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Finch Family Cemetery
George County, Mississippi


Traveling south from Lucedale, Mississippi on highway 613 you will go 8.9 tenths of a mile. This will be the intersection with highway 612 on your left.
Take this left hand turn and now you will go another 3.2 tenths of a mile. This will be the intersection with New Hope Church Road. Take the right hand turn on
New Hope Church Road and go 1 mile. You will see the cemetery on your right, it has a new chainlink fence surrounding it and is well maintained.
The cemetery belongs to the Finch Family and  upkeep and maintenance are done by family and friends alike. Jimmy Trussell,
was given permission to walk the cemetery by Mrs. J.T. Finch. He walked the cemetery and all information was gathered from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.


Tilley, John; b. ??-??-1850, d. ??-??-1926, "Father"

Tilley, Elizabeth; b. ??-??-1851, d. ??-??-1924, "Mother"

Tilley, Curtis Carley; b. 05-11-1892, d. 11-16-1906

Liepf, Robert L; b. unknown, d. unknown, 23 years old "Died in the Service of His Country"

Busby, Sanford; b. 07-10-1867, d. 07-20-1920

Finch, T.J; b. 07-20-1920, d. 04-18-1922, son - T.P. - Daisy

Finch, Thomas J; b. 04-02-1847, d. 02-08-1920

Finch, Mary C; b. 05-12-1816, d. 04-20-1903

Finch, A.A; b. 04-17-1812,d. 01-21-1899

Finch, N. Jasper; b. 10-18-1858, d. 04-08-1909

Finch, Jennie; b. 05-23-1854, d. 10-12-1926

Finch, Ethel; b. ??-??-1892, d. ??-??-1933, "Daughter"

Finch, Lewis; b. 05-04-1891, d. 07-02-1971, "Husband"

Finch, Zona; b. 05-11-1889, d. 06-10-1986, "Wife"

Finch, Jasper T; b. 01-18-1923, d. 08-16-1988, TEC4 US Army, WW-2

Finch, J. Taylor; b. 07-04-1894, d. 09-12-1938, "Father"

Finch, Cora; b. 03-23-1894, d. 01-27-1923, wife of Taylor Finch

Finch, Alfred T; b. 03-01-1853, d. 10-25-1921

Hathcock, James Arthur; b. 08-20-1889, d. 05-17-1924

Rogers, Joseph G; b. unknown, d. unknown, Co. "A" 3rd Miss. Inf. (Civil War Veteran)

Hathcock, Rose; 05-??-1893, d. 07-??-1928, "Mother"

Hathcock, Eugenie; b. 03-22-1916, d. 11-04-1971

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