Lisa's Cemetery Site

Mallette Family Cemetery
George County, Mississippi

*Images Courtesy of Jimmy Trussell*

Cemetery surveyed by Jimmy Trussell,

We will begin the trip to this cemetery on main street (old hwy. 98) in Lucedale, Miss. Take Mill street south to the four way stop sign( 1.01 tenthsof a mile).
Turn left on highway 613 and go approximately 4.0 miles, you will pass Union Missionary Baptist Church on your right in a very sharp curve. You will take
the first dirt road to the right and on your right is a small very dense partial of woods. I was able to identify only  5 headstones in the cemetery.
There are remnants of many wooden markers, however, the termites have long since removed any signs of lettering from them. The cemetery is in
very bad condition , really impossible to see many parts of it. I have spoken to a Mrs. Barbara (Mallette) Eley, who is a  relative of some of those
buried in this cemetery. She is to provide me with a copy of names of those known to be buried in this cemetery. I will list the ones I actually was
able to transcribe information from first and then will make a note as to the other names I am providing.


Mallett, Samuel; b. ??-??-1844, d. ??-??-1888, Co. "K"� 15th Ala. Cav. (C.S.A.)

Mallett, William Lewis; b.10-25-1838, d.11-15-1863, Co."L"� 27th Miss. Inf. (C.S.A.)

Gibson, Selena; b. 01-15-1834, d. 02-11-1903

Gibson, Robert T; b. 11-01-1818, d. 04-01-1881

Rouse, Rebecca; b. 11-16-1875, d. 05-26-1920, wife of Ira Rouse


**This list of persons buried in the Mallette Cemetery was taken from old family records provided to me by Mrs. Eley.
It is not a complete list of all graves, but is all the family has.**

Mallet, John "Jean"�; b. 1792, d. 1885, was the original settler of this old homestead. He originally came to the
    United States
from Normandy, France.(notice spelling of last name and how it changes to his kinsfolk)

Mallet, Elizabeth (Tillman); b. 1814, d. after 1900, (she was listed on 1900 census but was not listed on 1910 census)

Mallette, William; b. ??-??-1838, d. ??-??-1865, died from T.B.

Mallette, Louisa; b. ??-??-????, d. ??-??-????(sold the Mallet homestead to a Mrs. Fletcher (Horne) Reads father about 1909)

Mallette, Charlie; b. ??-??-1871, d. ??-??-1914 husband of Mary (Finch) Mallette

Holder, Dolly; ??-??-????, d. ??-??-????, struck and killed by lightning while in second grade

Dungan, infant; b. ??-??-????, d. ??-??-????, infant child of Mammie Dungan

Tanner, Bliss; b. ??_??-????, d. ??-??-????, his son was named Myrdie G. Tanner Mississippi Baptist Church Preacher

Tanner, baby; ??-??-????, d. ??-??-????

Bufkin, Corine; b. 01-06-192?, d. 06-29-192?, daughter of Issac & Chlora (Horne) Bufkin

Pendarvis, James; b. ??-01-1855, d. ??-??- 1918

Pendarvis, Evan;  b. ??-05-1878, d. ??-??-1918 (died in flu epidemic and was buried at night)

Bryan, infant; b.??-??-????, d.??-??-????, baby child of Blake Bryan

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