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Eubanks/Dickerson Cemetery
George County, Mississippi


Traveling West out of Lucedale on Main Street (old highway 198), you will go west 3.3 tenths of a mile from the last red light. On your right will be a private driveway,
called Myrtle Drive. This leads to the home of Mr. Darwin M. Maples, you will have to take this driveway .2 tenths of a mile up the slight hill and the cemetery will be
located on your right. This cemetery is known as the Eubanks cemetery by the locals. The oldest grave in it is that of H.M. Eubanks who died in 1909. The cemetery is
surrounded by a chain link fence on all sides and is in good shape. There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery. Jimmy Trussell,
walked this cemetery on May 5th, 2007 and all information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.


Bolen, Tommie E. (Sr.); b. 09-04-1934, d. 09-23-1972

Bolen, Tommie Eugene (Jr.); b. 10-19-1956, d. 02-16-2006, “Bubbie”

Bolin, Mavis; b. 04-13-1936, d. 04-08-1937

Bolin, Alton; b. 04-30-1926, d. 03-22-1937

Bolin, Marse; b. 03-19-1928, d. 08-17-1929

Boling, Moddie; b. unknown, d. unknown

Boling, Sam; b. unknown, d. unknown

Boling, Ben; b. 01-22-1929, d. 11-14-1918

Bolen, Sherry Beth; b. 04-20-1979, d. 06-24-1979, “Our Darling Angel”

Allen, Evie Ada; b. 09-21-1924, d. 09-21-1992

Allen, A. Luther; b. 04-05-1916, d. 03-14-1971

Williford, Katie H; b. 06-25-1905, d. 03-05-1979

Williford, Everett; b. 05-08-1898, d. 07-05-1967

Williford, Ander; b. unknown, d. unknown

Dixon, Syntha; b. 09-16-1866, d. 10-18-1918, wife of A. Dixon

Williford, Betty J; b. 02-26-1936, d. 11-23-1936

Havard, Edmond; b. 09-27-1946, d. 03-23-1966, “Son”

Havard, Cecil E; b. 03-01-1912, d. 02-25-1992, “Daddy”

Havard, Ethel R; b. 02-22-1923, d. 02-21-1983, “Mama”

Havard, Ollie; b. 10-18-1884, d. 03-27-1940

Stringfellow, Beulah C; b. 11-10-1916, d. 03-14-1927

Cowart, Alma D; b. 03-25-1928, d. 03-08-1998, "Mother"

Whitfield, Audrey D; b. 03-29-1921, d. 09-17-1995

Dickerson, Alexander Clyde; b. 09-14-1926, d. 08-05-1984

Dickerson, Albert G; b. 03-18-1891, d. 12-30-1976

Dickerson, Addie D; b. 04-20-1901, d. 12-11-1990

Eubanks, Hardy Oliver; b. 11-12-1887, d. 09-14-1980, US Army WW-1

Eubanks, H. M; b. 01-27-1849, d. 01-07-1909

Eubanks, Sarah Elizabeth; b. 02-19-1858, d. 09-01-1950

Eubanks, William Cleveland; b. 03-04-1885, d. 06-18-1929

Eubanks, Wiley A; b. 10-25-1879, d. 09-24-1949

Eubanks, Alice Elizabeth; b. 10-07-1895, d. 11-14-1973

Robbins, Homer Craft; b. 08-28-1912, d. 04-02-1915

Robbins, Harold Hetler; b. 02-08-1917, d. 04-09-1920

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