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Lewis Family Cemetery
Greene County Mississippi



The Lewis family cemetery is located off highway 63 about one mile on the right on Dickerson Saw Mill Road.
Dickerson Saw Mill Road is in the Southeastern corner of Greene , County Mississippi.
The cemetery was established as a family cemetery, however through the years several others in the community have been buried there.
The cemetery is maintained by Marlow Lewis  a Great  Great Grandson of the founder of the cemetery.
The cemetery is located in a small wooded area and is surrounded by a chain link fence with a large gate that has the name Lewis above it.
All visible graves were recorded using tombstone inscriptions on Feb. 14, 2007 by James Trussell.

Lewis, Robert Lamar; b 06-28-1923, d 03-21-2000   Msgt. US Army WW-2 / Korea

Lewis, Edd; b 05-06-1889, d 02-23-1971  F-1 US Navy WW-1

Lewis, Curtis Edward; b 10-27-1958, d 07-18-1998

Lewis, Edward R; b 06-25-1931, d03-23-1984

Lewis, Mary N; b 04-12-1940, d 05-27-1997

Lewis, John Budro; b 07-15-1917, d 07-04-1980

Lewis, Frank F; b 09-16-1927, d 12-30-1998

Green, Lula (Lewis); b 08-16-1881, d 02-24-1921

Hutchinson, Bonnie A; b 03-12-1936, d 03-12-1936

Hutchinson, Harvey E; b 05-03-1941, d 05-03-1941

Hutchinson, Judy R; b 04-23-1952, d 04-25-1952

Hutchinson, Harvey E; b 01-26-1911, d 02-23-1979

Hutchinson, Iola L; b 10-11-1913, d 01-15-1989

Lewis, Guey; b 11-15-1915, d 02-16-1920

Lewis, Levie; b 00-00-1891, d 00-00-1936

Lewis, Virgil; b 00-00-1885, d 00-00-1957

Lewis, Wade; b 10-04-1909, d 12-07-1968

Busby, Rudolph Marvin; b 01-12-1935, d 01-20-1936

Busby, Katrine e Irine; b 10-26-1929, d 10-27-1929

Busby, Irvin H; b 02-08-1926, d 04-04-1926

Brannan, Theodocia (Lewis); b 11-14-1883, d 03-26-1915

Lewis, Katie; b 10-07-1887, d 11-14-1907

Lewis, Christane; b 12-28-1854, d 10-17-1933

Carlton, Pearl; b 04-23-1894, d 11-05-1941

Lewis, Dell; b 08-15-1890, d 08-15-1971

Yonge, Annie Laura; b 12-25-1895, d 05-28-1931

Yonge, Mildred Christine; b 11-07-1916, d 08-14-1917

Yonge, Vivian Beatrice; b 07-20-1921, d 01-28-1924

Yonge, Mable Lucille; b 09-23-1919, d 05-26-1938

Lewis, Joyce Ann; b. 02-28-1960, d. 09-24-2007, wife of Malowe Lewis

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