Lisa's Cemetery Site


  *Images Courtesy of Jimmy Trussell*

Traveling west on highway 98 by-pass out of Lucedale, Ms., you will come to Holmes Missionary Baptist Church on your right. Directly across from the
church is  Merrill Road. Take Merrill road and travel south approximately 3.8 tenths of a mile. Cross the railroad and continue south another .05 tenths of a mile.
Merrill cemetery Road will be on your left. This is a dirt road and you will follow it another .05 tenths of a mile and the cemetery will be on your right. There are
numerous unmarked graves in this cemetery, and several white crosses have been erected to mark some graves. Several graves have iron fences around them.
The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell, on March 24th, 2007.


Sellers, Mary E; b. 09-08-1884, d. 02-19-1905

Parmer, Martha M; b. 06-29-1828, d. 07-02-1905

McKay, Inda B; b. 09-01-1882, d. 11-17-1903, wife of Richmond McKay

Taylor, Laurens Ira; b. 02-23-1886, d. 01-10-1913

Hight, Mary M; b. 12-26-1864, d. 07-24-1906, wife of J.D. Hight

Taylor, Eva (Dillard); b. ??-??-1864, d. )1-03-1913

Taylor, Walter G; b. 06-05-1897, d. 02-26-1980, SGT US Army WW-1  /  WW-2

Brackin, Elijah; b. 10-01-1905, d. 05-23-1906, son of J.M. & M. Brackin

Taylor, John Green; b. 01-30-1849, d. 08-18-1910

Taylor, Mrs. V.D; b. ??-??-1825, d. ??-??-1910

Taylor, Mary J; ??-??-1833, d. ??-??-1910

Taylor, Rae Gilbert; b. 07-31-1904, d. 08-27-1909

Taylor, Budie Belle; b. 03-12-1888, d. 04-06-1904

Taylor, E.B; b. 02-22-1857, d. 11-09-1909, Modern Woodman of the World Memorial

Beasley, John Clide; b. 02-07-1907, d. 07-20-1907, son of A.J. & V.E. Beasley

Beasley, A. J; b. 02-09-1880, d. 01-19-1909

Walters, J. E; b. 07-11-1888, d. 11-23-1926

Walters, Leila; b. ??-??-????, d. 10-17-1910, 41 years old, wife of E. Walters

Breland, Myrtle Ethel; b. 11-01-1902, d. 04-07-1909

Burge, George H; b. 03-28-1878, d. 10-15-1911

Knight, Vivian Merrill; b. 02-16-1911, d. 09-06-1912

Ramsey, Mary Evaline (McKinnis); ??-??-????, d. 10-09-1909, 57 years old

McKinnis, Murdock; b. ??-??-????, d. ??-??-????, Capt. C.S.A.  (civil war veteran)

Hobby, Henry C; b. 04-22-1873, d. 04-06-1925, husband of L.S. (Bexley) Hobby

Hobby, Alice (Turner); b. ??-??-????, d. 07-17-1911, wife of Henry C. Hobby

Moore, Drusilla; b. 01-06-1833, d. 12-26-1905

Moore, Eugene T; b. 08-07-1857, d. 10-31-1903

Strohecker, Dora; b. 12-28-1867, d. 03-15-1946

Murrah, Elizebeth; b. 10-15-1848, d. 02-22-1940

Murrah, A.T.; b. 11-08-1834, d. 06-09-1929, an old soldier (possible civil war veteran)

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