Lisa's Cemetery Site

McInnis and Green Cemetery
Greene County, Mississippi


Traveling south on highway 63 from Leakesville, Mississippi you will go 2.3 miles and there will be an intersection with Vernal River Road on your right.
Take this right (west) hand turn and go 5.8 miles and the cemetery is located on your right in the corner of thefront yard to an old home place. I was told by the
home owner that he mows the grass in the cemetery a couple times a year, but was really not sure who owned the cemetery. From the dates on the headstones 
you can see it has nearly been 30 years since anyone was buried there. It is surrounded by a chain link fence, and there may be some unmarked graves in the cemetery.
The cemetery was walked on April 13th, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell, and all information was gathered from headstone inscriptions.


Williams, Eliza; b. 03-06-1843, d. 06-03-1922, "Aunt Eliza"

Green, Elizabeth (Williams); b. 06-15-1852, d. 06-19-1919, "Mother"

Green, Joseph S; b. 03-15-1848, d. 10-19-1928, "Father"

Green, Mary J; b. 05-27-1875, d. 04-25-1957

McLeod, Annie; b. 07-23-1885, d. 06-29-1949

Green, George W; b. 08-20-1898, d. 04-12-1979

McInnis, Joseph Carl; b. 04-12-1888, d. 12-02-1959

McInnis, Eliza (Green); b. 11-24-1898, d. 10-12-1964

Cone, George E; b. 11-12-1863, d. 12-29-1930, "Father"

Cone, Minnie E; b. 12-10-1882, d. 04-10-1931, "Mother"

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