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McInnis & Kittrell Cemetery
Greene County
, Mississippi




Travelling south from Leakesville, Mississippi on highway 63, you will go 2.3 tenths of a mile and there will be an intersection
on your right which is Vernal River Road. Take this right hand turn and go another 9 miles. There will be a dirt driveway on your left,
take this turn onto the driveway and the cemetery will be immediately on your right. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence
and is well kept. There are some unmarked graves in this cemetery, all information gathered was from headstone inscriptions and
temporary grave markers. The cemetery is family owned and upkeep is provided by family members.
The cemetery was walked on April 13th,2007 by Jimmy Trussell.


McInnis, John; b. 08-12-1816, d. 08-03-1899

McInnis, Reaey; b. 06-24-1814, d. 08-27-1892

McInnis, Miss N.A; b. 09-14-1877, d. 07-11-1891, daughter of R. & C.B. McInnis

McInnis, C.B; b. 03-10-1843, d. 11-08-1898, wife of R. McInnis

McInnis, Randall; b. 12-13-1837, d. 02-24-1907, at 8 o’clock , 45 minutes

McInnis, John N; b. 08-29-1880, d. 07-28-1903

McInnis, M.E; b. 01-03-1873, d. 04-27-1939

McInnis, Colin L; b. 08-29-1829, d. 06-10-1878

Murphree, Willie B; b. 07-21-1924, d. 07-07-1990, PFC US Army WW-2

Murphree, Dorothy K; b. 09-02-1913, d. 03-17-1980

Kittrell, Mary L. (McInnis); b. 10-11-1867, d. 10-19-1960

Kittrell, Thomas Boy; b. 03-10-1904, d. 03-02-1918

Kittrell, John S; b. 06-08-1857, d. 07-14-1919

Kittrell, Cora Belle; b. 03-03-1901, d. 03-14-1903, daughter of J.S. & M.L. Kittrell

McInnis, John; b. 08-21-1880, d. 01-13-1919

Neely, infant; b. 08-02-1923, d. 04-??-1930, Mr. & Mrs. E.N. Neely

Koontz, Kenneth W; b. 11-23-1916, d. 04-18-1892

Koontz, Lois K; b. 06-11-1915, d. 03-10-1995

Williams, W.M; b. 12-15-1866, d. 06-29-1930,“Father”

Williams, Molley; b. 10-17-1858, d. 11-20-1933, “Mother”

Johnson, Jacqueline; b. 03-21-1954, d. 04-01-2007

Kittrell, Debbie Shawn; b. 06-25-1958, d. 10-11-1984

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