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This cemetery is located off of Evanston Road , you will be traveling east on highway 198 . Approximately 2.0 miles  there will be an intersection of
highway 63 North and Evanston Road. Turn right on Evanston road and go 1 mile, you will see a small grass covered road on the right. Turn in there and
the cemetery is directly ahead of you. There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery. I walked the cemetery on Feb 26, 2007 and all information was
gathered using headstone inscriptions. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence, however there is considerable damage to several stones attributed to vandals. 
There is one marked veterans grave in this cemetery, and the oldest marked grave is dated  with a death date of 01-18-1897.

The cemetery surveyed on 26 Feb, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell,

Croom, Audry Clifton; b. 10-18-1905, d. 01-26-1983

Croom, Hazel H; b. 05-21-1909, d. 02-08-1963

Croom, Audry Ann; b. 03-13-1936, d. 03-08-1953

Croom, Belle E; b. 02-13-1884, d. 05-29-1979

Baxter, Henry; b. 10-03-1878, d. 07-11-1936

Karnes, Dorothy P; b. 03-07-1922, d. 04-22-1981

Frye, Daniel; b. 07-24-1836, d. 10-29-1919

Frye, Winnie Jane; b. 07-09-1841, d. 10-15-1916

Evans, W. M; b. 11-04-1887, d. 01-16-1919

Thomas, Willie; 02-13-1908, d. 03-24-1911, daughter of W.E. & Sarah E. Thomas

Croom, Ella (Parker); b. 01-12-1880, d.03-04-1955

Evans, Albert; b. 07-03-1887, d. 06-15-1947

Foster, Cora (Evans); b. 08-18-1894, d. 08-25-1987

Cowart, Helen; b. 08-13-1899, d. 12-05-1979

Cowart, Jane (Evans); b. 02-01-1875, d. 08-23-1959

Cowart, Walter S; b. 12-09-1869, d. 10-28-1929, Modern Woodman of the World Memorial

Croom, Florence; b. 12-11-1879, d. 07-27-1913

Croom, James A; b. 1866, d. 1934

Croom, infant; b. 07-12-1913, d. 07-12-1913, J.A. & Florence Croom

Croom, Laura Lois; b. 07-29-1904, d. 07-06-1906, J.A. & Florence Croom

Croom, infant girl; b. 08-10-1919, d. 08-10-1919, daughter of J.A. & Ella P. Croom

Evans, Tyra J; b. 03-18-1844, d. 01-18-1897, "oldest marked grave in this cemetery"

Evans, Laura; b. 03-08-1852, d. 05-04-1930

Evans, Wesley; b. 09-18-1873, d. 04-14-1954

Evans, Julia; b. 09-25-1871, d.09-02-1912

Johnston, Thomas Perrin; b. 04-09-1866, d. 03-07-1925

Johnston, Inez Adele; b. 12-12-1888, d. 10-30-1977

Johnston, Thomas P; b. 08-21-1913, d. 08-30-1968, SGT. 339 Sta Com SQ AF  Korea

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