anyone who would like them, but because of the number of copies that would be required and the amount of time it will take to make them
I will have to charge a small fee.**
To just check the file and let you know what information it contains is free of charge.

 C through H

Coon, John --Hinds
Cooper, William --Coahoma
Cooper, William --Rankin
Cotton,John W. --Noxubee
Courtney, John L. --Washington
Cox, Robert --Jefferson
Cozart, William M.  (not sure I read the name correct)--Columbus
Craddock, John --MS
Craig, William B. --Yalobusha
Crawford, Milton --Monroe
Crisber, John W. --Hinds
Crone, F. --with note on card, for information on this person see, Davis G. Malin--Adams
Crone, Frederick --Yalobusha
Crowder, Green
Crump, John --Monroe
Crump, John W. --Lowndes
Crusoe, Charles R.  (not sure of last name)--Lowndes
Curry, Jane P.  widow of Stephen B. Curry, who died April 1860--Bolivar
Dabney, Thomas S. --Hinds
Daggett, Stephen --Pontotoc
Dahlgreen, Charles G. --Adams
Dale, Hugh --Kemper
Dalton, H. H. --MS
Dantzler, D. A. J. --Noxubee
Darden, Buckner M. --Jefferson
Darden, George W. --Jefferson
Darden, J. H. --Jefferson
Darden, Jno P. --Jefferson
Davis, Annie L. --MS
Davis, E. P. --Noxubee
Davis, Elizabeth S.   wife of  George Malin Davis--Adams
Davis, Frederick A. W. --Adams
Davis, George Malin --Adams
Davis, Hugh R. --Wilkinson
Davis, Joseph Emory , brother of Jefferson Davis--Warren
Davis, Richard --Holmes
Davis, Reuben --MS
Day, Robert  Sr.--Yazoo
Deal, Balus E. --Noxubee
Dearing, James M. --MS
Denpree, Daniel --Macon
Denson, W. H. --MS
Dent, George R. --Jefferson
Dent, William --Noxuba
Deupree, Elijah --Noxubee
Dilrell, C. C.  (not sure of spelling)--Chickasaw
Dickins, William B. --Panola
Dickson, C.R. --Jackson
Dinkins, A. H. --Madison
Dixon, Joseph K. --Noxubee
Dixon, R.L. --Washington
Dockery, Henry --Hernando
Dohan, Joseph S. --Jefferson
Doherty, Patrick M. --Yazoo
Douglas, James H. --Holmes
David, W. F. --MS
Downing, E. H. --Madison
Drane, Wesley --Madison
Dubard, William --MS
Dubuisson, C. L. --Jackson
Duke,Henry --MS
Dunbar,Joseph --Jefferson
Dunbar, Albert W. --Adams
Duncan James M --Tallahatchie
Duncan Rosalie --Jefferson
Duncan Clara E., wife of Charles E. Duncan--Jefferson
Duncan, Charles E. --Jefferson
Dunnr, J. B. --MS
Durham, Shelman --Atala
Earheart, William --Adams
Eastland, H. --Scott
Eckford, James --Noxubee
Edmonds, Mrs. D.A.
Edmonds, Robert H. --Yalobusha
Edmonson, Robert W. --Pontotoc
Eggleston, J.R. --Holmes
Ellett, Henry J. --Claiborne
Elley, W.R.--Washington
Elliot, Anna F.--Adams
Elliot, Hampton--Adams
Elliot, John D.--Hinds
Elliot, John D.--Jackson
Elliot, R.T.--Hinds
Ellis, Appoline, H.--Adams
Ellis, Robert, B.--Lowndes
Emanuel, M.--Vicksburg
Emerson, W.C.--Meridian
English, John G.--Monroe
Eppes, John, D.--Tishomingo
Epperson, W.S.--Yazoo
Estill, Robert R.--Bolivar
Eustis, Catharin, C.--Adams
Evans, James A.--Lowndes
Evans, W.B.--Monroe
Evans, William G.--Monroe
Everitt, T.C.--Carroll
Euing, Stephen S.--Monroe
Ewing, William--Carroll
Ezell, Elon--Chickasaw
Fall, Elizabeth A. Washington
Falls, John--Holmes
Farmer, Alexander K--Adams
Featherston, W.S.--Marshall
Finch, J.D.--Smith
Fiser, John B.--Panola
Fisk, Edward, A.--Washington
Flemming, Reuben--Tallahatchie
Flippen, John P.--Carroll
Foote, H.W.--Macon
Fore, Charles J.--Issaquena
Fort, Elias B.--Columbus
Foster, James--Adams
Foster, Robert--Jackson
Froker, Robert--Smith
Frazee, William D. Jr.
French, Samuel G.--Jackson
Fuller, Edward B.--Coahoma
Fullilove, D.D.--Carroll
Fullilove, T.J.--Carroll
Fulton, David M.--Madison
Gaillard, Thomas, B.--Adams
Galladay, George S.--Tallahatchie
Gallaway, L.G.--Bolivar
Gattney, D.K.--Madison
Gary, Allan--Carroll
Gattman, Morris
Gay, John D.--Monroe
Gay, John H.--Oktibbeha
Gholson, Samuel J.--Monroe
Gibson, Ambrose--Hinds
Gibson, Tobias--Adams
Giles, Simmons H.--Kemp
Gillespie, James A.--Adams
Gilmore, James H.--Noxubee
Gladney, James B.--Chickasaw
Glasscock, Benjamin F.--Adams
Glover, Allen W.--Newton
Goodin, G.--Carroll
Goodman, Walter A.--Marshall
Goodman, William W.--Noxubee
Gordon, James--Pontotoc
Gordon, Robert--Pontotoc
Gordon, T.M.--Jackson
Gould, Ruebin H.--Madison
Govan, D.C.--Madison
Goza, S. Dupry--Boliva
Graves, Thomas--Holmes
Gray, Joseph--Hinds
Gray, R.D.--Holmes
Green, Thomas--Hinds
Green, Joshua--Hinds
Green, J.S.O.G.--Lauderdale
Greshenn, Joel B.--Noxubee
Griffing, David C.--Claiborne

Griffin, Francis--Washington
Griffin, William--Jackson
Grimes, G.W.
Gunn, Robert B.--Chickasaw
Gussin, Florian--Warren
Gwim, James M.--Holmes
Gwin, P.T.--Chickasaw
Hainton, George--Lowndes
Hainston(Hairston), J.T.W.--Lowndes
Hainston(Hairston), Malinda I.--Yalobusha
Hairston, Marshall--Yalobusha
Hairston, N.E.--Lowndes
Hairston, P.C.--Lowndes
Hale, Harrison--Lowndes
Haley, W.M.--Copiah
Hall, William--Adams
Hall, William M.--Leake
Hamblin, Edwin--Madison
Hamiton, James--Lowndes
Hamiton, Jones--Wilkinson
Hampton, P.--Monroe
Hampton, John P.--Monroe
Hampton, W.M.--Monroe
Hancock, L.B.--Lauderdale
Handy, John--Madison
Hankins, W.M.--Yalobusha
Hardcastle, A.B.
Hargrove, Ebenezer H.--Lowndes
Hargrove, William H.--Lowndes
Harlan, John--Noxubee
Harper, J. Nairne--Tallahatchie
Hardy, J.T.--Lowndes
Harper, Laban B.--Simpson
**Will add more names soon**


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