Lisa's Cemetery Site

Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
 Greene County, Mississippi


Travel south from Leakesville, Mississippi to the highway intersection with highway 594. Take a left at this intersection and go 1.4 miles
and this cemetery will be on your left. There is a chain link fence surrounding this cemetery, however the east side fence also separates this
Church cemetery from the community cemetery also called Mt. Pisgah. Only members of the Mt. Pisgah church may be buried in the church cemetery.
The cemetery is owned by the church and is maintained by the members of the church. Information was taken from headstone inscriptions and
temporary grave markers as I (Jimmy Trussell), walked this cemetery on April 6th, 2007.

Deford, Linda R; b. 11-24-1943, d. 10-30-1997

Blankinchip, Kermit R; b. 12-20-1913, d. 12-20-1992

Blankinchip, Gordon Sean; b. ??-??-????, d. 06-25-1974, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Blankinchip

Blankinchip, Kermit Gordon; b. 09-02-1937, d. 03-18-1980

Shepard, Hubie W; b. 02-28-1925, d. 01-01-1987

Shepard, Mae L; b. 05-27-1914, d. 09-08-2006

Sweeney, Annette; b. 09-05-1939, d. 05-24-2000

Blankinchip, Rudy D; b. 01-27-1903, d. 01-22-1997

Blankinchip, William A; b. 02-22-1903, d. 12-18-1993

Smith, Warren H; b. 05-25-1922, d. 11-26-1980

Smith, Millard Riley; b. 09-14-1907, d. 11-11-1983

Smith, Michael Henry; b. 05-15-1970, d. 07-09-1975

Helton, L.V; b. 01-26-1929, d.04-08-1981

Dueitt, George May; b. 03-15-1934, d. 12-17-2003

Dueitt, Anna Bell; b. 01-09-1934, d. 03-30-2003

Dickerson, Allyssa Lynn; b. 09-25-1994, d. 09-25-1994

Wray, Erin Nicole; b. 01-09-1986, d. 11-06-2005, daughter

Lundy, Edward W; b. 01-02-1959, d. 09-14-1981

Lundy, Mabele L; b. 02-28-1928, d. 10-09-1992

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