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Lee & Davis/Mill Creek Cemetery

Ida Bounds Road, Carnes, Forrest County, Mississippi



Surveyed and Research compiled

Donna Grantham Lee with a special thanks to Darrell Lee


(Beginning from entrance gate with upper left corner and going straight down to bottom left corner rows and ending with right side)


ROW 1      
Cospelich, Joseph Rembert 11/28/1982 2/4/2005 Husband of Cassandra Lee (granddaughter of Nathan & Ione)
ROW 2      
Lee, Nathan R. 6/8/1922 2/4/2005 Husband of Ione; Military Footstone; Son of Allen C. & Effie M. Lee; Father of Dale Allen Lee
Lee, Ione H. (Howard) 8/17/1927 Placemarker Wife of Nathan; Mother of Dale Allen Lee
Byxbe, John Earl 11/6/1953 4/19/1985 Husband of Shirley Diane; Father of Michael & Jeffrey
Byxbe, Shirley "Diane" (Lee) 4/25/1951 Placemarker Wife of John Earl; Daughter of Nathan R. & Ione Lee; Mother of Michael & Jeffrey
Byxbe, Justin Tyler 5/7/1993 5/7/1993 Grandson of John Earl & Shirley Diane; Son of Michael Byxbe
Lee, Herbert Camp 9/7/1912 2/21/1969 Husband of Mettice; Son of Arverzena & Nathan; Father of Russell Lee
Lee, Mettice Alice 3/31/1910 1/7/2000 Wife of Herbert Lott
Lee, Herbert "Boyce" 1948 1963 Son of Herbert & Mettice
Bounds, J. W. (James Wilmer) 2/15/1877 2/7/1960 Husband of Ada; Son of Gilliam N. Bounds & Eliza Lee; Nephew of James Henry Bounds; Father of Mitchell, Milton
Bounds, Mitchell 6/13/1920 7/21/2003 Son of J. W. & Ada
Bounds, Ada Johnston 8/15/1888 6/10/1955 Wife of J. W.; Mother of Mitchell, Milton
Bounds, Milton Buster V. 2/5/1925 3/9/2007 Military Headstone; Son of J.W. & Ada
ROW 3      
Lee, Dale Allen 12/20/1958 12/28/1972 Son of Nathan & Ione
Lee, Allen C. 8/8/1896 11/25/1953 Military Headstone; Son of Nathan & Arverzena; Father of Nathan R.
Lee, Effie M. (Simmons) 1902 1979 Wife of Allen C.; Mother of Nathan R.
Lee, Oscar 9/10/1903 5/21/1905 Son of Nathan W. & Arverzena
Lee, Eva G. 7/31/1902 8/13/1902 Daughter of Nathan W. & Arverzena
**Lee, Henry** (Unmarked Block)     Brother of Nathan W?
Lee, Nathan Wyatt 10/20/1867 5/16/1940 Husband of Arverzena; Brother of Eli R; Son of James A. Lee & Mary Jane Landrum; Father of Eva, Allen C., Oscar, Eathel, Olive, Idell, Herbert "Camp"
Lee, Arverzena (Davis) 1873 1960 Wife of Nathan W.; Daughter of H.W. & Silistine Davis; Children--see above
Bounds, Jesse C. (Clemmon) 1/19/1891 5/20/1953 Military Headstone; Son of James H. & Nancy P; Husband of Nan Campbell; Father of Jesse Jr.
Bounds, Nan C. (Campbell) 11/20/1898 7/25/1973 Wife of Jesse-married 6/27/1923; Daughter of Tommie & Cora Campbell; Mother of Jesse Jr..
Bounds, Jesse Clemon Jr. 1928 (4/12/1928) 2005 (4/16/2005) Military Headston; Son of Jesse & Nan
ROW 4      
Unknown     Infant of Daulton Archer & Basal Thomas?
Archer, Judith A. 11/29/1943 2/1/1944 Daughter of Richard & Ludie; Granddaughter of Simon & Silistine Archer
Leonard, Infant Son 4/28/1917 4/29/1917 Son of Eanous Leonard (son of Reuben Leonard & Susanna McGee) & Myra
Davis, Minnie A. 10/15/1901 12/1/1901 Daughter of W.J. (William J.) & R.L. (Roberta L.) Davis; Grand-daughter of H.W. & Silistine
Davis, H.W. (Henry W.) (listed as WH on wife's headstone) 2/4/1848 5/15/1902 Husband of Celestine Ladner; Father of Luvena & Arverzena
Davis, Silistine (Ladner) spelled Celestine on husband's headstone) 7/18/1852 3/26/1901 Wife of H. W. Davis; Mother of Luvena & Arverzena
Bounds, James Henry 2/8/1850 1/3/1924 Husband of Nancy; Son of Gilliam Bounds & Kezziah Nelson; Uncle to J. W.; Father of Naomi, James E.
Bounds, Nancy P. (Panina Lee) 11/27/1856 1/12/1928 Wife of James Henry; Daughter of Eli "Coot" Lee & Diane "Dicey" Landrum; Aunt of Nathan W. & Eli R. Lee
Bounds, Naomi Elizabeth 4/22/1893 3/26/1966 Daughter of James H. & Nancy P.
Bounds, James Ellis 11/17/1900 11/26/1981 Husband of Mollie; Son of James H. & Nancy P.; Brother of Benjamin F.
Bounds, Mollie Brown 11/24/1906 10/24/1988 Wife of James Ellis
Bounds, J. C. 1/18/1937 7/16/2005 Husband of Margaret; Son of James Ellis & Mollie
Bounds, Margaret Baggett 10/20/1946 Placemarker Wife of J. C.
ROW 5      
Harris, Rosa Lea (Reid) 5/6/1929 8/16/1973 Daughter of Robert & Ava
Unknown     May be infant of Jackie R. Fairley
Unknown     May be infant of Jackie R. Fairley
Reid, Robert 1904 (8/20/1904) 1981 (6/1981) Husband of Ava; Son of John Walter Reid & Caldonia Warden
Reid, Ava Lee 1907 1960 Wife of Robert; Daughter of Eli R. & Luvena
Reid, Jessie B. 4/7/1926 3/7/1937 Daughter of Robert & Ava
Lee, E. R. (Eli Rudolphous) 11/26/1877 5/12/1929 Husband of Luvena & later Edna Jones (1913); Brother of Nathan W.; Son of James A. Lee & Mary Jane Landrum
Lee, Luvena (Sarah Luvena Davis Brooks Lee) 9/9/1870 8/22/1911 Wife of E. R.; Daughter of H. W. & Silistine Davis; Sister of Arverzena
Archer, Simmon Elbert 7/25/1900 7/9/1951 Husband of Silistine Lee
Archer, (Mary) Silistine Lee 3/31/1901 6/13/1954 Wife of Simmon Elbert; Daughter of Eli R. & S. Luvena Lee
Archer, Richard E. 2/25/1921 8/3/1968 Military Headstone; Son of Simmon & Silistine Archer
Rayburn, Herchel Leroy 10/05/1926 12/17/1987 Husband of Rose
Rayburn, Rose Arlene Johnson Berry 3/2/1930 Placemarker Wife of Herchel
ROW 6      
Reid, Emma Faye (Dye) 5/23/1944 4/15/1977 Wife of Jimmy Dale Reid (son of Robert & Ava Reid); Married 2/22/1964
ROW 7      
Gunn, Ida Claudine 6/12/1972 6/16/1972 Daughter of Claude & Sylvia Gunn; Granddaughter of Gus & Wilner Bonds
Bounds, Van Henry 9/5/1973 9/5/1973 Infant son of Henry & Paulette
Fairley, Jacqueline R. (Reid) 7/18/1933 4/2/1991 Wife of Ottis Fairley; Daughter of Robert & Ava
Reid, Don D. 7/25/1927 3/24/1982 Son of Robert & Ava
Lee, Willard E. (Edward) 4/14/1925 3/9/1978 Son of Eli R. & Edna Jones; 1/2 brother of W. W. (Bill)
Lee, W. W. "Bill" (William Willis) 4/7/1906 7/4/1952 Husband of Eleanor; Son of Eli R. & Luvena
Lee, Eleanor Faye (Hatten) 2/15/1912 5/8/1991 Wife of W. W. "Bill" Lee; Mother of Dervin, Jervis, Darrell, Faye, Carolyn, & Billy Raye
Morris, Roger Alton 10/7/1963 8/9/1991 Husband of Pamela (m 3/11/1983); Son of Alton & Carolyn; Father of Candace & Roger Jr. (Bo)
Morris, Pamela Faye (Rawls) 3/24/1964 Placemarker Wife of Roger Alton
Morris, Alton 4/1/1941 Placemarker Husband of Carolyn; Father of Roger, Annette, Sharon, & Shannon
Morris, Carolyn M. (Lee) 4/8/1945 8/21/1995 Wife of Alton; Daugher of W. W. & Eleanor Lee
Lee, Richard Darrell "Ricky" 1959 (7/9/1959) 2008 (2/25/2008) Son of Billy & Ila Faye Lee; Husband of Nancy Holston; Father of Clint, Nikki, Carrie, & Lauren
Lee, Billy Ray 1/22/1936 10/9/1999 Military Headstone; Husband of Ila Faye (m 3/30/1954); Father of Billy Keith, Bobby & Ricky; Son of Willard Willis (Bill)
Lee, Ila Faye (Seal) 7/30/1931 Placemarker Wife of Billy Ray; Mother of Billy, Bobby & Ricky
ROW 8      
Bounds, Benjamin F. 1/2/1896 3/23/1941 Military Headstone; Son of James H. & Nancy P.; Brother of James Ellis; Husband of Ida
Bounds, Ida Isabelle Anderson 1/21/1906 5/7/2002 Military Headstone; Wife of Benjamin; Daughter of William Anderson & Nancy Fillinghame
Bounds, Ira Wilke 11/28/1940 2/12/1993 Military Headstone; Son of Benjamin & Ida
Lee, J. R. (James Rudolph) "Jack" 1909 1964 Husband of Joyce; Son of E. R. & Luvena
Lee, Joyce D. (Davis) 1913 (2/15/1913) 1998 (4/9/1998) Wife of JR
Lee, Huey Powell 6/13/1935 1/10/2001 Husband of Allie; Son of Jack & Joyce
Lee, Allie C. (Cain) "Recy" 3/13/1936 8/5/2007 Wife of Huey
ROW 9      
Soley, D. V. 12/16/1919 6/17/1986 Military Headstone; Husband of Nancy
Soley, Nancy Penina (Bounds) 12/16/1925 9/23/1993 Wife of D. V.; Daughter of Benjamin F. & Ida Bounds
Whitaker, Nina Mae Soley Rawls 12/31/1949 2/13/1989 Daughter of D. V. & Nancy Soley
ROW 10      
Clark, John H. 10/8/1920 1/5/2001 Father of Barbara (Clark) Lee


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