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Hester-Hickman Cemetery

Wiggins, Stone County, Mississippi



Surveyed and Research compiled

Donna Grantham Lee

March 2009

(Listed in rows, from the entrance, beginning at the bottom left corner and going to the top left corner and ending in the bottom right corner)


ROW 1 Graves 1-17
Craven, Aerlyn Elizabeth 9/16/2008 9.16/2008 Infant daughter of John S. Craven & Kimberly M. Sullivan
Denson, Norval 9/23/1918 3/29/2010 Husband of Ruby M. Hickman; married 1/1/1942
Denson, Ruby Myrl Hickman 9/23/1918 8/7/1991 Wife of Norval Denson; Daughter of Rankin Hickman & Ellen Jarrell
Hickman, Alma 7/4/1887 2/12/1971 Daughter of Rankin Hickman & Ellen Jarrell; never married-no children
Hickman, (Mary) Ellen Jarrell 6/8/1878 11/9/1945 2nd wife of Rankin K. Hickman
Hickman, Rankin K. 10/14/1848 2/22/1935 Husband of Ellen Jarrell & Columbian Hester; Son of William Hickman & Minerva Bond
Hickman, Columbiann (Hester) 2/10/1851 4/12/1909 1st wife of Rankin K. Hickman; Daughter of John & Delilah Hester
Perkins, John 10/20/1824 11/27/1901 Husband of Emily & Mariam (poss. Mary Breland, married 1850 w/daughter Sarah Ann born 1851); Son of Samuel Perkins & Catherine Smith
Hickman, Davis 5/28/1861 7/25/1940 Husband of Nicy Bond; Son of William Hickman & Minerva Bond
Hickman, Nicy Ann Bond 4/17/1864 4/24/1901 Wife of Davis Hickman; Daughter of Andrew J. Bond & Elizabeth Redmond
Hickman, Infant 1/16/1901 4/21/1901 Infant of Davis Hickman & Nicy Bond
Scarborough, Etta 4/14/1867 3/15/1923 Wife of Silas
Scarborough, Silas J. 8/28/1866 6/23/1916 Husband of Etta; Son of Silas & Mary Scarborough; 2nd Cousin to Langston Scarborough who married Emily Hickman, daughter of W. J. Hickman & Mary Ashley
Hawk, Frank C. 10/25/1909 4/14/1910 Probably the son of Anna Hawk
Hawk, Anna 9/1/1890 11/10/1909 Probably the daughter of Silas & Etta Scarborough
Scarborough, Robert T. 2/12/1886 7/7/1908 Son of Silas & Etta
Scarborough, Myrtle I. 10/27/1906 6/28/1920 Daughter of Silas & Etta (1910 Census)
ROW 2 Graves 18-29      
Unknown #1      
Unknown #2      
Perkins, Mariam (Hester) m. 6/14/1871 1/27/1826 3/23/1893 3rd wife of John Perkins; appears on 1880 census, sister of Emily, Columbiann & Lucy; Daughter of John Hester & Delilah Courtney
Perkins, Vernon C. 1890 1890 States he was the son of D. V. & E. Perkins (grandson of John Perkins)
Perkins, Emily (Hester) m. 4/25/1855 5/26/1834 1/13/1871 2nd wife of John Perkins; Mother of Jerusia, David & Lucy. She appears on the 1870 census, but the 1850 census lists Mary as wife.
Perkins, Lucy 1861 1865 Daughter of John & Emily
Hickman, A. B. (Albert) 2/18/1859 2/24/1871 Son of W. M. Hickman & Minerva Bond
Hickman, W. M. 5/14/1818 3/8/1872 Husband of Minerva Bond; Father of Rankin; Son of William J. Hickman & Mary Ashley
Hickman, Minerva Bond 3/15/1819 1/17/1891 Wife of W. M. Hickman; Daughter of William Bond & Minerva Batson
Lott, Mary Hickman 11/23/1846 2/27/1903 Wife of Francis W. Lott; Daughter of W. M. Hickman & Minerva Bond; Children: William, Mary, Elizabeth & Peter
Lott, Francis W. (William) 1/26/1848 7/22/1910 Husband of Mary Hickman; Son of Absolom Nathan Lott & Elizabeth Williamson; Children: see Mary H. Lott above
Scarborough, Clifford 6/27/1905 7/24/1952 Son of Silas & Etta Scarborough (1910 census)
ROW 3 Graves 30-36      
Unknown #3      
Brown, Infant Daughter 9/26/1869 9/26/1869 Daughter of Green Brown & Lucy Hester
Brown, Lucy Ann Hester 4/7/1836 9/26/1869 Daughter of John & Deliah Hester; Sister of Columbiann (Hickman); died in childbirth w/infant daughter
Hester, John 1800 8/1864 Husband of Deliah; Father of Lucy Ann & Columbiann; Son of Edmund Hester & Edith Ladnier
Hester, Deliah (Courtney) 1807 2/1865 Wife of John; Mother of Lucy Hester Brown & Columbiann Hester Hickman
Lott, Mary L. 9/11/1875 7/7/1877 Daughter of F. W. & Mary Lott
Unknown #4 2/12/1925 12/6/1927 Infant grave
ROW 4 Graves 37-40      
Hickman, Francis Laird 9/5/1920 12/5/2002 Wife of Woodrow R. Hickman; Daughter of Joseph Laird & Georgia Ann Freeman; Children--see below
Hickman, Woodrow R. 11/7/1916 6/13/1986 Husband of Francis Laird; Son of Rankin Hickman & Ellen Jarrell; Father of Mary Ann, Billy & Lucille; Former Sheriff of Stone County
Sanders, Elizabeth 9/10/1831 4/14/1898 Probably mother of Charles & wife of George Sanders
Sanders, Charles G. 1865 1926 Probably son of Elizabeth; possibly married to Lacey Breland
Grave 41      
Hickman, Billy R. 8/17/1951


*Police officer killed in the line of duty, Jackson, Ms. P.D.* Son of Woodrow & Francis; Husband of Diane Bond; Father of Jason, Todd & Clay


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