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Howell Family Cemetery
County, Mississippi

Traveling west from Lucedale, Mississippi on Highway 26 you will pass a rather large cemetery on your left (large sign over gate "Shady Grove",
continue west a short distance and you will come to an intersection of highway 26 and Old highway 26. Take a left turn onto Old highway 26 and travel 1.2 miles.
The road will make a sharp turn to the left and at the beginning of this turn you will see James Howell Cemetery road on your right. Take this right hand turn and
go 1/2 mile and the cemetery is at the dead end of this dirt and grassy road. The cemetery is well kept, and surrounded by a chain link fence. There are a few unmarked
graves as well as some that have markings that have deteriorated over the years to a point they are unreadable.
The cemetery is owned and maintained by the Howell family.
All information was taken from headstone inscriptions when I walked this cemetery on April 7th, 2007. The oldest marked grave in this cemetery is dated 1896.

Cemetery surveyed by Jimmy Trussell,

Howell, Mack; b. 01-17-1896, d. 03-27-1952, PVT 162nd Depot Brigade WW-1 (Miss)

Howell, Walton; b. 01-10-1894, d. 03-01-1952, CPL. 314th Aux RMT DEP QMC WW-1

Howell, William; b. 05-09-1898, d. 08-17-1933

Howell, Jane; b. 09-01-1863, d. 02-17-1930

Howell, Ansie M; b. 11-12-1897, d. 03-13-1925

Howell, Thomas Ray; b. 07-27-1892, d. 10-07-1917

Howell, infant daughter; b. 06-06-1901, d. 07-09-1901, William & Jane Howell

Howell, Rossie Mae; b. 09-30-1911, d. 02-15-1927

Young, Ida (Howell); b. 01-23-1885, d. 12-27-1974

Gibson, Clara Lee (Young); b. 09-06-1924, d. 11-11-1998

Gibson, Jessie Bruce (Jr.); b. 01-02-1925, d. 02-25-1991

Gibson, Jesse Bruce (III); 09-22-1953, d. 02-25-1991, "Our Deer Hunter"

Gibson, Windell Eric; b. 07-24-1957, d. 04-24-1999, "Trucking on the Highway to Heaven"

Gibson, Rodney W (Sr.); b. 02-09-1948, d. 08-30-1996

Havard, Jack L; b. 02-??-1917, d. 12-??-1943 (concrete slab is deteriorated)

Havard, unknown; b. 06-05-1892, d. 11-??-???? (concrete slab is deteriorated)

Havard, Molly; b. 04-04-1881, d. 06-01-1921

Havard, Elbert O; b. 06-28-1899, d. 11-28-1900

Havard, infant son; b. 04-22-1902, d. 01-18-1902

Howell, James; b. 08-17-1828, d. 04-13-1899

Howell, Martha; b. 05-17-1832, d. 09-30-1896

Howell, Mattie; b. 08-21-1900, d. 10-01-1902, inf. dau. Chas R & Bessie Howell

Howell, Elma; b. 01-28-1906, d. 06-19-1907, inf. dau. Chas R & Bessie Howell

Howell, Shelby H; b. 08-31-1908, d. 10-30-1909, inf. son Chas R & Bessie Howell

Howell, Bessie H; b. 08-17-1876, d. 03-27-1932

Howell, Charles R; b. 06-04-1871, d. 08-05-1938

Parker, Nancy E; b. ??-??-1864, d. ??-??-1938, mother

Parker, William B; b. ??-??-1858, d. ??-??-1933, father

Wade, Lucy E; b. 04-07-1893, d. 03-17-1911

Wade, infant; b. 03-14-1911, d. 03-14-1911, J.W. & Lucy E. Wade

Wade, infant; b. 08-10-1909, d. 08-10-1909, J.W. & Lucy E. Wade

Bates, Freddie Louise; b. 08-04-1935, d. 04-08-1937

Bates, Evelyn Marie; b. 06-11-1932, d. 07-07-1934

Howell, Lois S; b. 03-31-1912, d. 11-28-1937, "AND BABY"

Howell, Wilton H; b. 12-20-1915, d. 01-05-1999

Howell, Ruth F; b. 04-14-1917, d. 03-28-1962

Howell, George Wesley; b. 11-01-1905, d. 01-06-1990

Howell, Mollie C (Smith); b. 02-09-1905, d. 01-10-1989

Howell, Iris Arlene; b. 10-06-1931, d. 10-14-1931, George & Mollie Howell

Howell, Donald Rayborn; b. 03-20-1941, d. 03-20-1941

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