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Traveling west out of George County, Ms. into Greene County, Ms., on highway 98 by-pass. 
You will cross the Chickasawhay River bridge, take the first blacktop road to the right after you cross the river bridge.
This is the old highway 98 that was used prior to the by-pass being constructed., the Miller Cemetery is about .04 tenths of a mile on your right.
It is surrounded by a chain link fence and is well maintained.
The cemetery was walked on March 24th, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell,


Goff, Ina (Miller); b. 01-04-1903, d. 05-12-1934, daughter of A.S./Lucy A. Miller

Miller, A.L.; b.10-20-1894, d. 01-26-1916

Miller, Floid E; b. 02-15-1898, d. 07-22-1898, son of A.S./L.A. Miller

Miller, Martha; b. 01-30-1841, d. 01-09-1896, wife of J.M. Miller

Miller, J.M; b. 08-24-1840, d. 10-08-1920

Miller, Mary (Taylor); b. 01-10-1862, d. 03-17-1942

Taylor, Melton Palmer; b. 12-06-1914, d. 11-25-1940

Taylor, Alice (Ball); b. 06-29-1891, d. 04-19-1950

Taylor, Melton L; b. 06-25-1890, d. 01-31-1971

Miller, Ramona Kay; b. ??-??-????, d. 12-05-1962

Miller, Thomas W. (Jr.); b. 02-20-1934, d. 11-25-1996, “Tommy”

Miller, Thomas W; b. 08-10-1910, d. 01-01-1982

Miller, Edward Carrol; b. 02-22-1938, d. 05-25-1960

Miller, infant son; b. 02-21-1945, d. 02-21-1945, (Mr. & Mrs. Tom Miller)

McLendon, B. (McKintosh); b. 02-26-1890, d. 04-24-1904

Miller, Alexander Stephen; b.01-24-1874, d. 09-01-1950

Miller, Lucy Alize (Thomas); b. 05-16-1877, d. 09-24-1953

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