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This Cemetery is located at the end of Bexley Road North in George county,  Ms. Traveling on highway 98 by-pass in George county travel west
until you come to Carolyn’s Community Grocery which will be located on your right as you are headed west out of Lucedale, Ms. on the by-pass.
Take the road to the right just before the store entrance, it is named Bexley Road North. Stay on this road 3.0 miles and you will come to a stop sign.
Looking directly across from the intersection you will see James Family Cemetery. You will turn left on Ford James Road (formally know as the Palestine Garden Road), 
and then immediately turn right to enter the cemetery. It is surrounded by a chain link fence on all sides and is well kept .
The cemetery was walked on Mar., 3rd, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell, and all information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.


James, Emma Azaline; b. 01-05-1902, d. 12-23-1975, wife of H.T. James

James, Henry T; b. 10-11-1870, d. 11-20-1954

James, Mary (Williams); b. 05-12-1878, d. 07-12-1935, wife of H.T. James

James, Ruby Mae; b. 12-11-1911, d. 09-11-1919, daughter of H.T. & Mary James

James, Leibert D; b. 09-08-1909, d. 08-07-1930

James, Bessie Mary Lou; b. 09-07-1916, d. 01-27-1986

James, Verba Wray; b. 08-16-1907, d. 01-12-1998

James, Cornell Ford; 01-29-1914, d. 12-31-2006

James, Chester W; b. 11-30-1897, d. 11-23-1964

James, Eva Mae; b. 09-09-1901, d. 07-17-1989

James, Cheryl L; b. 05-22-1969, d. 03-28-1986, age 16

Loper, Loy V; b. 10-25-1938, d. 12-22-1998

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