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Bond-Harvison Memorial Park Cemetery

Wiggins, Stone County, Mississippi



Surveyed and Research compiled

Donna Grantham Lee

December 2010


Bond, Bargel 1806 1883 Husband of Louisa Culpepper (1812-1875); Son of William & Minerva Batson Bond; Father of Mary Jane, Peter, Alfred, Calvin, Wesley, Nancy, Caroline & Jerry
Bond, Brantley 1/6/1804 8/26/1853
Son of William & Minerva Batson Bond; Husband of Elizabeth Batson; Father of William, Eliza, Thomas, Alexander, Elizabeth and Jefferson Davis Bond
Bond, Col. John Sr. 1749 1837 American Revolutionary Soldier; Husband of Eleanor Peyton; Father of John, Gideon, Henry, William, Richard, James, Gracey, Frances and Robert
Bond, E. W. 10/15/1894 10/8/1894 Son of John preston and Missouri Davis Bond
Bond, John Preston 2/28/1847 10/15/1932 Son of Russell & Lydia Nelson Bond; Husband of Missouri Davis Bond; Father of Emory, Samuel, Arsinora, Kissie, James, Lewis, L. R., John preston, Lydia, Missouri & E. M.
Bond, L. R. 9/5/1879 8/16/1899 Son of John Preston & Missouri Davis Bond
Bond, Lt. William 1783 1862 (Cenotaph) War 1812 Commander of Co. A., Ms. Militia; Prominent Ms Pioneer Settler; Church man; Soldier and Statesman. Son of Col. John Bond; Husband of Minerva Batson Bond and second wife Zilpha. Father of Mary, Brantly, Bargel, Barney, Elizabeth, William, George, John, Minerva, Sarah & Jane.
Bond, Lydia Nelson 1/13/1816 5/4/1879 Wife of Russell; mother of Rankin, Wilkins, Martin, Nellie, Mary, J. Preston, Lydia, John, Delphia & Kizzie
Bond, Mary J. Garner 1/9/1850 10/20/1892 Second wife of Russell Bond
Bond, Missouri A. Davis 8/10/1847 9/14/1915 Wife of John Preston Bond; Mother of Emory, Samuel, Arsinora, Kissie, James, Lewis, L. R., J. Preston, Lydia, Missouri & E. M.
Bond, Russell 6/17/1815 5/4/1895 Husband of Lydia Nelson Bond and Mary J. Garner Bond; Son of John and Adelphia Batson Bond; Father of Rankin, Wilkin, Martin, Nellie, Mary, J. Preston, Lydia, John, Delphia & Kizzie
Bond, William M. 6/27/1831 3/10/1950 Son of Brantley Bond
Coker, Loyd Charles 10/3/1832 2/11/2006 US Army Korean War Veteran
Coker, Walter M. 3/13/1963 9/27/2005  
Ferrel, Lydia Bond 7/11/1849 10/26/1868 Wife of A. Ferrel
Gambell, Thomas S. 1864 1898  
Garner, John H. 10/24/1817 7/4/1905 Husband of Martha Thompson Garner
Garner, Martha Thompson 10/6/1823 3/27/1896 Wife of John
Gibson, Minerva W. 4/6/1857 12/18/1921  
Gibson, V. M. 10/3/1860 12/6/1898  
Harvison, David 1/11/1827 11/16/1894  
Harvison, Mary 10/8/1827 3/21/1918  
Johns, L. S. 7/9/1849 10/17/1901 Husband of Rhoda
Lambert, J. W. 8/8/1868 2/22/1902 Husband of Nora L. Lambert
Sartin, Infant 10/5/1897 10/5/1897 Infant son of L. S. & Ollie Sartin
Sartin, Ollie Bond 9/23/1875 10/7/1897 Wife of L. S. Sartin
Tedder, Lena W. 8/31/1904 7/2/1921 Grand-daughter of Preston Bond; Daughter of Patrick and Lydia Bond Tedder
Tedder, Lydia J. Bond 3/24/1885 3/11/1906 Wife of Pat Tedder; Daughter of John preston and Missouri Davis Bond; Mother of Lena


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