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"Old Howell's Ferry Cemetery"
George County, Mississippi 

This cemetery is located in Howell community in the lower east side of George County, Mississippi. The oldest grave is dated 05-06-1883 for the death date.
There are 24 marked graves and numerous unmarked graves in the cemetery. The cemetery is well maintained and surrounded by a net wire fence.
Traveling west on highway 612 from Tanners grocery you will go 2.04tenths  miles and in the curve of the road on your left will be a small woods road with a
locked pipe gate. Upon entering the gate you go a couple hundred yards and the road splits one to the right and one to the left. At this point you go left and the
road curves around to the left and you will be at the cemetery. I was told of this cemetery by Mr.L.M. Crawley whose great grandfather is buried there.
On Feb. 23, 2007 I walked this cemetery along with Mr. Crawley. All information gathered was from headstone inscriptions and all metal plaques
denoting some of the graves. There is one World War One (WW-1) Veterans grave in this cemetery, his sacrifices we don’t know, but the freedom he
helped secure we enjoy still today. As a veteran to a veteran I salute you and will keep your memory alive.


Howell, G.W.; b 07-13-1875, d 06-22-1911 "Woodsman of the World Memorial"

Griffin, Mary A; b 02-27-1879, d 03-04-1903

Howell, Thomas; b 08-26-1831, d 02-14-1920 "great grandfather of L.M. Crawley"

Howell, Nancy; b 03-01-1836, d 10-12-1896

Richardson, infant son; died 06-15-1885

Richardson, infant son; b 05-23-1884, d 05-30-1884

Richardson, infant daughter; b 05-03-1883, d 05-06-1883

Richardson,  Scott; b 04-09-1890, d (no date)

Richardson, Tom P; no dates available

Richardson, Elizabeth Frances; b 01-01-1866, d 06-01-1938

Crawley, Della; b 12-19-1894, d 12-10-1901

Lee (Richardson), Charlotte; b 04-08-1895, d (no date available)

Richardson, Richard Randall; b 08-08-1892, d 2-11-1956

Richardson, Ollia "Aull"; b 09-26-1886, d (no dates available)

Howell, infant ; b 01-19-1925, d 01-20-1925 ( child of Carlie & Dossie Howell)

Howell, infant; b 01-17-1924, d 01-17-1924 (child of Carlie & Dossie Howell)

Howell, infant; (no dates available), (child of Carlie & Dossie Howell)

Pierce, Penkie; b 12-29-1912, d 01-03-1913

Pierce, L.S: b 04-15-1888, d 01-04-1916

Evans, Esther E; b 01-19-1900, d 02-15-1909

Evans, Caroline (Howell); b 06-17-1870, d 09-04-1930

Evans, William Jackson; b 01-29-1867, d 12-04-1946

Evans, Nola E; b 02-10-1896, d 03-07-1938

McDaniel, Joseph D; b 09-04-1896, d 03-31-1955 "Cpl Quartermaster Corps. WW-1"

This is a complete listing of the known graves in this cemetery, and I want to thank Mr. Crawley for making it possible for me to walk this cemetery.


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