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Eubanks Cemetery
County, Mississippi


Leaving Lucedale, Mississippi on Beaver Dam Road, you will be going north. At the intersection of Beaver Dam Road and Highway 98 by-pass, you will take
a left hand turn. You will be heading west and will go approximately 2 miles and you will see the Ernest Pipkins Road on your right. Take this right hand turn and
the cemetery will be immediately on your left. This is a private family cemetery and you will need permission to visit it. There is a chain link fence surrounding this
cemetery, and a rather large ornate set of Iron Gates at the main entrance.  I was given permission to walk this cemetery by Mr. Jim Busby.
We have a World War One veteran buried here. The cemetery was walked by Jimmy Trussell,  on May 4th,2007 and
all information was taken from headstone inscriptions.


Eubanks, James Bryant; b. 01-24-1904, d. 05-22-1971, "Father"

Eubanks, Jimmie Nell; b. 11-09-1924, d. 11-09-2002, "Mother"

Eubanks, George P; b. 08-20-1866, d. 03-16-1922

Eubanks, Mary A; b. 09-16-1874, d. 03-12-1926

Eubanks, Charlie A; b. 10-25-1894, d. 01-28-1946

Eubanks, William C; b. 07-26-1896, d. 12-13-1961, PVT. 61st Co. 162nd Depot Brigade, WW-1 (Mississippi)

Lott, Sadie (Eubanks); b. 12-15-1901, d. 07-14-1988

Eubanks, George Porter; b. 07-30-1914, d. 02-02-1993

Eubanks, Minnie (Erkhart); b. 10-21-1916, d. 12-24-1976

Eubanks, infant; b. 06-14-1944, d. 06-14-1944, (George Eubanks) "Gone To Be An Angel"

Eubanks, son; b. 03-09-1950, d. 03-09-1950

Eubanks, Daughter; b. 06-14-1944, d. 06-14-1944

Busby, Mary Anner; b. 11-04-1947, d. 10-19-2000

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