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Mobile, Alabama Evening News

July 1863
Casualty List for the Battle of Gettysburg
July 1st - 3rd
(The copy of this newspaper was very bad and hard to read, so there may be mistakes)

Company G, German Fusiliers, 8th Alabama Volunteers, at the Battle of Gettysburg, PA.

July 2nd
Captain A. Kohler, Commanding
Killed:   Private S. Wolf
Wounded:   Capt. A. Kohler, right foot, slightly; 1st Lieut. A. Shedden, left arm, severely; 2nd Lt. F. Wacker, Left shoulder, severely;
Brevet 2nd Lt. G. Schwarz, mortally, left on the field; Sergt J. Taylor, right hand, slightly; Corporal P Smith, severely, left on the field;
Private J. Fayley, foot, slight; Private Jo. Gratrift, letf arm, slight; John Kiehly (Kienly?), severely, left on the field; H. Krase, severely, left on the field;
H. King, left arm, slight; J Pearson, left arm, severely, H. W. Smith, right arm, severely; S.T. Smith, right hip, severely; J. Wilson, breast, slight; H. Rothsehield, severely, left on the field.
Missing:   Serg't M.J. Mikosker, Private W. R. Nail, Private J. A. Tayler, J.S. Spickey, J. Partridge.

July 3rd
Lieut. Melligh of Company C, Commanding
Wounded:   Corporal C. Engel, severely in back; Private J.C. Lehide, thigh, severely; C. Myers, right hip, slightly; J. Nelson, mortally, left on the field.
Missing:    Serg't R. Goldsmith, Serg't J. Dauback, Color Corporal F. Stringfellow.

Casualties in Rodes' Brigade

3rd Alabama Regiment, Col. C. A. Battle, Commanding
Major R. M. Sands, wounded slightly, leg

Company A--Lieut W.N. Ledyard, Commanding
Killed:   Private Jas McLelland
Wounded:   Lieut. W.N. Ledyard, leg amputated, Sergt N. Weeks, flesh wound, leg; Private John Beroujon, arm, flesh wound; Private C. Dunn, head, slight;
Corporal S.S. Sprague, arem, flesh wound; H.L. Lowman, hand.

Company B--2nd Lieut. E.T. Toomer, Commanding
Killed:   Sergeant R.P. Sheffield
Wounded:   1st Lieut. Daniel Partridge, neck, slightly, while getting aid to brigade commander; Private A.K. Alvarez, hip, severe; Private H. W. Hughes, arm, flesh wound;
Private W.H. Monk, arm, slight; Private E.H. Lethwaite, hand
Missing:   S.S. Anderson, S.S. Goddard, T.H. Melville, J.F. Randall, h.W. Rondean, P.A. Weaver

Company C--Capt. W.T. Bilbro, Commanding
Killed:   A. Ellis
Wounded:   1st Leiut T.A. Etheridge, side, serious; Sergt Charles Gachet, flesh wound both thighs; Sergt Walter Ransom, through hip;
Sergt W.B. Bardine, leg, flesh wound; Private T.J. Cloud, thigh bone shattered; John McBride, leg, flesh wound; C.E. Smith, hand, slight;
Ed Varner, hand; J.W. Taylor, arm and leg; A.A. Read, breast and arm; H. C Penn, side, severe; Philip Fitzpatrick, side, slight.
 Missing:    Corporal W.H. Drakeford, Corporal S.H. Pon.

Company D--Lieut John R. McGowan, Commanding
Killed:   private Wm Farr
Wounded:  Private M. L. Stinson, hip, severe; G.W. Loveless, face
Missing:  Private F.M. Henderson; Private John Eady

Company E--Capt. J.W. Chester, Commanding
Killed:  Thos W. Cocke
Wounded:  Corporal Robert Hopkins; Wm E. Dean, slight, shoulder; M.A. Coleman, arm; Jas Connel, flesh wound, leg; Charles Hill, ankle, slight; J.J. Sherwood, thigh, flesh wound
Missing:  Jas E. Childres; John S. Rutherford

Company F--1st Lieut Wade A McBryde, Commanding
Killed:  None
Wounded:   Lieut W.A. Taylor, leg, flesh wound; Sergt Samuel P Lowe, Left arm amputated; Private Robert Bellinger, foot; Private R A. Carroll, leg, flesh wound;
Private Jas D. Martin, hand; Private David Lockler, head; JPrivate J.C. Oliver, arm, slight; W.L. Prescott, leg, flesh wound; Private A.S. Sayre, arm, flesh wound.

Company G--Capt. M.F. Bonham, Commanding
Killed:  W.J. Meadows, Daniel Johnson, E. Williamson
Wounded:   Capt. M.F. Bonham, arm, flesh wound; Sergt N.M. Rutt; Sergt W.A. Beckham, arm amputated; Private W.W. Crimm, hand; G.W. Falk, groin and shoulder, severe
Missing:   Thos Lundy

Company H--Capt C. Robinson, Jr., Commanding
Killed:   None
Wounded:   Sergt J.A. Crocheron, thigh, flesh wound; H.P. Caffey, arm, amputated; G.L. Hadley, ankle; H.W. Hardy, hand; B.F. McQueen, thigh; C. Miller, leg; J.W. Rasi, leg, flesh wound; W. Wilson, arm, flesh wound
Missing:   P.T. Oliver

Company I--2nd Lt. B.F.K. Melton, Commanding
Killed:   Corporal F.K. Jones; Private W.M. Coleman
Wounded:   Private Jas Goodsen, side, severe; Private R.S. Lewis, leg, slight; Private Jno A. Rogers, thigh, serious; Richard Wright, leg, slight; Chas Walker, slight; Jno S. Lynch, serious, left on the field; Sergt Wm M. Teague, mouth, severe; Sergt J. B. Stamps, leg; W. Leak, hand; Wm Gunnell, slight

Company K--1st Lieut W.H. Gardner, Commanding
Killed:   Private J.M. Kerrell, Private D.K. McLean
Wounded:   Lt. W.H. Gardner, severe, in leg; Sergt Donaldson, severe, neck; C.C. Collier, leg, flesh wound; Jas Hoyt, hand, slight; W.J. Hogan, head, slight; H.G. Mauldin, head, slight; Jas Newman, side; T.M. Smith, foot, slight; J.W.Weaver, heel, slight; Jas Walker, arm, flesh
Missing:     J.J. Yeates

Company L--1st Lt. F.M. Germany
Killed:   None
Wounded:   Lieut. F.M. Germany, severe, in groin; Sergt J.S. McClendon, hip; Corporal J.L. Childs, thigh; C.R. Olive, hip; R.M. Harrison, leg; J.W. McLend, in leg, flesh wound; T. Bryan, arm, Flesh wound; Z. Herron, arm; J.A. Devore, Abdomen
Missing:   H.J. Baggett

Mobile Evening News, July 1863
Killed, in the battle of Vicksburg, May 19th, Willie A. Flourney, aged 18 years and 6 months, son of J.G. Flourney, of Memphis, Tennessee.
For nearly two years he had nobly struggled for our country's freedom, and at last gave his young life to it glorious cause.

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